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Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2 Episode 63

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The episode begins with Priya saying, “We married because we wished to.” Ram is very wealthy, and he agreed to our request to hold the wedding in a community hall. The lady claims to have listened that this marriage was a false statement, arranged for the sake of your sister’s marriage. Ram claims it isn’t a decent bargain. Priya says it’s a done deal. Let me say it, he says. She says, “Since we are born, we have an agreement with our parents, they start raising us, we have an agreement with siblings and friends, the same reason we have an agreement in marriage, every connection is a deal, you tell me, what’s love, love is a huge deal of emotional core, Ram did all of it for love, he loves his sister a lot, he felt his life would not get love again, he married a strange woman for his sister’s sake.”

He did it for love, love is something which makes you feel uncomfortable in order to make your lover convenient, you can do just about anything for your family’s smile, will you call this an agreement, is this an agreement, it’s better than Valentine’s Day, I may not like this. Ram takes a look at her. He takes her hand in his. Everyone appreciates.
The lady claims that Priya is not a pitiable woman; she knows what she wants, and Ram has made a lot of money if this is an agreement. Ram expresses gratitude. Brinda claims that my strategy is never a failure. Priya, according to Kunal, won because she is the perfect match for Ram. According to Adi, this could have gone wrong. Ram reports that everything went well. Bade ache….plays…

Adi receives a message. He says I have to leave, but I’ll send you a cake. Ram inquires on which one you prefer. Priya remains silent. Meera massages hair oil into Sara’s hair. Raya, Sara claims Ram and Priya have become a blockbuster hit Jodi. Meera claims that I would have always told her that Ram is the best. Sara fetches Ram and Priya’s messages. They both laugh. Meera says, “You know what Rakhi advised you, she said Ram and Priya’s marriage is declared void,” and she wants to show Rakhi the remarks and verbally abuse her. Sara cracks a joke. Meera wonders if the Jodi will be likely to succeed.

Sara confirms that Ram has emotions for Priya, but she never wants to express them. When Neeraj deceived Priya, Ram stood up for her. Meera affirms. Neeraj arrives and listens to them. Sara says Ram cares deeply about Priya, so I had aspirations, but Brinda told me that Ram gets angry when he hears Neeraj’s name, why, Neeraj revealed the reality, Ram got upon his job, it shows Ram cares about Priya, Neeraj is beginning to wake up Ram’s feelings, which is good. Neeraj believes they are now using me; I will encounter them; Priya is unsuitable for anyone. Priya requests that the auto driver pick them up. Ram says he’ll drive you because he has a car. She claims you drank wine and are unable to drive. He claims that because there is no alcohol in my system, I am safe to drive. They have a dispute. Ram claims that I did not summon anyone; Meera happened to come to protect me because she loves me. Priya says not to take this seriously because she likes roadside puppies. Ram inquires, “What do you mean, you’re trying to call me a dog?” Priya declines. Brinda says, “Enough though, what are you doing?” Ram claims she turned me into a bad guy in the interview, so take my side. Brinda says, “I’ll tell you the truth, you two are trying to fight here like fifth-grade kids, you two are made for one another, you aided each other, keeping ego at bay,” so everyone can agree. Ram and Priya return home. Nandini confronts Adi about Brinda destroying the papers. Adi sincerely apologizes for being drunk. She says you had the papers, but how did they get to the reporter? He claims I tried to find out.

I’m not trying to blame you, she says, when she asks how others got the papers. He claims I’m telling the truth. She claims that you would never deceive us because you are Ram’s Laxman and could never betray his trust. She claims that Brinda’s nature is different because she is close to Ram and may have publicly revealed the papers. He says no, she’ll never be able to do this. She claims that Brinda believes Priya is the right person for Ram, and that I do not wish well for Ram, so she may have leaked the papers. No, he says. She questions who tried to give her the authority to insult us, leak our personal papers, and blame us; tell me you’re lying. He claims Brinda did nothing wrong. Tell me, Adi, she says. He claims I did it all Brinda did nothing. Look at me, she says, you’re lying. He claims it’s all my fault. She asks, “How dare you leak these documents?”


In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 63, Priya claims that just because I intended to show the documents to the lawyer, they were leaked. I have the lawyer’s phone number, according to Neeraj. Nandini tries to fill Ram’s mind with negative thoughts about Priya. Neeraj requests that Priya return his job. Ram believes I dislike Neeraj, but she accepted his assistance.