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Baa informs Babu ji that her heart is racing as a result of this, and she thinks something bad is about to happen. Dimpy tells her not to worry and that she will become ill. Baa predicts that I will die with my eyes closed. She claims that dying is preferable to witnessing all of this. Anupama questions Choti about why she doesn’t sit with Riya on the same bench and why she makes fun of her, despite the fact that she is her best friend. She begs her to say something and says, “Mummy is asking you.” Malti Devi arrives and asks Anupama why she is scolding Choti. Anupama says, “I understand what you’re trying to accomplish.” Choti embraces Malti Devi. Anupama requests that she respond. Choti claims I did nothing. Anupama requests that she tell her and allow Malti Devi to speak to her daughter. Choti says, “I told you,” and asks whether she understands. Anupama threatens to slap her if she continues to speak to her in this manner, claiming that her techniques would not succeed. She requests that she say something. You can’t talk to a female like way, according to Malti Devi. Anuj arrives and begs Choti to respond, claiming that you have bullied Riya. So what if Choti says yes?

Romil and Nidhi pack Romil’s backpack. Romil becomes upset as he prepares to leave his family. Nidhi informs us that they have faith in us and are sending us abroad. She promises that we will not betray their trust. Yes, he adds, and if I make a mistake, you must stop me. She says, that you shall stop me, and that we will be each other’s buddy and protector there. Romil claims it’s a done deal.

Anuj asks Choti who asked her to bully Riya and requests that she inform him. Choti explains that Riya is the teacher’s puppet and that everyone teases her, and they want her to tease Riya, which she does. According to Anuj, this is known as peer pressure. Anupama admits that she made a mistake and should have stood with Riya. Choti claims that if they hadn’t become my pals, they would have bullied me. Then you’ll know who your true pals are, according to Anupama. Anuj informs her that she has made a mistake and requests that she correct it. Anupama requests that she apologize. Choti refuses, claiming that Riya is the teacher’s puppet and that she would not apologize. Anupama requests that she apologize. Choti claims that Mummy does this all the time, and that she always forgives Pakhi di when she makes a mistake while punishing me for raising my voice once. She claims you are chastising me because I am your adoptive daughter and not your biological daughter. She proceeds from there. Anupama sat stunned, recalling Pakhi blaming her. Anuj says exactly what she says. Malti Devi holds Anupama responsible for her reprimand. He claims it was our fault because we didn’t see her when she was taking an online program. Anupama claims I must reprimand her. Anuj inquires, “Why did you come when Anupama was reprimanding her?” As Anupama scolded Malti Devi, she said, “I have to come.” Anupama claims Pakhi spoiled as a result of Mr. Shah and Baa, and she vows not to let Choti spoil. She requests that Malti Devi refrain from interfering the next time.

Baa reflects about recent events. Vanraj brings a sweets package and tells me that he has a position in a UK company and that I am establishing their company in India. He claims the owner is Indian and has a son close to Samar’s age. Congratulations, Babu ji. Vanraj claims that he would now take good care of his family.

Anupama receives tea from Anuj. Anupama inquires as to where we went wrong. Anuj states that sometimes children say that their mother or father do not love them and that she must have said this and that she may not have meant it. He claims that someone taught her this, or that our affection is spoiling her. Malti Devi tells Choti not to apologize to Riya because it was not her fault. She instructs her not to speak with Anuj and Anupama till they realize their error. She promises to be there for her at all times.

Kavya congratulates Vanraj and begs if she can stay at Baa and Babu ji’s house until she gets her own place. Babu ji says it’s also your residence, and you don’t need to question anyone about it. Kavya thanks him and enters. Vanraj claims she is asking me as if I had asked her to leave. Babu ji accuses him of coercion and orders him not to open his mouth. Vanraj consumes the goodies. Baa and Babu Ji are concerned.

Anupama enters Choti’s room. Choti is pretending to sleep. Anupama intends to contact her tomorrow. Choti believes she is adopted, which is why she is acting this way. Choti arrives at the dinner table the next morning. Anuj and Anupama invite her to breakfast. Choti declines. Anuj claims that Mummy has saved items to prepare a card for Riya after breakfast. Pakhi reports that Choti appears to have grasped what I said. Ankush requests that she not speak this in front of the youngster. Choti is forced to sit for breakfast by Anuj. Anupama offers her card stuff and tries to force meals on her, but Choti yells at her.

Pakhi comes to Vanraj and complains about Anupama. Vanraj invites her to his home. Pakhi leaves Anuj’s house, saying she’s heading to her own house, her Papa’s house.