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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 64

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 64 | 25th November 2021 Written Episode

The episode begins with Priya accepting responsibility for her actions. She claims I only wanted to show the papers to my lawyer once in order to learn about the annulment. Ram claims you didn’t believe me. Nandini inquires if you have a lawyer. Priya responds, “Yes, I wanted to have the papers checked; the papers leaked from there; please blame me if you want.” Nandini says, “Call that lawyer; I’d like to file a case against him.” Let it be, says Adi. She claims that a lawyer or one of his employees leaked it, which is correct; we should file a lawsuit because you all have been greatly harmed. Ram says to leave it alone. She claims Meera was also troubled, so she contacted a lawyer. Adi thinks to himself, “I’m sorry Priya, she’s getting trapped because of me.”
Neeraj appears and says, “I have the number; she contacted it through me.” Ram inquires as to why she will accept your assistance. Neeraj says she sought my assistance because I am her sister’s husband; I will contact the lawyer, and you will speak with him. Ram says, “I don’t want to talk anymore; I’m done with this.” Neeraj invites Priya to accompany him to the lawyer’s office. They walk away. Nandini says, “I’ll forget about it if you want.” Can you forget about it? Are you okay? He claims that Priya and my marriage have delegated into a farce, that I have no claim on her, but that I have earned her trust, and that she can come to me for assistance. She claims she went to Neeraj because she feels more at ease with him. Ram says yes, but he doesn’t respect her or her family, and she doesn’t like him, so why was she with him in the first place? She says she doesn’t know why she chose Neeraj, that family is complex, Priya would be heartbroken like you as Vedika and Shashi got married, you have emotions for Vedika, Priya will have emotions for Neeraj, she said in an interview that one won’t ever forget first love, so she goes to him, I have kept secret something from you, I overheard Priya and Neeraj talking on sangeet day.

Neeraj says, “Give me my job back, you were protected because of my drama, Ram tries to leave you, you don’t have a lawyer, Ram desires to annul the marriage, don’t start blaming me.” Don’t instruct me, says Priya. He says you don’t care about your sister; I’ll tell Ram the reality; Nandini will blame you for leaking these papers; I want my job back; I’ll give you one day. Adi approaches Ram. Nandini says Adi you should have informed me that Priya demanded the papers. Adi declines. She claims to have more faith in Neeraj than in us. He thinks Priya isn’t too bad. She says, “Perhaps she has a soft spot for Neeraj; we have to find out how to annul this marriage, Ram, Priya lied and got Shivi married; we can’t hide from this truth.” According to Adi, this marriage cannot be annulled. She inquires, “What?” and “Why?” He claims that the court will not believe Ram and Priya are not a happily married couple, that there is no problem between them now, and that he should have gotten the papers signed sooner. Ram says it’s not your fault, Adi is right, we have given the interview, Priya secured our public image and family respect, this marriage can’t be annulled presently if people know this, then we’ll have business losses, Sid and Shubham’s deal will also get cancelled, we have to forget this for the business purpose, let this marriage stay. She says, “As soon as you find it right.” Adi thinks to himself, “Thank God, Ram did the right thing.”

Brinda expresses gratitude to Adi and expresses her pride in having him as her husband. Vikrant and Kunal are both smiling. Brinda claims that the annulment papers have finally been destroyed. According to Vikrant, this matter may come up again, and we must devise a solution. Adi says we’ll always listen to you, as I’ve seen: Priya is the perfect match for Ram. Vikrant cracks jokes. Adi says I’m not joking, Priya has tolerated Neeraj, Neeraj is a disgusting man, I’ll deal with him later, she took the blame to save me, I’m an outsider to her, do you know anybody like that? Ram, they say. He says exactly, Ram and Priya are perfect for one another, Lord sent someone just like Ram’s nature, who loves Ram, Ram is so nice, good should happen with him, thank you for keeping that interview, you changed my mind, we won’t let anyone separate them. Brinda embraces him.

Ram considers Priya. Priya arrives and says he doesn’t understand me and that he should leave it alone. He believes she took Neeraj’s help and didn’t tell me because she knows I dislike him. He swallows the pill. He is stopped by her. He mocks her. She believes I’m not guilty, so I’ll go to bed without a fight. He becomes enraged. I’m not going to explain why she thinks he’s worried about Neeraj. Ram acts to call Adi and talk. His phone starts to ring. She believes he’s making an excuse. She inquires as to what this was. He claims you enlisted the assistance of Neeraj and leaked the documents. She apologises, saying, “I know I should have come to you for help, but I didn’t want to bother you any further. He apologises, saying, “I could not really understand.” She says, “Don’t think I don’t want to talk to you or that I don’t believe you; I told a lie  about Shivi and Akki because I didn’t want you to feel embarrassed in front of your family.” He says our family, we can’t talk and trust each other, I might not want to hurt you, I know you’re honest, I’m also honest, we’re similar, everyone thinks you can’t forget Neeraj, I don’t think so, you’re respectful to him just for your sister’s sake. She believes you do. He says I felt really bad that you took Neeraj’s help. Okay, she says. He says I have to participate this broken frame, so much has happened about annulment, can we forget about that for a few days, can we delay it, I’m tired of it, if you say so. She gives a nod.

In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 64, Priya invites Neeraj to speak with her outside. Ram introduces Neeraj as my new account manager. Priya, according to Neetu, did a jest on Ram. Ram and Priya spend a personal moment together.