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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 65

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 65 | 26th November 2021 Written Episode

The episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 begins with Priya thinking, I promised, I won’t let Neeraj cause problems for my family, I will come to you for any difficulty, I have to find a job for Neeraj to shut up his mouth. She lays down and sleeps. Priya receives the shipment of the books in the morning in Ram office. Adi arrives. She inquires why you leak the annulment paper. I can’t tell you, Adi says, but my purpose wasn’t bad; I consider Ram to be my brother. She says, “I know you’d never harm Ram on intentionally.” Yes, you don’t tell Ram about it, he says. She explains, “I know who Ram loves, and he loves them very much.” Don’t betray his trust, she warns. He says, “Never, I swear,” and that it is my responsibility to assist you if you need anything. He leaves. Twinkle appears. She claims she can’t handle it, that she’s contacted everyone for Neeraj job but there is no job available for Neeraj, and that I should call Vikrant. Priya says  I would not want to engage Ram and his friends.  Twinkle wonders why you’re doing this and whether he’s threatening you. I don’t want him to bother Ram and Maitri, so Priya says no, and we’ll leave right now. Adi overhears their conversation. Neeraj, he says.         

At the coffee, Priya meets Sara. She claims that Neeraj is continuously bothering us. Sara claims that all I recall are pleasant things. They’re discussing Ram. Ram visits the shop in order to purchase cupcakes. He gives Sara the money. He claims that we must help small enterprises. Sara says, “Please don’t make me take it.” He announces that he is returning home and that he will be accompanied by Priya. Sara says yes, Priya, go with him, conserve the gas, please go, Priya has a problem and needs to speak with you. Priya remains silent. Ram claims that you committed to telling me everything. Ram makes a joke about Sara’s name, Sarangi. Meera, he claims, is quite nice. Priya advises against displaying rights to other people’s mothers. Sara answers yes, and my father has given me the name Sarangi. Ram claims that I was correct and that I had won. Sara advises that you name your children. Yes, Ram says. Priya inquires if we have children. Ram claims that we will have children. He makes jokes and laughs a lot. He receives a call from Nandini. Nandini inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. He assures me that she is with me. She claims that Neeraj has come to speak with you both and that he believes Priya is aware of him. Priya is at a loss for what to do next; Adi will be trapped. We’ll be there, Ram says.

Ram and Priya are on their way out. According to Neeraj, you stated that you would assist me. Nandini claims that she did it to protect her family. He claims that he lost his job, that he has to worry about himself and his job, that Ram has filed a formal complaint against him, that he hasn’t been able to find work, and that Priya should come and talk to him. She inquires as to why you’re bringing her into this. I’ll believe it if he says she believes they’ll act like the best pair in the world, but no, they fabricated it to hide the annulment news. Priya and Ram have arrived. She invites Neeraj to accompany her. Ram claims that my account manager is with my mother and that your manager failed to inform you. Neeraj receives a call from his boss.         

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, Neeraj expresses gratitude to Ram. Ram claims that we’ve been a family, including Neeraj, and that just because someone makes a mistake doesn’t imply we are at fault; I forgive you, Neeraj; this new position is a gift from my side. He may have returned his employment, according to Priya. Why wouldn’t you take your wife outside for supper today, Ram suggests, because work will be hard tomorrow? Of course, says Neeraj. Next time, Ram advises, don’t even go to Priya; instead, come right to me. Sure, says Neeraj. He leaves.

Ram says to Priya, it’s fine if you don’t thank me right now. He says to his mother, “Mom, I need to have a vacation from this pressure,” and “For the sake of my welfare, forget about Neeraj.”

Nandini agrees with you. Ram believes I astonished Priya once more, and she is wondering how I know this. Ram believes that one day Priya will trust me, and she will come to me for assistance. Priya believes you constantly assist me; I hope there will come a time when I do not require your assistance. Nandini and Neetu take a seat to eat. Neetu claims there was no drama when Neeraj arrived; did Priya work her magic on him? Ram appears and listens to them. Nandini notices him and begins to act.

Priya is so pure and simple, her father didn’t accept her, then Neeraj abandoned her; Ram has compassion for everybody; if anybody thinks it’s his love, it’s not Priya’s fault; Ram actually loves Vedika; I do not want anyone’s heart to hurt, therefore this marriage will be dissolved. Ram is on his way. Nandini glows.

Sandy comes up at the cafe. She says, “Please Sara Ji, no labour today.” Adi and Vikrant were at the cafe.         

Brinda claims that we’ve come to ruin your Sunday and that if you sit here and do our work, we’ll be happy. Adi suggests making a cute video with a cute pair. Sandy inquires as to who she is searching for. Raya, Adi says. According to Brinda, Ram and Priya’s video should receive one of the most likes. Sandy says, “I’ll do it,” and she means it.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, Priya inquires about the food with Tarun. I’ll prepare veg biryani for Ram, he offers. Ram appears. Priya declares that she will prepare mutton biryani for Ram. Ram inquires as to why. Tarun is asked to leave by him. Tarun gets up and walks away. Ram believes that if I say something else, she will become enraged. He chuckles. What’s funny is that she thinks he’s weird. He thinks she’s writing like this because she has a bad keyboard.

He laughs once more. His laptop is soaked with water. You, she claims, spilt the water. He claims it’s fine and that a new one would be delivered. Sandy claims that I would have sent the footage and that they’ll be unaware of it. Adi adds, “Send this to Ram as well.” Sandy confirms that the message has been sent. Vikrant requests that you also shoot a video for my girlfriend. Sara mocks him. He claims that I was joking. Ram and Priya, according to Brinda, would have examined the inbox. Ram replies Adi would take care of it. Priya suggests that Adi take a day out Sunday, that he has a private life, and that you can use my laptop. He claims you have a private life as well. Okay, she says, you’ve won. He looks at the mail. He notices Priya as well as his video. Dehleez….plays…

Ram thinks this is our wedding video. When Priya enters the room, he switches off her computer. He claims that he has sent the email and that the internet connection was quick. He believes the video was accidentally deleted, and she is about to reprimand me. He makes his way to the restroom. Priya cleans the screen of his computer. The same video is playing on her television. Why was he watching our wedding video, she wonders?

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 65, Ram is teased by Brinda about Priya. Ram notices Priya chuckling. He wonders if she has affection for him. Priya and Ram go shopping. She advises that you should purchase what you love. When she repairs his shirt button, they share a moment.