Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 15 March 2022 | Episode 142 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 15 March 2022 | Episode 142

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 142 | 15 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with a reporter asking Ram to take Priya’s hand in his. Ram takes her hand in his hand . Priya cracks a joke. Ram and Priya return home. They run into Nandini. Ram is concerned. Nandini says, “Calm down, such insignificant things happen; I’ll be alright if Priya forgives Akki.” Priya apologizes, stating that it was due to Akki’s actions. Nandini compares Akki to her kid, and Shubham used to bother her a lot. Priya inquires as to whether they have arrived. Nandini declines. Vedika, Akki, and Shivi have returned home. Vedika claims that there was a technical problem with the private plane, and that the weather was poor, so we couldn’t schedule a commercial flight either. Ram says alright, we’ll make the reservation for tomorrow. Ram and Priya leave. Vedika expresses her delight at her return. It’s your house, according to Nandini. Akki says she can go to Manali the next day. Shivi says, “I’m really looking forward to going tomorrow.” Ram claims I came to show you the unexpected gift. Priya apologizes. They are on the lookout for the gift. She inquires as to its location, stating that it is your way of speaking about Akki. Ram believes the gift should have been present. He assures me that I shall find out. He phones Adi and inquires about the whereabouts of the gift. Adi inquires, “What gift, you didn’t tell me?” Ram claims that I was offended here.

Adi phones Vikrant and asks if Ram asked for a gift and if he can come to the bakery right away. Akki approaches Priya to speak with her. He inquires as to the whereabouts of Priya. Ram claims to be in the restroom. Akki requests that he play a good song, Aye zindagi… Priya, Ram says I’m going to get a gift. He walks away. Priya arrives. Akki apologizes and begs forgiveness. She wonders how you can do this, and whether you came in someone else’s words. Yes, Akki adds, and Shivi should also have the bangle. Priya says it’s because of the term you spoke to Ram, which pains him; why did you say Ram is her stepbrother; don’t ruin my mood; we have an interview today; please leave immediately. He apologizes and departs. She believes Ram has become my habit, my weakness and strength now, and I was content to be alone. She pauses the song. She examines a message on Ram’s laptop. She wonders who is giving Ram these messages. Vedika observes. She believes you will be able to tell who needs professional assistance right now. Adi and the rest of the group consume snacks. Brinda claims they only came to eat. Sandy suggests that we force Ram and Priya to play a game. Brinda thinks your proposal is great. Ram appears and requests the present from Adi. According to Vikrant, I ordered it and it will be delivered. What will Brinda think about Ram if Sandy removes the anchor? Sandy accompanies the lady. Brinda requests that Ram alter. When Ram told me that I had to give Priya a gift, I was offended. Vikrant receives a phone call. He inquires as to why it did not arrive, despite the fact that I had paid for it, how it was delivered, and where it was delivered. Ram claims that because I was at home, I did not receive it. Brinda says to relax, go home, I’ll grab the gift, and get ready. She walks away. Sara inquires if everything is alright at home. Ram responds, “Yes, why not?” Sara claims Akki is staying there, but he doesn’t act like way. He says, “I know, Shivi insisted on it, what happened, I’ll pay for it.” She claims Akki does not fit Shivi’s phrases, which are flawless. Ram inquires as to what you mean. She says, “I believe Akki has some reservations about Vedika; perhaps he is aware of your and Vedika’s history.” Ram says it’s not conceivable, how will he know, no one mentions it at home, I’ll tell Priya when the time comes, Vedika won’t say anything. She says, “I’m sure it’ll be alright if Vedika leaves.” Sara claims that Priya wishes to extend her hand to you. He claims that Priya’s happiness is my responsibility, that he would speak with Akki, and that everything will be OK. Vedika wonders why Priya isn’t reacting.


Priya goes through the texts. She advises me not to read his private texts. She identifies the sender of these communications. Vedika goes into hiding. Priya closes the door. She questions whether he is truly happy with me. Vedika discards the communications. Priya recalls Ram and her own experiences. She sobs and believes Ram loves his family; he married me for Shivi’s sake; is he tolerating me because of Akki’s condition; he assured me he won’t fall in love again, he won’t cheat, it’s not in his character; I’m misunderstood.



Vedika finds the bangles in Akki’s bedroom. Akki is confronted by Shubham. Priya claims Akki did not steal. Nandini inquires as to how we are to believe him. Ram enters and adds, “Because Priya is saying.”