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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 58

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Ram begins the episode of Bade ache lagte hain 2 by eating the food. Priya thinks he’s eating like a child. She says, “I’m wondering why you stayed hungry.” He claims that I assumed the rituals must be the same for both. Nothing seems to be equal, according to Priya, but it’s a lovely idea. He claims that we can attempt to alter the world. She claims that I was planning to marry Aki and Shivi and that if I had known that you have become ill as a result of a family member, I wouldn’t even have lied; my approach was inaccurate, and I regret it. You would want to say it’s also not Aki and Shivi’s fault, Ram says. Yes, she says, you do have the right to care for her. He claims she is comparable to you as well; please accept my apologies for what I said in the chapel. She says it’s fine, but her mother says you want to give me a gift after that.

He remembers Vedika’s phrases. He believes Vedika is false, Priya cannot be false because she honours relationships, Priya is blameless, I will never ask more questions, I don’t want this anger and resentment, is it essential to stop this relationship? He texts Adi to inquire about the papers. Adi displays Ram’s message. Brinda requests a solution. Adi says they want to split up, so why are you arranging a match? Brinda claims that you men don’t recognise how we feel, and she swore an oath that she will not allow their marriage to fail. If I’m true, he says, I’ll call the journalist and make you apologise. She tells him, “I love you, baby.” He inquires as to having good well-being. Yes, she says, you had a great idea.Kunal claims that I would do anything to save their marriage. She asks if you can ever back her up. He says yes, tell me how to do it, Adi, what are you starting to think? For last time, Adi, Brinda says, believe me. Adi replies, “Fine.” Vikrant inquires whether I will walk alone, as I am even with you. Ram considers Priya. He wonders how Priya does that, and whether he just choose the right path if he has to make a stand for his family. He remembers Priya’s words. He says, “I wish Priya could tell me whether she’s doing all of this.” Shivi and Aki dial Ram’s number. Ram inquires everything will be in order. They feel thankful to Ram. Shivi inquires about where you went during your surprise. Stop moaning, says Aki. Ram gives advice not to conflict. Aki says sorry for getting engaged and married.

Aki asks who thought this was a good idea to remain in the centre of the road and terrorize people. Ram inquires as by what you’re attempting to accomplish. Shivi tells it all. Ram says, “Don’t think of that,” and asks if you considered me, Mom, and Shubham. Don’t worry, Akki says I’ll start taking care of her. Shivi wishes you a good night and expresses her love for you. Priya did all this because Shivi coerced her, Ram says, how didn’t I believe of all this, even I get frightened, Priya gets nervous, there was so much we could not even advise each other and recognise. It’s morning, and Ram tells you that there is already a surprise in store for you: Aki will be shooting the final scenes in Mumbai.

Shivi inquires, “Really, it’s awesome news, I’m making the tea for Aki” Ram inquires, “Are you making the tea?” He chuckles. Nandini compliments the work. Shivi says I’ll break the news to Aki together with the tea. She hangs up the phone. Nandini thinks you did well. Ram claims it was Shubham’s idea. Shivi, according to Shubham, too is my sister. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea. Neetu inquires whether we are pleased with Shivi and Aki’s marriage. Ram notices Priya approaching with her bag. Priya has informed me that I am leaving. Ram claims that the documents did not arrive. She says we ought to sign the form someday, so I decided to go today and notify my mother as well.

Let the documents come, he says. Don’t panic, she says, I’m going to the chapel to see Mommy, and she helps some helpless neglected women there. Your hubby is also choosing to leave you, as Neetu correctly states. Ram meddles. Meera says a prayer for Priya. Rakhi arrives and imprecations Priya. Meera, according to Nandini, does a good thing. Ram says I’m going to drop you. Priya says no, I’ll manage, I know you’re worried about Shivi, but I commit I’ll always shield her, and I appreciate you obeying me and my mother. Nandini wanted to thank you and remind you that if you need anything, she and her group are always available. Priya walks away. Meera and Rakhi have a quarrel. Rakhi claims that Ram will leave Priya and she will return home because a man will leave a woman if she is not best suited for him. She walks away.

Meera believes that Priya and Ram’s marriage should not be torn up. Priya considers her wedding to Ram. Meera is praying. Rakhi believes you can ask god, but it will be inefficient. Meera believes Ram was made for Priya and that their marriage should not fail. Priya has arrived at the front door. Nandini inquires, “Who leaked this in the media?” Ram inquires as to what unfolded. Nandini claims that your and Priya’s annulment papers were leaked to the press. Kunal arrives and says, “You can’t go out because the media is present outside and I don’t want you to face everything else,” and invites you to come inside. Priya returns. Ram inquires as to what you are saying. They are aware of the news. The newscaster describes Ram’s contract marriage with an ordinary person in order to marry his sister. Everyone is taken aback when they hear the news. Ram inquires as search for the missing papers. Kunal confirms that only lawyers had the papers. Nandini claims that they are turning us into evil. Kunal says, “I request that you all remain within the house while Adi and Vikrant investigate.” Priya should sit at home, according to Ram. Kunal cracks a smile.


In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 58, Sara is questioned by the media. Priya wonders why they are after us and where her mother is. Meera is also being questioned by the media. Priya is aware of the news. Ram and Meera meet. She inquires if you intend to leave Priya.