Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 10 May 2022 | Episode 182 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | 10 May 2022 | Episode 182

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 182 | 10 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sara stating that Varun is acting strangely. Priya and Sara are taken aback when they see the fish in the cave. Sara inquires about the master chef. Shiva says, “Come, give us back it.” In between cake recipes, Priya double-checks the fish recipe. She believes Shiva mixed fish curry into the chocolate cake, and Ram will eat anything Shivi makes. She is hurried. Sara thinks I’m hoping Varun isn’t up to anything. The worker takes Ram’s belongings and stores them in the presidential suite. Varun enters the room wearing his disguise. The cake, according to Ram, appears to be fantastic. Shivi explains, “I know you’re upset because we don’t miss him; it’s your fault again.”

Ram is perplexed and inquires as to how this is possible. You gave us a lot, she says.

We didn’t miss him, and we never felt like he wasn’t around us; I was too little to remember after he left; but, I recall the moment I spent with you; you aren’t different from your father; you are our father, and I adore you. Ram embraces her. Sara inquires as to how we would halt Ram. Priya claims that no one can prevent him from eating the cake right now. I love you, Ram says. Don’t make me weep, Shivi says. He inquires as to who penned the incredibly passionate speech for you. We all love you, Shubham says. They embrace.

We can now cut the cake, according to Ram. Shivi exclaims, “I’m ecstatic.” Ram agrees with me. The cake was sliced by Shivi and Ram. Priya claims Ram is unable to eat.

She dashes over to Shivi and declares, “I will take the first taste because I have worked hard.” But, Ram adds, let me eat. Priya claims that I deserved it. Sandy claims that I agree with Priya. Sometimes, Ram says, assist me. Shivi, Meera claims, Shivi made it for Ram.


Priya digs into the cake. Shivi inquires about the situation. Priya believes it’s a disaster. She gives her approval. Shivi claims that I infused it with love. Priya forbids Ram from eating it. Something is wrong, according to Shubham. The chef says, “Akki.” Priya declares that she will eat the entire cake. Sorry, Ram will get sick, I won’t allow Ram to eat it, and I won’t let Shivi eat it because it’s too nasty. Sara suggests that we assist Priya.

There is fish in the cake.

Adi and Krish are perplexed. Sara claims that Shivi has put fish in the cake and that if Ram eats it, he will become ill, so Priya is finishing it. Adi inquires as to why she says it’s delicious.
Sara says this so Shivi’s heart isn’t broken. Ram, Adi says, forget it; we have a bakery here. Shivi, Ram claims, made it. Krish informs Priya that we must depart. Ram declares, “I’ll eat this.” Priya eats the entire cake. Meera claims she is excessive. My wife refers to me as a foodie, and you can see how she completed the cake. Shubham thanks God for saving us. As Akki suggests, I refer to Priya as our protection. Priya had the cake, Shivi says, so shut up.

because It was delicious. Priya suggests that we leave right now. Krish says you love Ram a lot, and I’ve seen people commit suicide out of love today. She claims that I am ill. Sara claims she ate a lot, so I’ll accompany her. Priya is experiencing nausea. She leaves. Ram says he’ll speak with his mother. Varun unlocks the cabinet. He opens the safe and retrieves the share transfer documents. He considers informing Shashi. Sara arranges for Priya to arrive. She requests the room service staff to leave. She chastises Priya. Varun considers how he will remove the papers. Sara’s documents are placed in her bag by him. Sara requests lemon water from him. Priya rushes to the toilet. Sara visits everybody.

Adi is asked to help her. Priya is throwing up. Sandy inquires of Ram about what happens to heroin when she overeats or has mood swings, and how the hero transforms into her father. Ram claims that the infant would call her mother and me father. Congratulations, Shivi says. Nandini is taken aback. Sara insists she’s not saying anything bad because she’s sick from the cake. Shivi agrees that I should not have baked the delicious cake. Adi says the doctor will arrive soon. Krish claims that stomach trouble is possible. Ram, Shivi claims, can digest anything. Varun notices Sara and adds, “I’ll take care of your stuff.” She claims that everything is fine. He considers stealing her documents. He receives Shashi’s message that they must first contact the manager.

Ishaan appears and states sorry
Priya became ill as a result of my mixing Shivi’s recipe pages; I’m not sure how she’ll get to meet the resort’s senior manager; I overheard her talking to that uncle, San… Varun inquires of Santosh. Yes, Ishaan says. Varun claims you made a mistake. Ishaan apologizes. Varun assures Priya that she will be OK soon and that he is going to buy her meds. Ishaan embraces him. He expresses his gratitude by saying, “You constantly save me.” He leaves.

Ram inquires. Priya If you’re not feeling well, have some ice cream. Priya expresses her gratitude. He says, “Thank you for bringing happiness into my life.” He continues, “I try hard to demonstrate care and make you feel special, but I constantly fail.”

She requests a tablet to help alleviate nausea I can’t provide the drugs, he adds, and you’re saying it before me. She claims I’m merely requesting meds because I’m feeling odd and fearful of dying. No, he adds, I’m with you, and everything will be fine. She claims I acted strangely, you became concerned, Shivi baked the cake, and I ate it. He says it’s fine, we’re all happy, and it’s a wonderful day. She believes he is looking forward to Ishaan’s announcement. She says she enjoys seeing you link with Ishaan, and he says you’re his great friend, but don’t claim you’ll make a cool dad. Ram believes it is certain that I will become a father.
He advises you to have to
go ahead and publicize it because you told me first. She says the checkup isn’t important, so we’ll go ahead and tell Meera, Sara, and Ishaan. Are we certain about this, Ram asks? Priya says, “I was thinking, you have done this, it’ll work.” He murmurs that she can be overbearing at times. He smiles and walks away. She wonders why he is so enthusiastic. Ram says, “I have some news for you: Priya is pregnant.” Priya is taken aback.



Varun is with Shashi. Santosh informs Ram about Virender’s unlawful construction of the resort. He claims that your father is a major crook. Ram yells at him.