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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 56

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Written Update of Bade ache lagte hain season 2 Episode 56

In today episode of Bade ache lagte hain season 2 Episode 56  Neetu begins the episode by making fun of Akki’s family. Brinda manages to mislead Sarika. Brinda begs Ram to give Shivi the bangles. The bangles are a gift from Ram. Shivi thinks it’s adorable. Shubham inquires as to where you obtained this. Ram claims he bought it from a bangle vendor on the side of the road. Shivini is taunted by Nandini. Brinda inquires about the other box. It’s just like that, according to Ram. Ram has filed a complaint against Neeraj, alleging that he took the footage and provided it to the incorrect people. Neeraj asks Vedika to assist him. Vedika makes a counter-argument. He says, “I need my job,” and begs you to assist him. Nandini arrives. He requests her assistance. Nandini says, “Done,” and invites him to the party tonight. But, he says, Ram… She claims that because you are Priya’s relative, Ram will not interfere and that you are welcome to visit. He expresses gratitude to her. He walks away.

Nandini invites Vedika to the party. Why are we getting into this, Vedika wonders? Nandini claims he can catch us. Yes, Vedika says. We have to finish this chapter, Nandini adds, and we have to use Neeraj to help me cancel Ram and Priya’s marriage. She walks away.

Shubham inquires about Shivi’s first day. She feels it’s too cute because the house is little and everyone lives there together. She talks with Ram and Shubham. She laughs. Ram embraces his pals. He complements Brinda and states that Adi is quite blessed. I know I’m blessed, Adi adds, but where is Priya? Ram claims she went somewhere and will return on her own, but she didn’t tell me where she went. Kunal claims to have arrived. Ram notices Priya approaching. Akki and his family arrive. Shivi says, “I’m terribly hungry,” and asks when the moon will appear. Akki hugs her and assures her that it will arrive shortly.

Meera is greeted by Ram. Priya is pondering how to break the news to her mother, who would be devastated. Nandini says, “I’m delighted you’re here; can you come for a talk?” It’s my daughter’s first Karwachauth, she says yes, Priya says. Sara appears and says, “I have to take Priya’s to take pictures, but it will take some time.” She instructs Ram and Priya to smile and pose as best they can. Ram and Priya exchange a friendly smile.

Nandini sends a message to Neeraj, advising him to speak with Priya if he wants to save his employment. Priya receives a text message. She leaves. Nandini believes it will be Neeraj’s message, indicating that the plan is in action. Ram also attend a call from the doctor. The doctor says  Priya should not keep the fast, according to the doctor. Don’t worry, Ram says, she didn’t fast at all. Ram is asked by Vikrant to taste Manchurian. Ram requests that he consume it. Brinda believes Ram fasted for Priya on Karwachauth. Priya, Ram believes, will have her medicines because she has already had the food. Priya is requested by Nandini. I’ll look for her, he says.

Ram walks over to watch Priya conversing with Neeraj. Priya says she is unable to speak and that she will go to her mother’s house to speak with her. She leaves. Ram feels Neeraj did a good job, but your job is ruined soon. Ram is seen by Vedika. Ram has seen them, she informs Nandini. Vedika is summoned by Shashi. Sara asks whether you’re okay because Maitri didn’t show up. Yes, Priya says. Shashi warns Vedika not to make any mistakes today. I’m not going to do that, she says.

Ram walks to the liquor store to grab some whiskey. Thank God, you’re not one of those men who keep the Karwachauth fast for their women; why should we go hungry? Shashi says. Priya fixes her gaze on Ram. He believes she has a negative attitude toward me. I’ll see you, Ram says. He goes on to congratulate Shivi on her love. Priya believes I am unimportant to him, therefore he taunts me. Ram advises Shivi that a relationship is built on faith; if you and Akki have faith, life is great; there is nothing else.

Priya believes this was also a taunt, and Ram has triumphed. Someone once told Ram that trust can’t be purchased, but it can be gained. He asks Shivi to earn the trust of her husband and family. Everyone joins in the applause. Priya believes that now is the time to sip your whiskey and show how much you care. Ram, Shashi replies, you have a great understanding of relationships. Yes, Mama says, he places a high value on relationships. The whiskey is thrown by Ram. Brinda summons Sara to meet Ram, who has thrown the drink and observed a fast, as has Priya. Shivi inquires, “Didn’t you arrange something special for me?” Shubham is asked by Ram to say anything.

Brinda says you provided a fantastic faith speech; Adi and I trust each other, so our marriage is perfect, did you get that? Ram is stopped by Vedika, who says, “I need to talk.” Meera also stops by to speak with Ram. Ram says he’ll speak with Meera and then arrive. Vedika says, “Don’t forget, I’m waiting.” Ram decides to accompany Meera. Priya is Nandini’s destination.

She expresses her gratitude by saying, “I’m delighted Shivi is happy now.” If things aren’t working out, she tells her to accept her fate, let go of her resentment, and accept defeat. She apologises profusely, saying, “I was wrong.” Priya requests that she hand over the documents, which she will sign. She claims that she told Ram that she would leave today and that she is only here for Shivina’s pugphera. Nandini asked her that ram hand the papers and requests that she sign them. Priya is reminded of Ram. She is the one who signs the documents. Nandini beams.


In the Precap of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 56, According to Vedika, Priya met Neeraj prior to their marriage and declared her love to him. Meera expresses her regret to Ram.