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Anuj becomes enraged as he witnesses Sonu misbehaving with a female. He grabs him and punches him away from the girl. Vanraj and others intervene and bring Anuj to a halt. Sonu yells at him for punching him for a cheap chick. Vanraj urges that Anuj refrain from fighting today because it is his son’s greatest day. Sonu is spared by Anuj. Sonu continuously provokes Anuj, asking what he will do if he misbehaves with his wife and sister. Anuj trashes Sonu once more. Vanraj and others drag him out again and implore him to allow the police to investigate Sonu. Manager informs Anuj that he has contacted police to deal with inebriated goons and requests that he depart with his crew. Anupama replenishes the oil in the shrine lamp. Leela claims she did the right thing. The flower garland falls apart and lands on the lamp. The lamp burns out. Anupama is concerned about Samar. Anuj requests that Sonu be arrested and goes away with his squad. Vanraj claims that there were bouncers in the club who could have dealt with goon, and that Anuj should not have started a fight. Anuj claims he has no idea what that goon said.

Toshu goes to get Hasmukh. Anupama dials Samar’s number. Samar sends her an emoji and then hangs up. Sonu fires at Anuj. Samar notices this and rushes to Anuj’s aid. Sonu’s friends pick him up there. Anupama becomes increasingly concerned about Samar. Blowing the temple lamp, according to Leela, is an abshagun. Nothing like that, according to Barkha. Kinjal believes Samar sent the emoji by mistake. Pakhi suggests that we play antakshari. Anupama suggests that we change our clothes because party clothes itch. Pakhi complains about how uncomfortable party clothes are. Hasmukh answers Anupama’s phone call. Anupama inquires, concerned, if Samar is all right. Hasmukh says everyone is OK and that they will return home after dinner. Anupama requests that they return home as soon as possible.

Anupama gets dressed and enters the kitchen. She hears ladies singing the song Khai Ke Paan Banaras waala… and believes it is Samar’s favorite. She notices kheer kept in the fridge for Samar. Samar approaches her and claims he came to have some kheer. Anupama is overjoyed to meet him. Samar claims that whatever has to happen will happen, and that he would have excused Yamraj uncle to have her prepare kheer. She feeds him kheer with her hands while mentally reciting a poem to him. She inquires whether it is satisfactory. Samar said it’s so wonderful that it satisfies all of his wants at once. Anupama requests that he refrain from saying that. Samar becomes emotional. Anupama asks whether he is becoming emotional because he is about to become a parent, and he should not be because they will all take care of his baby. Anuj claims they must handle everything from now on. Anupama says he’ll be Anupama soon, and his baby will be Samar. Dimpy, according to Samar, cannot handle things on her own and should be supported. Anupama has stated that she will be with Dimpy. Samar says his baby would be mischievous, that she should teach him morals and her dancing, that Toshu should aid him with his education, and that he begs her not to abandon his son.

Precap: Anupama spots Anuj and others standing in the dark and inquires as to why. She notices Samar is missing and inquires as to his whereabouts.
Vanraj claims that their Samar is no longer alive. Samar waves goodbye and walks away. Anupama follows him and collapses.