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Bade ache lagte hain 2 episode 59

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Bade ache lagte hain 2 Episode 59 begins with Adi is arguing with Brinda. She says she didn’t have to do this if Nandini hadn’t done this controversy, she never wanted Aki and Shivi to marry, Ram fell ill and left, Nandini apologised and said Ram left, she can’t do anything, she didn’t even think of Ram, she focused on trying to break Priya and Ram’s wedding, she wants to distance them, I believe they are created for one another, Ram requires Priya, what was the need to create these papers.  Adi claims Ram and Priya are incompatible. Brinda wonders what they will connect when the odds are stacked against them and they must now stand around each other.

She starts calling Sara and asks, “Did you get to the bakery? I’m on my way.” Sara claims I’ve just arrived. Adi considers her possibilities. Kunal rebuked the media. Vikrant claims that they really want a tale, that Priya is a victim, as well as that they have an opportunity to capture a wealthy man. Priya claims that I am not a victim and that I will speak with them. Ram inquires as to who informed the media about the papers. Nandini claims that someone in her family was doing this. Neetu mocks Priya. Ram claims that it was Priya’s fault that the papers were disclosed and that he will fire her. Will you ever be happy then? Ram, according to Neetu, is on Priya’s side. Shubham believes we must find see who leaked the documents. Priya says I’ll tell the media not to ruin our reputation.

Shubham asked who’d know your name, implying that they are going to tarnish Kapoor’s name. Shashi and Vedika arrive. Vedika inquires if everyone is okay. No, Nandini says, they’re trying to blame us. Ram, our financiers are going to refuse to invest in a project, says Shashi. Kunal says I’ll contact Brinda and let her know. Priya says, “Leave this to me.” Shubham inquires about what you intend to do. Ram explains who did it and who benefits from it. Sara is questioned by the media about Priya’s marriage. Sara claims it is a legal marriage with no specific circumstances. Brinda arrives and chastises the media. She requests that they consider Priya and her family. She says, “Leave everyone alone or I will file a harassment complaint against you,” and she requests that you leave.

Ram and Priya notice that the media is bothering Sara and Brinda. Priya inquires about her mother’s exact location. She calls Maitri and asks, “Are you okay?” She says, “Okay, I’ll call back later.” She calls Aki and inquires about his and Shivi’s well-being, as well as the whereabouts of her mother. Nandini inquires about Adi’s whereabouts. According to Vikrant, Adi went to the media outlet and took the lawyers there to resist them. Priya calls Meera to inquire about her whereabouts. She weeps and complains that this news never should have reached her. Meera goes to the chapel to pray. Priya calls her and tells her to stay put because I’m on my way. You can’t go on there, according to Vikrant. Kunal says I’ll go get her. They notice Meera on the media. They are concerned. The media asks Meera if she was aware that Ram had abandoned Priya. Meera sobs. Rakhi observes and smiles.

Meera claims it’s a lie. Ram appears and declares that no curse can be greater than mum’s gift. Everyone has seen Ram on the news. Meera questions whether they are telling the truth when they say you are leaving Priya, despite the fact that you have stated that you’ll always support her. Ram responds, “Yes, my promise is not conditional on anyone.” She then tells them to shut up. Ram wonders who all these people are, why should I tell the truth of my family to them, I don’t care what they think, I’m anxious about them. I didn’t force Priya, you know her, we’re afraid of her. Brinda sparkles. Ram invites Meera to accompany him home. Meera claims, “I’ve heard they’re teasing my entire life,” adding, “Priya is my respect, my pride, and my daughter can’t get anyone’s bad luck.” she has my blessings and Ram is with her

Ram is asked by the media if he plans to leave Priya. Ram brings Meera with him. Priya is convinced by Nandini. Priya expresses regret that Ram has maintained Meera’s respect today. Nandini wonders why Ram lied; the marriage is about to end, and the truth will be revealed, right? Brinda says it’s time for us to move on to the next phase of the plan. Kunal says yes. Meera appreciates Ram’s prompt arrival and handling of the situation. Ram says, “Don’t say well done to your son; I’ll find out how this happened.” Priya approaches Meera and gives her a hug. Nandini approaches Ram and inquires whether he is content. Shivi is brought up by healthy beverages. Meera requests that Ram get it all. He says, “First, you have it.” Meera expresses her apologies for the inconvenience. Nandini says it’s not your fault, and I fully comprehend.

Meera believes that everything is ok that comes to an end well. Nandini responds positively, won’t you let me get some sweets? Meera, Sara, and Shivi leave. Nandini tells Ram, you arrived at the chapel on time; why did you lie to Meera? An annulment will occur, as well as the truth will be revealed. Priya wonders if it is necessary to discuss this right now. Nandini reinforces, “I’m talking to my son.” She wants to know how lengthy this quietness will last, how long will we keep this truth hidden, what could you do then, it is preferable that you tell this to Meera today, she will admit it. Priya declines. No, Ram says. Priya, mom is correct; Meera will find out someday, but today isn’t the day; we have to decide on the divorce. I’m intrigued by what Priya likes to think. Nandini believes Ram refused me. As you find right, she says. Priya believes Ram raised his voice in honour of my regard; I will never forget this. Meera receives sweets. Nandini provides her with food. Ram has stated that he will meet with you all later. He walks away. He meets Adi. He claims that you mean we didn’t locate out who leaked the documents. We can’t compel media to reveal their sources. Adi, Vikrant and  Kunal says. Adi asks Ram if he wants to sign these documents.


In Precap of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 59, Priya tells Nandini that I will say Ram that I don’t want to keep the marriage.  Ram hears that talk. Ram comes to talk to Priya. He asks Priya to come to the office to sort out this problem by declining the Papers.