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Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2 Episode 60

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The episode begins with Aki inquiring about her well-being. Priya inquires about his shoot. He claims that it is happening and that if Ram leaves you, then… he is completely mistaken. She says it’s our problem, we’ll handle it, and promise me you won’t end up like Mahender Sood. You really think I’ll become more like him, says Akki, and you both are my essential services, and I promise you that won’t happen. Sara comments, “Good, Priya, did you talk to Ram?” Priya responds, “No, I think I should tell media that I’m doing this of my own will, there’s just no other way.” Adi says you both go for a meeting, act as if you both know one another about you, the media will make you a villain, and she can’t give a speech by herself. According to Kunal, this news has an impact on your contract.

Vikrant asserts that you should only think once. Adi says he’ll try to persuade Priya once. Ram inquires as to how we would then persuade that we will be a couple. Brinda, according to Adi, will train you. Kunal claims that we are here now to help. Adi receives a phone call from a journalist. Ram approves him to take a call. Nandini approaches Priya and inquires about her well-being. Priya sincerely apologize, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to reject you.” Nandini says to relax, and I agree. Priya says she’ll go to the news channel and tell them everything, and she’ll tell Meera she doesn’t want to keep this relationship because Ram is so good.

Ram notices this. Priya says, “I’m going to say that I would not want to keep this marriage,” Shivina says, “and Aki will make her happy.” Nandini responds, “I know, I wish your’s marriage hadn’t ended such as this, and I will pray that you stay happy.” She walks away. Ram claims that none of us wants this relationship to end. He understands Adi’s message. He walks over to Priya. She says whatever you said to your mother at the chapel. He says, “I understand; you believe I made false promises.”

She expresses gratitude, saying that you saved my mother from shame. He questions why you are thanking me when you might do the same with my family. She agrees. He says I must thank you for considering Shivi and continuing against your father and Raj. She claims nobody has done this for her until now, and that I must solve the problem. He says we have had to fix this, I have an idea, sit, Adi suggested a remedy, he thinks we should give the interview as a couple. She claims that this will confuse things because we are divorced, and I was planning to leave, so why is this happening, and what about wedding annulment?

He says, “I know you really do not like me, but we can close down these media sources with this interview.” She declines. Bade ache….plays. He says you can save us from such blame, that we can refute them together; I’m not pretending to be a hero, but I’d like your assistance, if feasible. Nandini inquires, “What is it, an interview?” Shubham confirms, Ram does this for my company project; Ram will organise and travel there. Nandini inquires, “Did Priya say yes?” Yes, Ram did extraordinary things by protecting her mother, he says. She wonders when we’ll be able to get rid of her. Neetu says, “I have a plan, we have to pause Priya from going for the preparation, if she goes unready, it’ll be a snub show,” Shivi can assist us.

Nandini instructs Neetu to contact Shivi. Neetu walks over to her phone. Ram converses with his customers. Brinda appears and inquires, “Are you ready?” Ram affirms. Priya, according to Adi, is on her way. Priya notices Shivi in a state of chaos. She inquires as to her well-being. Shivi says yes, that everybody left me alone, Aki is busy, look at my hands, I’m clueless, and Tarun isn’t around to help. She requests Priya’s assistance. Priya says no, I must go to Ram for an urgent task. Shivi predicts that Sarika will become outraged and that I will inform Ram that you will be late. Priya says, “Fine, I’ll assist; text Ram and let him know I’ll be late.” Shivi says I’ll rinse my hands before coming. Brinda suggests that you attempt to find out just what you understand about Priya. Ram responds, “I’m not sure.” Brinda inquires about Priya’s colour choice. He says red because she becomes enraged. She inquires about her favourite food. Ghee upma, he says. She inquires as to what kinds of drinks she prefers. He claims she does not drink. She describes herself as cute. Adi advises you to be serious. Brinda inquires as to her favourite film. Ram claims she can’t see anything. Brinda requests that Ram refrains from insulting Priya in front of every media. Ram declares that she will speak the truth in rage. Adi inquires about Priya’s whereabouts. Kunal claims she is not at work. Brinda says she’ll come if you call her. Ram believes that if she does not come, he will.

Priya prepares the food. Shivi is asked if he messaged Ram. Shivi affirms. Priya considers asking Shivi about Ram. Shivi is asked to tell her about Ram and what he likes. Shivi says he likes us and that he fulfils our wishes in his spare time. Priya believes he does it all for the sake of his family. She speaks with Shivi and believes that they all left Ram and went on the trip. Vikrant claims that a representative from a news channel has arrived. Ram wonders how I could conduct the interview without Priya. Adi becomes enraged at Brinda. Ram says, “Relax, just chill, we do not really know where Priya is, don’t scream and shout on Brinda, I’ll give the interview alone.” Ram departs.

Adi says you won’t try to interfere in anybody’s life, and Priya isn’t fond of Ram. Shivi describes Priya as a brilliance because she prepared a large amount of food in a short period of time. Nandini exclaims, “Wow, she’s a professional chef; where is she? I’ll thank her.” Shivi claims to just have left. Ram believes Priya was late. Shivi claims that I had to call Ram because I forgot to inform him about Priya. Nandini says to relax, he won’t get angry, to focus on the family, and to serve the food well. Nandini says we went, Priya ended in failure, this interview will not take place, and today will be a lot of fun.


In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 60, Ram is asked about his wife by the reporter. Priya arrives. The reporter inquires as to whether you are aware of his first love. Priya casts a glance at Ram.