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Ankush informs Anuj that the workload at the US office is increasing, which is why he planned to visit there and meet the new employees. Anuj thinks this is an excellent idea. Ankush wonders if you don’t want to return because you’ve lived there since you were a child. Anuj claims that when I wasn’t here, I didn’t want to come here, and that since I arrived, met Anu, and she fell in love with me, I’ve never considered returning. He reminisces about their times together….oh, Anupama plays…..He claims that while he was doing business in America, the situation was different. When I moved here and married her, he says. He claims that because my company is spread out here, I relocated the headquarters here. Anupama, according to Ankush, is Lakshmi. Anuj says everyone is here, including my love and family…and even you, so what will I do by going there? He says that he wants to spend his old age with Anu and that when Choti grows up and marries, we would sit on the seaside looking balcony and tell her about those days. He claims that he and Anupama desire to live a stress-free life.

Anupama shows up. Ankush teases them before leaving. Anuj inquires as to what transpired. Anupama embraces Anuj. Anuj inquires as to what occurred and states that this is office. She claims to be a wife everywhere and asserts that it is her right. He inquires as to what has occurred. Anupama claims there is none. She says you can romance whenever you want and that I wanted to hug you, which is why I hugged you.

Anuj instructs her on how to properly hug him. Anupama embraces him. Anuj claims that Bhai and he were discussing a trip to the United States to meet the new employees at the new office. He receives a call from Elen, who informs him that they will be seeing him soon and will share further information with him.

Kavya visits Vanraj. Vanraj inquires whether you require anything and if I may bring you fruits. He stands up and prepares to go. Kavya informs him that he looks after her but doesn’t communicate well with her. She invites him to discuss his concern with her. He says I have no difficulty, and that I have returned after a long absence and must take care of everyone, including keeping Titu away from Dimpy. Kavya claims you look after everyone but me and my baby. Vanraj claims Dimpy is alone and pregnant with my son’s child. He claims she is carrying Shah’s child and you do not. He claims that he thought a lot in rehab and decided that he can’t accept it. He requests that she not impose the baby on her.

Pakhi is overjoyed and fantasizes about having a child. She notices Choti and calls out to her. She claims that the doctor predicted that she would become a mother. Choti is overjoyed. Pakhi claims that when my baby arrives, everyone will forget about you. Choti says you are older than me and must not disclose such things, and that Mummy has vowed not to abandon me. She walks away.

Anupama offers meals to Anuj, explaining that it is her way of expressing her love for her spouse. Anuj claims that it is the most secure method of romance in the CCTV office. Anuj samples the dish and requests that she serve it to him with her hand. He claims you used to charm me as I sat in my chair. Anupama wonders when I did this. A flashback of their lives is depicted. Anupama says I’ll force you to have it. She forces him to eat. He announces that we will build a restaurant and informs her of her previous plans. Anupama says we’ll open it and those women will learn their identities. Anuj says we’ll make plans for you.

Vanraj brings tea for Baa, Babu Ji, and Dimpy. Just then, he notices Titu’s phone call. Dimpy claims he may have requested accounting help. Titu says I’m phoning for a reason and that Vanraj might be around. Kavya arrives and takes a seat. Vanraj praises the tea to Babu ji. Babu ji makes a joke about it being gargle water. Vanraj invites Babu ji to accompany him to the hospital. Babu ji declines. Kavya stands up and says she has to speak with them.

Romil is packing his belongings. Anupama appears and offers to assist him. She saves his jacket for him. He adds I’ll pack their belongings and that you must be fatigued. She declines. He breaks down and hugs her. He claims that I was angry when I arrived and that I am now crying. Anupama asks him to leave gladly because he wanted to study at this college. He says, “I wish my mother had been like you.” Anupama believes you misjudged her, just as you misread us. She requests that he only take the suitcase and not the other baggage, and that she forgive everyone. Romil promises to phone Mom before leaving. Anupama agrees. Servant then appears and informs Romil that someone has arrived to meet him. Romil’s pal arrives. Romil and Anupama both glance at her.

Kavya informs Anupama that Vanraj has changed and wishes to do everything on his own. Anupama expresses regret for not being there for his family when they needed him. A lady later arrives with her daughter and complains about Choti.