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Anupama consoles Samar, who is crying, and tells him that he is worried because he is becoming a parent for the first time, that every child has its own fate, and that his baby has a good fate. Samar expresses his gratitude that they are all present to care for his child, stating that his child is fortunate to have a grandmother like her, a grandfather like Vanraj, a great grandfather like Hasmukh, sisters like Pari and CA, and so on. He thanks her for all of her efforts on his behalf since his boyhood and counts them all. Anupama becomes emotional and wonders if he is going to make her cry right now. Samar claims she has a heaven under her feet and vows to pray to God for only her as her mother. Anupama tells him that she, too, is fortunate and feeds him kheer. She notices thunderstorms and declares that the weather is nasty today. Samar expresses gratitude and apologizes. Anupama inquires, “Sorry for what?” He takes her sari pallu and says he’ll be right back. Anupama claims she told him a thousand times that he should go and come back from the door. She selects a protecting thread and declares that she will tie it tightly now. Samar walks away, asking her to handle things.

Anupama cautions him and realizes the electricity is turned off. She looks for a candle and believes Leela rearranged her belongings while she was gone. She discovers a candle. Ladies are still playing antakshari. Kinjal inquires as to whether she discovered the lamp. Anupama claims to have discovered one and has lit it. She is taken aback by Annuj’s abrupt appearance and claims that he has already terrified her, first with Samar and now with him. She spots several men standing behind Anuj and inquires whether everyone arrived. All of the males are depressed. Kinjal wonders why they aren’t chatting because it’s so dark. Anupama claims that something has happened, that they are standing like lane kids who make errors and cry, and that she will question them once power is restored. Power has returned. They notice all the males crying and inquire if they fought in the club. Kinjal is certain they are joking. Pakhi claims they are joking, but we will not fall for their ruse.

Anupama asks Hasmukh whether he too participated in their pranking us and inquires about Samar’s whereabouts, requesting that they cease their drama and Samar come in. Samar, according to Anuj, will not be arriving anytime soon. Anupama inquires as to what he means. Anuj sobs as he says Samar abandoned them forever. All of the females are stunned. Vanraj recalls Sonu shooting at Anuj and Samar witnessing this and jumping to save Anuj while carrying a bullet in his body. He trips and falls. All of the men rush to him. Vanraj begs Samar not to close his eyes. Samar shuts his eyes. Dimpy requests that Anuj quit making cheap jokes.

Anupama chuckles and asks, “Whose cheap and stupid idea was this, and why is Hasmukh supporting them in this?” They must have believed they would trick us and make us weep, but Samar foiled their hoax by arriving home before them. Anuj inquires of Samar? Anupama claims Samar was here 5 minutes ago and had just left after eating kheer; he said I love you mummy, thank you mummy, and so on; and he advises them not to make such a nasty joke again. Toshu claims Samar is no longer alive. Anupama cautions them that she will not spare them if they pull such a cheap prank.

Precap: Anupama dials Samar’s number. Vanraj claims their son is no longer alive. Samar says her goodbyes with a wave. She falls behind him and trips.