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Bade Ache lagte hain 2 Episode 51

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In today’s episode of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 51, the doctor tells them that Priya will regain consciousness soon and asks them to call him if they have any questions, then walks away. Ram warns Shivi not to tell Meera because she might become agitated. Shivi rushes to the temple and tells Maitri and Shrishti that Priya will reawaken soon and that the wedding should not be cancelled. Ram advises Priya to rest and then walks out the door. Sara is in charge of transporting Akki to the shrine. Akki inquires about Priya, and Shivi responds that she would see her when she feels better.

Priya reads Maitri’s message and informs her that she would be visiting the temple. While Priya is leaving, Ram wakes up and inquires about her plans. She says she’s going to the temple, and he says he’ll drive her there himself because he needs to speak with her. Priya tells Ram that she will sign the annulment papers on karva Chauth if he listens to him about the marriage. Shubham informs the producer that he saw Priya leave in an auto, and the servant arrives to inform him that Priya had been ill. To discover out, Shubham dials Raj’s number. Priya calls and instructs them to start the wedding without waiting for her.

Rakhi instructs Raj to contact Sara, saying that she is innocent and could provide information on Priya’s location. When Ram gets home, he asks Nandini who told Priya about it, and she replies she didn’t. Ram explains that he wants to inform Priya about the annulment papers and leaves. Raj phones Shubham and informs him that Sara appeared to be in a temple. Sara is in the temple, Shubham informs everyone, and he inquires as to which of the sisters is ill. Nandini contacts Radhika to inquire about Sandy, and she informs her that she is in the workplace. Neetu inquires about Akki’s desire to marry.

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