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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 57

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In Bade ache lagte hain season 2 episode 57, Sara says I hope he shows his face on a video call. Vedika sees the moon and then Shashi’s face. She breaks her fast. Brinda and Shivi also perform the Karwachauth rituals. Vedika says don’t worry Shashi, I won’t do anything that spoils your work. He nods. Meera says I have kept this fast alone, my fate won’t become your fate, you won’t break the fast alone, Ram will come. Priya asks why do you keep fast for him. Meera says I fast for my daughter’s safety, I don’t keep the fast for Mahender, I trust Ram, he will come. Priya says fine, I will wait, take your plate. Ram comes. Meera smiles. Priya sees Ram. Ram gets Mahender there. Meera says, Ram… Ram says you keep this fast with devotion, I had to respect this, I took the complaint back, please break your fast.

Sara expresses her hope that he will show his face during the video call. Vedika notices the moon, followed by Shashi’s face. She has broken her fast. The Karwachauth ceremonies are also performed by Brinda and Shivi. Vedika assures Shashi that she will not interfere with his work. He gives a nod. Meera says, “I kept this fast by myself; my luck will not become your destiny; you will not break the fast by yourself; Ram will come.” Priya inquires as to why you fast for him. Meera says, “I fast for the wellbeing of my daughter; I don’t fast for Mahender; I trust Ram; he will arrive.” Priya responds, “Fine, I’ll wait; take your dish.” Ram appears. Meera cracks a smile. Priya notices Ram. Ram transmits Mahender there. Ram, Meera says.

Ram says you keep this fast with dedication; I had to honour this, so I retracted my grievance; please break your fast.
Meera believes I’m not sure what exactly I did, Ram got Mahender out to maintain regard, I’ll pray that Mahender comes to his senses, and I’ll tear the fast with Mahender’s hands just to maintain Ram’s respect. Meera’s fast is broken by Mahender. Ram believes Priya observed the fast. Priya, according to Brinda, kept the fast. Ram mentions the bowl. Brinda inquires if you saw her consuming. Ram declines. She says, “I know you retained the fast; kindly go and break her fast,” and she walks away. Shivi informs me that I am going to my Sasural. Ram claims that it will only take a minute.

In Bade ache lagte hain season 2 episode 57, Nandini believes we must send Shivi well. Shivi and her family are leaving. Shivi, according to Ram, actually left. Nandini thinks she felt odd as well, but she didn’t go too far, we will continue to visit. He suggests that we offer her some space to solve. Brinda asks, “Who is the main antagonist of this tale?” Adi claims that he does not watch television serials. She tells me that I need to tell Ram to tear Priya’s fast. Adi invites you to accompany him. He is concerned. She becomes drunk. She informs me that I require one last drink. Priya, according to Nandini, signed the contract. Priya believes I will spend the night at Twinkles before making a decision. She takes her own thermometer. She assures me that the pills will be delivered to me. Ram inquires as to when she signed.

In Bade ache lagte hain season 2 episode 57, Nandini says you went to get her father released, we didn’t know, how could you be so good, that man planned to kill you, I think my son very well, you are so nice, you think of others before, somebody has to worry about you, who else would worry about you, I have to safeguard you. He claims you are overcomplicating. Shivi became strict, so we had to commit to her, your life will always be threatened, and people will say that I messed up my stepson’s life. He says, “Don’t use all the words, I don’t like it, give me the documents.” She hands him the documents and says him to sign. Brinda pushes Adi there. The drink spills on the papers. Nandini is worried. Brinda sincerely apologizes, “I’m not sure how it happened,” and asks if Adi is hurt. Ram inquires as to what occurred.

According to Brinda, I’m flying. Adi apologises. Nandini refuses to apologize, saying that the papers were ruined. Brinda says sorry, “Aunty, I will make the documents for you.” First thing in the morning, Nandini says. Brinda collects the documents. Ram assures Nandini that Adi will handle the documentation. He walks away. Ram says you shouldn’t take medications on an empty belly because you have a fever. The dr told me you might have a fever, but I thought you had clarified butter upma. Priya asks if I didn’t eat almost everything and if I would have some water now. She forces him to drink water. She claims that even if you didn’t have any water, you didn’t have any food. He claims that you have the food. She claims you were successful in getting Mahender ejected. He simply asks that Meera’s fast be respected. He gives her the water. She claims I signed the papers. He says new papers will be made and that we should sign them tomorrow. Adi claims you pretended to be drunk in order to ruin the documents. Brinda agrees, Nandini performed the drama and asked Ram to sign papers, Ram can do just about anything for his family, he is pleased with Priya, don’t you would like to see him happy? Adi says yes, but he’s not happy about it. Priya, according to Brinda, made a bad decision; they were made to be together; don’t make the documents tomorrow. Adi claims that if Nandini told him to make it, he must do so. She responds, “Fine, I’ll figure a way, this marriage can’t be broken.”


In Promo of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 57, Ram believes Priya and Neeraj had relationship, Vedika is incorrect, and Priya cannot be incorrect. Priya informs me that am leaving and that we must sign the papers someday and. The broadcaster announces Ram’s agreement marriage.