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Anuj asks Choti whether it’s okay if she doesn’t want to eat. He says your card supplies have arrived, and you must design a sorry card for Riya. Anupama believes that when you make a mistake, you must apologize. Come on, Anuj says. Choti holds a piece of paper in her hand. Anupama promises her that if Fried is sad, they will cheer her up, and that Riya will become her good friend once more. Anuj says Mummy has asked for you. Choti angrily shreds the page with his pen. Pakhi chuckles. Everyone is staring at her.

Vanraj contacts Dimpy and invites her to come with him, saying he will drop her off. Dimpy has left for morning class, according to Baa. Vanraj claims I told her I was leaving her. Babu ji explains what happened if she left. Vanraj said she will have difficulty getting inside the car. Baa claims that if Kavya can drive in her eighth month, Dimpy should be able to as well. Kavya informs Baa that Vanraj dislikes Dimpy but wishes to keep an eye on her. Yes, Vanraj adds, I’d like to keep that guy away from Dimpy. He claims he does not want anything to go wrong that will harm our reputation. Kavya claims you don’t believe Dimpy. Vanraj claims that I don’t trust that guy. Kavya claims that fate has already wronged Dimpy and begs him not to wrong her again. Vanraj says, “Dimpy can do whatever she wants; I’m just protecting her so nothing bad happens.”

Tapish and Dimpy are in charge of instructing the students. Tapish remembers his words, whereas Dimpy remembers Vanraj’s. She gives the students a 5-minute break. Tapish informs Dimpy that he emailed her about Students and that they would begin a new batch when the number of students increases. He recounts all he said that day. Dimpy tells him to forget it and that they are excellent friends. Yes, he says. She informs him that there is a dance event in Ahmedabad, and the beat blasters performers will be performing, and she begs him if he can secure tickets for her. He says okay and inquires about Vanraj Sir. Dimpy says she’ll wait and see. Tapish turns to see Vanraj standing there. Dimpy is summoned by Vanraj. Dimpy asks if you may come pick me up and drop me off. He says yes and tells her to hurry. She believes, “I don’t know Papa heard about Show talk, how will I go.”

Pakhi presents to Anuj, Anupama, and others. She says her brand would be called preetify, and her tagline will be “princess under makeover.” She encourages Anuj to focus on her presentation and to repeat what she just said. According to Anuj, when I do business, I am serious and want the other person to be serious as well. Pakhi apologizes, saying, “I thought you were upset because of Choti.”

Pakhi follows up on the presentation by asking how the proposal is going. Anuj asks Anupama how the proposal is going. Bakwas, says Anupama. Pakhi adds, “I know you’re getting even with me by rejecting this proposal,” and Buddy is Joru ka Ghulam. Anupama yells at her, calls her impolite, and threatens to kick her out of the house. She tells you what to do and that you won’t change your ways. If Mummy doesn’t like Pakhi’s presentation, Adhik urges her to revise it. Pakhi compliments me on my presentation. Anupama invites her to meet with an investor and pitch her idea, but you are well aware that your brilliant invention is not cheap. She claims that your concept, drawings, and brand name were all stolen from the internet. She inquires as to your efforts in this matter and why my spouse will invest.

Anuj says he’s seeing the drawings, names, and so on, but where are the figures? He wants numbers. He asks what my ROI will be, when I will receive my returns, and how much I will invest. Pakhi believes that if Mummy hadn’t said anything, I would have persuaded Buddy. Pakhi counters that many saree shops are open. Romil says that whoever goes to obtain finance for the project should do so with folded hands and should not be addressed as joru ka ghulam. Pakhi expresses regret. Romil points out that you did not mention how many stores close. Romil, according to Adhik, is correct. Pakhi begs Romil to stop talking and Adhik if she is his adversary. Adhik believes you are your own worst adversary. Anuj has had enough and threatens her that if she misbehaves again, he will scrap the project. He invites her to return to the office and submit the proposal professionally the following time. He tells me not to repeat my mistakes and that I’m wasting my time. Anupama suggests she seek the assistance of Adhik or Romil. According to Pakhi, the truth is that you have decided not to give me money. Anupama instructs her to go out and ask for money, claiming that no one will give her even ten rupees. Pakhi says she doesn’t want anything and that she will make do. Adhik inquires, “How?” Pakhi claims it is none of your concern. She walks away. Anupama apologizes to Anuj.

Pakhi approaches Vanraj and embraces him. She then complains to him about Anupama, claiming she doesn’t care for or value her. She claims that because of her, everyone rejects her and she feels like an unwelcome guest. She claims that Malti Devi chastises her and that everyone chastises her for doing nothing. She claims that they requested me to do something and that they did not like my plan and did not back me. She claims they are giving lakhs of rupees to send Romil to Boston University but refuse to give me anything. Vanraj invites her to his home and promises to provide her with financial assistance. He claims that Anupama loves her and that she is so preoccupied with other things that she is unable to focus on you. He invites her to come here. Baa replies there is no need and encourages Vanraj not to believe her, claiming she is lying to him. Pakhi says she’ll go get her belongings. Pakhi and Dimpy are not allowed to live in the same residence, according to Baa. Vanraj suggests that Pakhi keep a watch on Dimpy. Baa becomes concerned.

Anupama is on the phone when she notices Pakhi leave. Pakhi says, “I’m going to see my Papa and my house before you all question or taunt me.” She says that Papa will invest in my initiative, that he has less money but a bigger heart than affluent people, and that he fully trusts me. She asks Adhik to come see her and then leaves. Romil begs Anupama if she will let her go. Anupama says no and declares that no one will go to stop her or persuade her. She says she would return on her own if she wanted to.

Precap: Pakhi meets Dimpy during the dance competition and says, “Now see what I’ll do.” She summons Vanraj, who confronts her for lying and coming with Tapish. Dimpy claims to be my friend and that she is an adult. Pakhi invites her to meet him in his hotel room. Tapish instructs her to stop talking. Vanraj hits him, demanding how could he speak to his daughter in such manner. Anupama scoffs at your daughter’s shallow accusation of her bhabhi.