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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 41

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Update: Ram and Priya spend the night in a hotel.

An episode of Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2 Begins On Ram saying, “OK, understand it.”
Shubham returns home and inquires about the incident with Nandini. 
She contacts Vedika and inquires if Ram and Priya are still present there. 
”No”, Vedika says, ”they departed half-hour ago”. 
Nandini replies, “OK, thanks.” 
She claims that Ram and Priya are on their way and that she will inform Ram in such way that Priya is injured and went the house. 
He says, “Done,” and you’ve signed the marriage contract, right? 
Of sure, she responds. 
Raj, he claims, is useless. 
Shivi’s marriage was postponed because of me, she claims, and now her marriage will end. 
Ram orders Adi to pass up the call to Brinda. 
Adi promises to assist you. 
Brinda inquires as to what occurred. 
Ram claims Priya is drunk; you know I’m not up to it.
Ram notices Priya’s smiles. 
He believes he won’t be able to take her home. 
Brinda tells Adi to call the hotel manager and tell him that Ram needs presidential suite, not professional
It is not a real marriage according to Adi. 
Brinda says it could also be thatPriya feels for Ram, she doesn’t express herself, 


she encourages Ram,  she is just like our Ram; please contact the manager. No, he says, don’t create this expression. She gives credit to him. Adi calls the manager and requests that the business room should be converted to a presidential suite. Ram asks Priya for money because he doesn’t really have any money. Priya is not listening to him.  Priya and Ram walk into the room. Priya will quarrel again, Ram thinks Because the business suite is embellished. He claims that I am not the one who has done this. She thinks it’s adorable. What?, He says.
Should I throw out these flowers, he inquires. She asks whether I want to make my hair loosened because it’s knotted. He claims that I didn’t intend it. I’m not saying anything, Who am I? She says, “Why are you questioning me?” and tells him to do anything that he wants. He got hurt by the thorns. He claims he has no idea if the flowers have been sanitised or not, or what will happen if they become infectious. Priya is on the lookout for something. He inquires as to what you are discovering. There’s where she keeps the first-aid kit. It’s there, he says, so get the first aid kit. She claims that instead of that, she is looking for a magnifying glass. He inquires as to why. She inquires about the blood, which I am unable to see because it is only a drop. She chuckles. Are you making light of me, he says, because even a man may get injured. She inquires whether you are wounded. She is the one who receives the champagne. He claims that I am not in the mood to rejoice. She places his palm in the ice basket and says, “Your bleeding will stop,” adding, “It’s strange, you’re crying like a child; we’re used to bearing great sorrow.” I’ll freshen up and come, he says.

She says, “Sit, do whatever you want,” “I save water since we receive less water,” “You do what you want,” “You paid for this room, you may use it,” “I don’t have much money to spare,” “Don’t feel bad,” “You earned money, it’s your right,” and “I don’t have much money to spend.” 
Please don’t drink anymorehe says. 
He leaves.
Shubham dials Raj’s number. He claims that if you do the same work, you will be paid. Priya, Raj claims, had seen me that day. Shubham inquires if Priya is aware that sent you. didn’t take your name, Raj says. Keep your lips shut, Shubham adds, and you’ll collect your money. Ram has gone to the restroom. Priya cracks jokes. He claims that in comparison to your awful jokes, my bad jokes become legendary. She thinks my jokes are hilarious. He pushes open the door. She slipped and fell over him. He takes her in his arms and asks whether she is okay. knew you’d hold me, she continues, since you’re the hero and I’m the villain. 
He claims that he is not hero, but that he looks like one, that he is humble, and that you are rude. 
She claims I’m the bad guy, that I’m disrespectful to everyone, and that I’m like that. 
He says, “You need to rest,” and he replies, “Hold my finger and come.” He puts her to sleep They’re almost there. 
My mangal sutra will get stuck in your shirt button, she explains because it looks like movie scene… Nothing will happen, he claims. She confirms, “I have short mangal sutra,” and asks, “Am smart or rude?” He says, “You’re really brilliant,” and then asks, “Did you ever drink?” She answers no, didn’t bring the French meal; was aware of it but didn’t mention it. He requests that she drink some water. I’m bit rude because my family is basic, someone should take strict severe decisions, have to do it, it was tough decision to marry you, did it, tie my hair because it makes me feel cool when work, and don’t have money to apply expensive products. He claims that my hair is natural. In Bade Ache Lagte Hain  2, She claims that she saves money for Sandy; tell me if I’m being disrespectful; I’m not being impolite. 
Take break, he advises. He thinks you act as if you don’t care, but you do, and didn’t see you speak freely. 
She assures you that you are not so horrible, that you are fine. He believes that if don’t get better, it’s because I’m not used to it. He greets her and goes to sleep. In the morning, he believes she will revert to teasing Priya.
Shivi shows Nandini Akki’s photo in the morning. Priya and Ram are requested by Nandini. They didn’t come home last night, according to the servant, and are now staying at hotel. Shivi exclaims, “Wow, I’ll tell Akki.” Nandini is concerned and dials Ram’s number. She claims you didn’t return home and didn’t tell me. He claims that he had meeting in the morning and that his customer is staying at this hotel. She insists that you spend quality time with your wife. He claims that there is none, that he came here for meeting and that he will return home shortly. Priya awakens and inquires, “Why are we here?” Ram pours her cup of black coffee. He claims that we are staying at hotel. She inquires as to why we are here. 
He claims you were drunk. She claims that am non-drinker. You had it, he says. She tells him not to perform trick on him because she knows nothing happened. He inquires as to what you mean.
In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 41, Adi claims that Priya was with Neeraj and that they both lied to us. Ram is aware of this. He dials Priya’s number and scolds her on the phone. Mahender is introduced to Vedika. He runs away from Priya.