Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 16 March 2022 | Episode 143 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 16 March 2022 | Episode 143

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 143 | 16 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Nandini takes the lovely saree and sends it with Mami   She claims that Vedika chose this saree, and that a photo of it is on Ram’s phone. Brinda inquires of Priya, “Are you all right? Everyone is waiting for you, come.” Priya remains silent. Brinda says I’ll contact Ram. Priya responds, “No need, I’ll come.” Shivi tells Akki that after you become a huge star, we will do interviews as well. Akki tells her not to think about it. Sandy requests Shivi’s feedback on her notes. Ram inquires of Akki whether he spoke with Priya. No, says Akki. Ram claims she is upset for a long time. Vikrant inquires of Ram as to the whereabouts of Priya. Ram inquires of Brinda as to the whereabouts of Priya. Brinda claims that she handed your present to Priya and that she will change and come.

I wanted to chat to you, according to Akki. Meera inquires as to Ram’s plans for a surprise. She behaves similarly to Priya. Ram beams. Nandini arrives and invites Meera to join her for a conversation. Ram tells Akki, “I need to talk about the bangles.” Priya, according to Brinda… Ram turns to look at her. They notice Priya arriving in casual attire. Ram believes there is an issue because Priya did not get ready. Nandini cracks a smile. Vedika shows up and signs Nandini.


Priya feels it’s a major deal, and I have a right to know if he’s acting to keep me happy. Shivi requests that Priya forgive Akki. Priya gives a nod. Shivi tells Akki that she has forgiven him. Ram says if you didn’t like the present, you can choose your own next time. Priya says there’s no need for any of it. Is there any tension, the reporter inquires? Ram claims that it is a private moment between husband and wife. Priya believes Ram tells lies so effortlessly. He grabs her hand and pulls her in. Meera wonders why Priya didn’t wear the saree. Nandini inquires if she is upset about the bangle. Meera asks what bangle, she didn’t say, Priya doesn’t ask for anything, her demands are restricted, and she won’t mind if Ram gives anything to anyone. Nandini communicates with Vedika. She writes that she needs to find the bracelet in Akki’s room. Priya believes Ram conceals the truth very well. She claims that because I have already worn what Ram desires, there is no need for a new saree. Ram wonders when I asked her to wear this. She says a lot of things that bring up memories.


They give the reporter the interview. Priya claims it’s the same outfit I wore when I first met Ram and we went to a beautiful restaurant. Ram says, “I recall.” She claims I’m not stubborn, but she’s right; I wanted Ram to know the truth, so I told him I’m so simple. The reporter inquires whether you recall that day. Ram claims that on that fateful day, he discovered that ghee upma tastes delicious. Priya claims, “I realized that day that he is a genuine person who will never lie to me.” The reporter comments on what a great story it is, but your attire is extremely unusual. Priya claims that while she can accept any painful reality, she cannot bear lies. Ram claims that the truth is that we are all together and joyful; there is no bitterness. Priya is asked by the reporter if she is bitter. Priya claims that we don’t know anything about the person with whom we are staying. Ram describes marriage as a unique experience in which we get to know the individual for the rest of our lives. She claims that the truth always comes out. What’s the matter, Ram wonders, Priya is changing. So you know everything there is to know about each other, according to the reporter. Priya promises that we will find out. Vedika goes into Ram’s cupboard. She tells me I need to find the bangle. Mami arrives to assist her. Vedika claims Nandini verified Akki has the bangle and wonders where he will hide it. According to the reporter, we have arranged a game for you. Priya says we’re not kids to play a game; Ram might like it, but I don’t; we’ll try if you say Ram enjoys playing games. Ram wonders why Priya is furious with me. The reporter announces that we will play Pictionary, that you must sketch your emotions and that there will be no cheating. Priya claims that I never cheat. Vedika receives the bracelet.



Vedika arrives in a blue saree. Priya is taken aback. Shubham inquires of Akki as to why he stole the bracelet. Priya claims that he did not steal. Ram appears.