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Babu ji requests that Kavya say anything. Vanraj says we’ll discuss later, but first we’ll have some lunch. Dimpy, he claims, used to order Chinese food from somewhere. Kavya tries to say something, so Babu ji stops him. Kavya recalls her interactions with everyone and informs them that she will be leaving soon. Babu ji inquires as to whether we made any errors. What do you mean, Baa? Kavya claims she was staying here because she thought the family and house were hers, and Vanraj has forgiven her and will accept the kid. She claims I didn’t want to leave the house. We never thought of you as an outsider, according to Baa. Babu ji says it’s her house and family. Kavya claims that I have a relationship with this property because of someone who refuses to talk to me. Vanraj, she claims, ignores her and does not speak to her. She describes his indifferent demeanor. She claims that she becomes hopeful on a daily basis and then loses it. Baa inquires of Vanraj what Kavya is saying.

Anupama inquires, “Are you Nidhi?” Nidhi claims Romil misplaced his jacket last night, so she brought it with her. Anupama promises to send something for them. Nidhi says you’re incredibly kind and I like you, and that he frequently mentions you. Romil, according to Anupama, did not tell us about you. Romil has confirmed that she will accompany me to Boston. Nidhi claims to have gained entry in Boston as well. Anupama says, “I’ll bring you something,” and is ready to shut the door when Romil asks her to open it. Anupama says, “I trust my son,” and walks out the door. She thinks Romil will be happy to be with his pal. She wonders when she will travel to America.

Kavya claims that since her spouse is not mine, how can Sasural be mine? Vanraj inquires as to why she is involved in theater. Kavya expresses her desire for him to look after her. Vanraj claims that despite what you had done, I had taken care of you and allowed you to stay here. He claims that he has attempted to convince himself that God granted me another son now that Samar is gone, but he refuses to accept him and refuses to give him my name. He asks her not to expect anything from him. Kavya announces her intention to depart. Vanraj requests that she go.

Anupama considers making socks for Dimpy and Kavya’s children. Just then, Kavya appears and embraces Anupama. Babuji questions Vanraj about why he let Kavya go. Vanraj claims that I allowed her to stay here because of her health, but the baby is not mine. Babu ji says it’s your karma for not stopping her. Vanraj claims that I am unable to fulfill her request. Babu ji questions why he purchased such an expensive watch for him and requests that he return it. Vanraj claims that Babu Ji has forgiven him once more. Baa says, “But I didn’t,” and admits to making a mistake.

Anupama requests that Kavya sip some water. Kavya takes a sip of water and continues, “If Vanraj says the same thing to my child, then…” She claims he wants to do everything alone and claims he took Dimpy to the hospital while ignoring her (Kavya). Anupama informs Vanraj that he is guilty because he was unable to save Samar. She explains that he used to do everything around the house by himself and wonders why he can’t be with the family when they need him. Kavya inquires whether he done the proper thing by me. Okay, says Anupama. She requests that she reconsider her decision and let her know what she can do for her. Kavya asks her to look for a house for her and says she will pay for it with money from her internet consulting business. Choti appears and informs you that someone is calling you.

Pakhi makes the proposition. Adhik wonders what it is. Pakhi claims she is preparing a proposal for Anuj to obtain funding from him. Adhik confronts her with reality, and she begs him not to discourage her. She claims she is more capable than him, which is why Buddy assigned me Talwar’s project. Adhik claims that Mummy handled it and that you were a trainee. He hopes that he is wrong and she is correct. Pakhi claims she will be the best mother and businesswoman.

Anupama receives a complaint about Choti from a couple. The mother claims your kid always insults our daughter and shows Anupama the chat, saying they call her bubbly, plump, and teddy bear. She claims that our daughter has ceased going to school. If your daughter had done that, the lady says. We wouldn’t have come to your residence, according to Malti Devi. She confronts them, protecting Choti. Anupama requests that they not dispute in front of the children and that the girl Riya speak out. Riya claims that Anu’s classmates ridicule her in online classes, and that Anu herself teases her and refers to her as a teddy bear at times. Anu walks into the room, sobbing. Anupama says she’ll talk to Choti now, and if there’s a misunderstanding, they’ll clear it up; if there’s a mistake, they’ll fix it. Riya receives chocolate from her. Riya and her parents are leaving. Anupama is told by Malti Devi that she would have protected Anu. Anupama says she read the chat and that no one needs to tell her how she should talk to her daughter.

Anupama requests that Choti apologize to Riya. Choti refuses and informs Anupama that she does not speak to Pakhi but scolds her because she is her adoptive daughter. Anupama and Anuj are taken aback.