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Anupama claims that when she became pregnant after Toshu, everyone assumed she would have a girl, but when Samar was born, he was so lovely and of such a light complexion that she was hesitant to touch him for fear of something bad happening. Vanraj claims he was really wicked. According to Anupama, he was always in my lap. Vanraj claims that Toshu was on my team and Samar was in your room, and that when Pakhi was born, she joined my team. Anupama claims that Baa was on your team and that Babu ji used to support her (herself), but Samar was mine. She sobs and says that life has taught us so much, but it has not taught us how to live without our son. Vanraj claims that a son lights his father’s pyre, but I light my son’s pyre and cry. Anuj is saddened by what he hears. Everyone is seated for the grief meeting. The ladies discuss and speculate about how Dimpy would live her life now and how unlucky the boy is. Anupama chastises the ladies and tells them not to discourage Dimpy. She claims that the infant has lost her or his father and that his family and mother are with him. She sobs as she holds Dimpy. Vanraj requests that Anuj leave and not return to Anupama or them. Anuj yells, “Anupama, I am innocent!” Vanraj is ready to push him out the door when Samar’s photo frame collapses. Everyone stands up, stunned. Anupama selects the photo frame and sets it aside. She asks Vanraj to halt and then arrives.

Anuj tries to excuse himself, saying he couldn’t stand it when the guy misbehaved with the female. He claims that my wife understands me and can hear my heartbeat. He claims that he had no idea Samar would lose his life, that he is not guilty, and that he is innocent. He claims that I used to call him friend and loved him, so why would he take his own life? According to Anupama, blaming someone does not make the suffering go away. She adds that this pain is my Samar’s last gift, so let me feel it and go on. She claims you don’t understand how I lost my son. Anuj claims to comprehend the agony. Anupama says you can’t comprehend because you didn’t lose your son and tells him to leave. Anuj urges her to look after her saree pallu. Anuj walks out. Vanraj gives him a look. Anuj recalls the events.

He sits down to his car and tells Anu that even though she believes he has taken your life, he was only trying to help you.

Babu ji inquires of Baa if he has any medicine. Baa requests that he have it. Babu ji eats it and complains that God should not have made him suffer. Baa claims they must survive for their children and that they have witnessed their grandson’s death in front of them. Babu ji claims that we don’t have a future, but Anupama, Dimpy, and others do. Babu ji approaches Anupama and requests that she have it. Anupama is adamantly opposed. According to Babu ji, when a woman becomes a mother, she must take food for her infant even if she does not want to. He begs her for food so she can feed Dimpy and then tries to feed her. Baa tries to feed Vanraj and requests that he feed Toshu and Pakhi. She says Anupama would look after Dimpy. Anupama enters Dimpy’s room and finds her sleeping on the bed with Samar’s tshirt near her.

Precap: Anupama erases Maa’s name off the slate. Samar inquires as to why she wiped it. Anupama believes I am a bad mother. Samar requests that she come out of trauma and bring everyone with her. Anupama tells him that she will lift everyone out of their trauma and that she will smile everytime she thinks of him.