Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 13 May 2022 | Episode 185 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 13 May 2022 | Episode 185

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The episode begins with ram saying, “I couldn’t digest that moment, sorry, I needed to be alone.” Nandini claims that we needed you, yet you ignored us. Ram apologizes for making you feel that way; it was my fault; otherwise, you would have been terrified. She asserts, “I was thinking that I would only have one son.” Do you understand what happened to us when your father left? We had no ceiling, no cash, no car, and no more, you 3 children, nobody to help us, do you recall, we battled alone, your early life and young days managed to pass in hardships, you remember? Yes, he says.


She says you’ve reawakened my concerns; what will we do if something happens to you? You manage the business; Shubham seems to have no expertise; without you, our future will resemble our past. I can’t leave my Ram alone for a while come with you, Priya says. Meera declines, requesting that he be left with his family.


Ram holds her and adds, “Tell me what you need to feel safe.” Shubham says I’m not allowed to make any recommendations. We don’t know anything about the business, property, or bank balance, she claims. Shubham inquires as to why we are being so pessimistic; Ram is secure, and we are safe. She claims that life is unpredictably unpredictable; happy times pass quickly, and bad times arrive and take everything away. Ram responds, “I get what you’re saying.” She says, “Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you can’t fight for Virender’s properties.”


I want to safeguard Shubham and Shivi, but I’m simply a mother; what should I do? I want to protect my children. Ram responds, “I understand, I’ll make my will, I’ll figure it out.” Are you sure? she inquires. He says, “I should really have considered this before,” and thanks to you for explaining it to me. She appreciates his patience. He says wouldn’t do it, leave it to me, your Ram is there, correct, I’ll contact Adi and come up with a solution, Shubham takes very good care of mom. He walks away. Nandini smiles as she wipes away the tears. Priya enters the room. Nandini encourages her to rest. Shubham says, “I want to applaud Priya because Ram has returned.”


He was unaffected by anything. Nothing could occur to him, according to Priya. I know, Nandini adds, you’re his shield. Priya inquires, “Where is he? I need to talk about something important.” Ram catches up with his pals. He requests that Adi write a will. She says, “I’m serious,” “If the business owner dies, the family will be powerless,” “After your father passed away, I had to assume responsibility for myself,” “I really can not teach Shubham and Shivi anything positive,” “What can I anticipate from them?” Let’s just do it, Adi says. Kunal inquires as to why you are thinking so negatively. Vikrant assures you that nothing bad is going to happen to each other. Priya, according to Kunal, will not let anything eventuate to you.


Krish and Priya have arrived. Ram, says Krish, We must communicate. Nandini inquires if you believe I am discussing the will at this moment. Shubham declines. She claims that we are solely reliant on Ram and that today is my chance. Shubham claims that you exploited his emotions and that you are a thief. He chuckles. She claims that she is doing this for her children and that she does not care about Priya. They consume alcohol.


Ram tells Priya to go home because she isn’t feeling well. No, Priya responds, it’s not necessary. He says, “You fear I’ll go away then?” Chill, he says. Santosh, she claims, is lying. Ram claims that he is not lying. Adi inquires, “How can you say?” Shashi, according to Priya, has asked the manager to lie. Krish says he feels the same way.  Ram suggests that she admit the reality. Priya claims, “I know it isn’t the reality; you have no idea how I was saved.” Ram inquires as to what you mean; did anything happen, and you wanted to inform me anything before you passed out, please explain.

My kidnapping, she says. He is taken aback. She claims that several thugs kidnapped her and instructed her to contact you to request that the investigations be halted, that the redness on her hand was caused by the ropes and nails, that the manager was lying, and that she was abducted for this purpose. Krish agrees that she is correct. Ram inquires, “Did you know this?” Yes, Krish answers, I met her and learned about her. You should really have told me, Ram says. Krish claims that you’re really my clients.


If you tell me, I’ll keep it hidden. Vikrant drops Priya off at Meera’s residence when Ram says he doesn’t want to chat. Priya sobs.


Ram and Krish had a discussion. He takes a glass and says, “Don’t worry, I don’t get high.” Krish claims that you adore Priya and that you are angry with me, but not with me since you didn’t listen to her though let her go to her mother’s house, and now you’re talking to me. Ram inquires as to why I should tell you anything, and if you told me about the kidnapping. Krish claims that Priya informed him. Ram says you have a choice and that you should find out who’s doing it; I believe it’s Shashi. This, according to Krish, is being done by Shashi’s helper. My family, Ram says carries a lot of weight. Krish claims that man is intelligent, and I believe this individual is related to you.


Sara claims Varun despises beaches and that he lied about not going to the beach. Priya says everything is good. Sara claims Varun did not receive the medications. Priya suggests that you stop overthinking and relax. Sara believes he went looking for Ram. Priya inquires. Sara claims he informed her about Ram’s disappearance. Priya inquires, but how did he even know? He wasn’t there, and he didn’t inform anyone about Ram’s disappearance. Varun, she believes, is making a mistake. I examined the guests present and Krish claims to be from family.


Ram claims that you believe Priya is perfect, but I know she is incorrect. Krish claims that I was only trying to emphasize that she was correct, and I was curious where you’d be if Priya informed you. Ram claims that you have no experience with relationships because you have never been in one. I’m not your personal counselor, Krish says, and I’ll see you next. Ram pulls you aside and tells you that you are biased towards me and Priya and that you prefer Priya.




I’d like to share something else with you, Priya says. Ram invites her to return home. Both of them meet and dispute.