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Anupama prepares halwa. Vikram informs Anupama that his mother used to tell him that there are two roads in the world, one leading to the threadmill and the other to the halwa. Anupama inquires as to which path you have chosen. Vikram suggests halwa one. Anupama claims to have witnessed it. He inquires about the components. Anupama says you told me about the Indian store, therefore I went there with the money supplied by Yashpal sir’s mother. Vikram claims he gave a lot for a little. Anupama claims that when she told Patel Bhai that she had this much money, he said, “Indians help Indians in Foreign,” and then gave her everything. According to Vikram, everything is available here. Anupama explains how to use Yashpal sir’s items and expresses her desire to obtain them for her daughter, Shruti’s daughter. She adds Yashpal ji granted her half a day and that she planned to bring halwa cake with her. According to Vikram, everyone is honest until they are caught being dishonest, because honesty is a pricey pastime unless you are really wealthy. He claims you’re producing halwa, but only if American children like it. Anupama says she doesn’t know and hopes Shruti and her fiance enjoy it. She claims that in India, when children and elders are present, we will not leave empty-handed. She promises to keep a bowl for him. Vikram expresses gratitude to her.

Anuj inquires of Shruti about the arrival of the lady. By evening, says Shruti. Anuj remains silent. He claims to have an odd sense. Anupama announces that it is ready and that she must prepare the weekend special cuisine. She claims she has no idea if the clients will enjoy it or not. Vikram claims that the boss dislikes it when people make food so effortlessly. He claims that after eating this halwa cake, Shruti, her daughter, and her fiance AK will be obsessed with your halwa. Anupama is hoping they enjoy it.

Vanraj is contemplating Titu’s confrontation and working out. Kavya arrives and apologizes for what she said yesterday. Vanraj advises her to think twice about what she says because it could cost her her life. Kavya believes she sacrificed for her daughter. Vanraj says you always do Anupama’s jaap and encourages her to remember Anupama’s five lessons: a woman is great, the embodiment of sacrifice, takes care of everyone selflessly, thinks about her children first, and herself last. He claims that Anupama ji said this, not him. He tells Dimpy and Kavya to be excellent bahu and wife, and the rest I’ll see.

Anupama packs the cake and says she’ll meet Shruti and her fiance tomorrow. She then settles down to write in her journal. She says today was a nice day since she got to work with Yashpal ji and learn from him, plus she received a part-time job from Shruti. She notices the wish card and decides to write it even if it does not come true. She is reminded of Anuj and Choti’s charges. She claims I had everything, yet I had lost it all. She sobs. Anuj becomes agitated. He recalls Anupama. Song is playing main yahan tu wahan…..

Dimpy serves everyone at the table food. Vanraj summons her. Dimpy accidentally spills water on his foot and tries to wash it with her dupatta. He stops her and places his hand on her head, saying that daughters should not touch their fathers’ feet. My son, according to Baa, thinks about you a lot. Kavya believes they are shackling her feet by addressing her as daughter. Pakhi arrives and announces that she is heading to her friend’s farmhouse. Dimpy would have packed tiffin for Ishani if you had told him ahead of time, according to Baa. Pakhi claims she will not be taking Ishani and will instead spend time with her pals. Baa claims you haven’t taken care of Ishani since you arrived, and that Kavya and Dimpy are. Vanraj invites her to accompany him. Pakhi requests permission to display his new car to her pals. Okay, he says. He leaves, asking Dimpy to stay at home. Kavya adds she was considering having Pari, Mahi, Ansh, and Ishani talk via video call. You’re acting like, according to Baa. Anupama says Kavya. She says Anupama kept this house together, and we shattered her, and she wishes her well wherever she is.

Anupama arrives at Anuj’s place. Shruti pushes open the door. Anupama notices flour on her face and attempts to brush it away with her pallu. Shruti claims that she does not want to spoil her saree. She invites her inside. Anupama keeps halwa cake and masala chai on the table as a present for Shruti. Shruti requests that she write her wish list on the card. Anupama claims she has no desires. Shruti is startled to see Anupama working so quickly. She thanks her and asks her to prepare Indian food for AK. Anupama tells her to go rest and offers her her kitchen for a while. Shruti says she doesn’t mind if you use her kitchen. No, Anupama responds, it’s yours; I have nothing. Shruti performs the song. Anupama becomes depressed.

Precap: Aadhya predicts a pleasant aroma. Anupama is in the kitchen, she notices. Anupama participates at the party. Aadhya contacts Anuj, who says he’ll be there in 10 minutes. Pops, according to Aadhya, will not see Anupama here.