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Choti and Pakhi’s misbehaving comes to mind for Anupama. Romil shows up. Anupama inquires if you require anything. Romil states, “Now I know how much a mother’s pain is caused by her children.” He sits and tells Anupama that the kids would realize their error sooner or later, and that he was spoilt, but that he has changed his ways, and that Pakhi di and Choti are smarter than me and will suffer. He requests that she grin. Anupama recalls Samar. Romil says, “Call me whenever you want to talk and lighten your heart.” They both smile. Romil leaves. Anupama wipes her tears away and instructs her to handle the youngsters when things go wrong.

Dimpy considers where he will go to see the dance. She informs Vanraj that she must leave. Vanraj says you’re free to go, but I’ll dump you. He answers the phone and leaves.

Titu requests that his friend give him the passes. According to my pal, I paid twice as much to get it. Titu promises to provide you four times your money. His pal wonders why you want to see the large dancer. Tapish expresses his want to visit it and promises to collaborate with him on social media if he receives his passes. The man hands him passes and walks away. Titu is ready to send the photo to Dimpy when she phones him and informs him that Papa said he would accompany me. She claims that it is not bad to pursue one’s own happiness and that getting caught will be difficult. She asks him to reflect. He claims that he will do anything for a friend. Dimpy believes that this is Samar’s favorite dance troupe. Pakhi appears and informs Dimpy that she has come to her father’s house and to her mayka and has not arrived anywhere as an uninvited guest.

Baa informs Anupama that Pakhi spoke a lot to Vanraj. She claims she has problems coping at home. She invites Anupama to join her. Anupama says she can’t come and asks her to handle things there, but she replies she will handle things here. She promises to return when Pakhi misses the luxury. Anuj arrives and inquires about what Baa said. Anupama informs him that Pakhi Adhik Mehta visited the location. Anuj promises to improve her attitude. Anupama agrees with you. She insists that we speak with Barkha and Malti Devi.

Barkha tells Malti that Pakhi is a jerk and that she will now do drama at Shah house, which Anuj and Anupama will handle. Malti claims that the obnoxious, dumb, and cheap Shah family will do anything to capture my son. Even my brother, according to Barkha. Adhik is departing. Barkha asks Adhik where he’s going, not knowing that he’s going to meet Pakhi. According to Malti Devi, Pakhi’s mother is making my son dance, and Pakhi is making you dance. Pakhi, according to Barkha, is becoming like her mother and wants to control her husband. She claims Anupama is not only manipulating Anuj but also ruling over crores of rupees through him, and she questions who would have given her position to that 12th pass or fail watchman. Adhik questions why you are living a lavish lifestyle on your husband’s money if you had gotten the watchman’s job. Adhik, says Barkha. Adhik wonders if you don’t have time and claims you spend all of your time scheming and strategizing. He questions who stated the 12th pass couldn’t do business. Mummy, according to Adhik, is not well educated, but the way she conducts business is admirable. He claims that Pakhi has been the same since childhood and that it is not due to Mummy’s upbringing. He instructs them to read self-help books in order to comprehend something and instructs them to stop chatting. Barkha claims to have re-fallen in love with Anupama. Malti Devi claims that they will understand when Anupama seizes all of Anuj’s property. Romil and Anupama are aware of everything. Romil sings the song paisa paisa…..Anupama approaches them with an attitude. Barkha wonders what it is. Anupama inquires as to what you were saying just now.

Dimpy tries to persuade Vanraj to allow her go see a friend. Pakhi mocks her for romancing for the sake of her job. Vanraj requests that she phone her friend here. Dimpy says my buddy has called to ask me to see her wedding gown. Pakhi claims she is lying in order to meet Titu. Vanraj claims to be your bhabhi. Kavya asks him to have faith in his bahu. Vanraj instructs Dimpy to go to her friend’s house and call him.

Anupama asks Barkha and Malti Devi how she is, what her aims are, and what she can accomplish. She asks them to speak something and asks if they are embarrassed to say something. She asks them to write and then tells them to message her on her phones. Gurumaa/Sasumaa, your theme is my laal ji bahu, she says. She informs Barkha that she has returned from America and will write an essay Anupama is a thief. She asks them what they want to do now, and instructs them to speak like the vamps in the shows, saying that this bad Anupama came to know everything, so we will apologize to her, and as soon as we get the chance, we will throw her out. She takes the knife and instructs Barkha to say whatever she wants. She requests that she express everything, at least in her heart. She claims you told Adhik and my Choti about this. She inquires whether you are embarrassed to speak hurtful words to a girl in front of her mother. She chops an apple and offers it to them, but they decline. Romil receives half an apple from Anupama. She claims that Anuj and her marriage did not happen that way, and that she is his wife….She asks why you folks are so concerned about what I do with Anuj’s money. She claims she has respected you both and that she considers her warning to be the final warning. She says if I let you both stay here, I’ll kick you out as well.

Precap: Pakhi spots Dimpy at the dance competition and calls Vanraj. Vanraj inquires whether you are embarrassed to lie. Dimpy claims to be my friend. Vanraj believes you must sever your friendship. Pakhi requests that she meet her lover in the hotel room. Titu instructs her to stop talking. Vanraj strikes him and asks, “How dare you speak to my daughter in this manner?” Anupama questions how dare your daughter speak to my bahu in this manner.