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Anuj sobs and apologizes to Samar…Dimpy asks if he can return with your apologies. Toshu claims that if you cry, our Samar will not return. Vanraj begs Anuj to step away from his son and adds it was your idea to go to the club; if we hadn’t consented to your request, this would not have happened. Anupama looks shocked at Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama if she believes him and says that if I had known Samar would die, I would have offered my life to save him. He says you believe me, correct? Do you have faith in Anuj? Anupama alters her expression. Anuj claims I did nothing. Later, Anupama enters the room, and Anuj requests that she speak with him once. He claims that he can tolerate your rage and venom, but not your quiet.

He claims that I came here to chat to you, not to clarify anything. He invites her to speak with him just once. Anupama sobs. The song Agar Tum Saath Ho is playing…..Anuj enters the inhouse temple and tells God that he wants to tell him something: when someone has a complaint with someone, that person comes to you and complains, but I have a complaint from you, so where should I go and whom should I complain to? He claims that Samar’s error resulted in the kidnapping of his mother’s 25-year-old son. He questions God about why he took Samar away. He claims that bullet was meant for me and that you gave me a long life because my Anu didn’t want to see my face. He claims that not just Samar, but also himself, died today…I am dead, even if I am breathing, and I do not want such life. Babu ji appears and grabs him. Anuj expresses his regret to him. Babu ji claims Kanha ji taught him in Geeta that we are powerless over fate and must die one day. He claims Samar’s death was predetermined. According to Anuj, my name was written on the bullet. Babu ji then inquires as to why it did not strike you. He claims that if Samar had not died there, he would have died in another way. He claims Samar was fated to die there. He claims that we blame someone for the loss of a family member and use our anger to release. He claims that when someone dies in a hospital, they blame the doctor, and so on. Anuj claims that going to Club was my idea. Babu ji claims that if Vanraj had not stated that the men and women would have separate parties, we would not have gone, and asks him not to blame himself. He says, “I’ll handle Vanraj; you handle Anupama.” He argues that if you become weak, she will not only lose her son, but also her Samar.

Dimpy is sitting in the room, remembering her time with Samar. She strokes her tummy, imagining Samar keeping his hand on it. Samar, she says…..Samar claims that I did not leave, that I am with you, and that you must live for me and our child. Dimpy wonders why you left. Samar requests that she offer their child the love of both parents. Dimpy wonders why my fate is so horrible. Samar urges her to vow that she will remember him with a smile and not cry. Smiles that are dim. Samar instructs her to look after herself and the baby. He asks her to continue dancing and tells her how much he adores her. Dimpy says he loves you as well. She sobs when her imagination comes to an end.

Toshu comes on the door in the morning and says, “Mummy…we have returned from the crematorium grounds.” Anupama sobs as she hears this.

Pakhi is crying as she imagines Samar approaching and removing her hair clip. She embraces him. If she cries, Samar threatens to break it. Pakhi advises breaking it but returning. Samar inquires, “So you can fight with me?” If you can’t see my affection, Pakhi says. She requests that he return. Samar says he won’t be able to return and urges her to think about him; you’re all together, but I’m alone. Pakhi sobs. Kavya tries to calm her down.

Anupama removes the garland off Samar’s photograph. Vanraj inquires as to what you are doing. According to Anupama, my kid did not leave us; he lives on in our memories. They are seated in front of Samar’s picture frame.

Precap: Anupama erases Maa’s name off the slate. Samar inquires as to why she wiped it. Anupama believes I am a bad mother. Samar requests that she come out of trauma and bring everyone with her. Anupama tells him that she will lift everyone out of their trauma and that she will smile everytime she thinks of him.