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Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2 Episode 62

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The episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 62 begins with Ram believing it is Priya’s decision. The lady says, “I’m here for a couple of question and answer sessions, your wife won’t come, how are you going to have to prove that the documents are untrue?” Ram claims that it is your belief. She claims she doesn’t even see your wife here. Priya enters and says, “I’m here, sincerely apologize for being late, I had some work,” which Ram already knew. Ram wonders when she told me. Priya says we should get started, but I don’t want to wear makeup. Shivi, she believes, informed Ram that I was at Mum’s house to assist her.

The lady says we’ll start when the lights come back on. Priya inquires if everything is in order. Ram acts as if he doesn’t have a choice. They have a dispute. The lady says you both begin so quickly, your microphones are turned on. Adi claims, “I told you it was a bad idea.” The lady inquires, “What was Ram’s demand?” Ram declares, “I will inform you.” Don’t be afraid, the lady says, we’re here to listen to her story. Kunal says she wants to make this a big storey for television ratings. According to Adi, your plan was by far the worst. The lady claims that many women are strangled in their weddings; tell us your story, what he tried to explain to you, and what it was.

She requests that Priya say the truth. Ram pleads and says, “Give her an opportunity to speak.” Ram, according to Vikrant, cannot lose his cool. Meera and everyone are aware of the news. She says worship. Priya says, “Don’t take my rage out on them. Please.”, says Brinda. The interview is well-liked by Neetu and Nandini. Nandini predicts that their marriage will fail. Neetu says you’ll take me to a celebration. Nandini declares the task completed. Don’t be angry, Priya says, and please accept my apologies. The lady claims it is not your fault. Ram says it’s my fault, I have a poor habit of leaving the geyser on after a bath, it burst into flames once, he always tells me not to waste the energy, we just have such household fights, we have to adapt to one another habits, fights after marriage are pointless, am I right?

Meera claims that Priya dealt with everything. Sara confirms that Priya comprehended your instructions. But, as Sarika points out, Ram set a fire to the geyser. Ram claims that it is my fault, that I constantly taunt her, that it is a negative idea, and that I should quiet time first thing in the morning. Everyone is shining bright. Priya says it doesn’t matter who said the taunts; if you make a mistake and someone says it, it’s okay. He says, “Let’s wrap it up.” He believes she is just making up a story. The lady says you support one another, so why do you really like to join the annulment papers, what was the cause, and do you have a compatibility problem?

She claims that viewers will make the decision and that we will try to determine your suitability. Nandini wonders how Priya will be saved now that they don’t understand each other. Adi says worship. Brinda believes I did so to save their own marriage; however, things may have to go wrong; Priya, please manage the problem. Get ready for the quickfire round, says the lady. Priya believes we know nothing about one another. The lady inquires as to how you intend to define her in a single word. Ram says coconut, and Meera says the same thing; it’s Meera’s call. Meera agrees with Ram that Priya is like a coconut, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Ram expresses admiration for her. Priya believes he really does have Meera on his side. The girl asks Priya how she could describe Ram in a single word.

Priya calls him a hero. Ram claims that I am. Priya claims that she knows everything there is about him and that he doesn’t know how to save money; he only knows how to spend it. Meera believes Ram should win. Aki claims to be the winner. Ram adds, “Ask me questions as well, it’s about equality.” The lady inquires as to Priya’s favourite clothing. Ram says raincoat, she always wears it, I can call Meera, Priya really doesn’t like rains, but I really enjoy them. Everyone is smiling and laughing. Nandini dials Shubham’s number. He inquires what is going on. She says, “I’m not sure,” and then tells the interviewer about Ram’s first love, Vedika. He responds, “Yes, I will tell you later.” Rains, according to Priya, are so unpleasant that I dislike them. Ram thinks it’s fantastic. He inquires about the song with Adi.

Adi performs Rimjhim… The lady inquires as to what Ram doesn’t really understand. Priya claims he is unaware of his address pin-code. Ram looks around at his friends. The lady inquires if you know the pin code. Nandini inquires. Sara inquires of Shivi as to whether she is aware of the pin-code. Shivi confirms that our bungalow is right on the beach. Sara chuckles. Ram says, “I don’t know the house address, but I know the pin-code of Priya’s house, her address, her house is too far, but it also has peace, I know she is frustrated by the neighbours, I feel home like my own house, I stayed there for one night, I can’t forget Priya’s house, even if I have a loss of memory, I can reveal that house, because a pin-code is just a number, but a house has emotions.” Priya gives him a look.

Aki claims Ram a cutie because he made Priya fail to win. The lady inquires about his past, specifically his first love. Finally, Nandini says. According to Neetu, you and Shubham did this. Ram didn’t conceal his feelings for Vedika, Nandini says. The lady inquires, “Didn’t you know that someone else was present in his life?” Priya claims that first love cannot be forgiven because it is still present. The lady inquires whether he still has feelings for his first love. He told me that Priya said yes. The lady inquires whether it is the reason for the annulment. Priya claims that it isn’t like that and that I may become irritated by his first love later on. The lady inquires about his first love. Priya says his medicines, he likes to get sick, he loves his medicines so much that he would rather save his medicines first than me and his family. What is Shubham doing if Nandini believes Priya secured Ram? She dials Shubham’s number. He claims they have been trying to act, but now I believe they were made for each other. She tells her to do it as she says and tell the interviewer that Ram and Priya’s marriage was a done deal. Shubham claims it will also publicly shame Shivi. Do as I say, she says. Shivi, according to Neetu, will be deeply affected. Nandini claims her marriage is real, Aki and Shivi are in love, and Soods will be questioned. Correct, according to Neetu.


In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 62, The lady claims you did this wedding to support your sister’s marriage. Ram disagrees with Priya. Nandini inquires if you leaked the papers. Adi gives a nod. Ram yells at Adi.