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Anupama claims that this guy (Samar) says whatever he wants. Samar looks to Vanraj and says, “I had many complaints from you, but I never saw that all your time was gone while giving us a good life.” He claims you never encouraged me to dance and used to chastise me, but I didn’t notice your care. He says, “When I became a Papa, I realized you are an amazing father.” He hugs Vanraj and says, “I love you so much.” Vanraj expresses gratitude to him. Samar adds that if somebody asks him how parents should be, he will respond that parents should be like him, and that he doesn’t know if he will become like them and become a good father. He says he wants to be like Papa and become like Papa, and he wants him to provide all to my kid and instill in her/him Mummy’s values. He says he wants the baby to have all of his attributes and counts them all. He asks them to love the infant and says they can’t do it alone. Anupama says we’ll be there for him. Samar says it’s his desire to take you all out of Ahmedabad, but he doesn’t have the money right now.

He declares that he will eat Mummy’s cooking for the final time today. With her hand, Anupama feeds him. Toshu reaches for Samar’s dish, but Anupama stops him and explains it is only for Samar.

Later, everyone gets ready and leaves. The wives sign off on their husbands’ nice looks. Let’s go, boys, says Anuj. Our party will begin here, according to Baa. Toshu wonders why everyone is so prepared. Vanraj claims, “I thought you’d peel gajar while sitting here.” Anuj claims that it is a females sangeet. Kavya claims that we dressed up for ourselves. Vanraj claims that you are not a party animal like us. Kavya says we may have the party as long as we like because the restaurant has closing hours. According to Anuj, it is the house’s boring get-together. Toshu mentions a scene in which the women disparage their husbands. Vanraj believes that the best part of a party is having it outside. The ladies request that they leave and return late. Samar is about to leave the house. Anupama takes his hand in hers and murmurs, “Fine.” Samar says I’m leaving. Anupama requests that she inform him that he will return. He claims I’m heading to the party. Samar gets on Toshu’s bike and rides away. Anupama becomes concerned when she sees the thread and prays to Kanha ji. She mulls about what to do, whether or not to call him back. Kavya appears and inquires as to what transpired. Anupama displays the thread and informs us that it has come out. Kavya says the thread is exposed, but your blessings are always with him; you have blessed him and removed his terrible sight. Yes, Anupama says.

The men arrive at the club. Vanraj claims, “I thought we’d go somewhere else.” Anuj claims it is Samar’s job. Toshu claims that it is Samar’s first function as a father. Samar affirms. They enter the house. Some goons show up at the club. The guy argues there are no decent girls here, so what’s the use of having a VIP membership? The primary character Sonu claims he doesn’t have time to go to the gym today. It demonstrates that he has a gun. He takes his father’s phone and heads to the meeting. The man claims that someone sat at Sonu’s assigned table. Sonu will handle it, says the other guy, and tells them to relax.

The ladies are overjoyed. According to Barkha, this is the baby’s first party, and the baby will be born laughing. According to Baa, the baby will be born crying. Anupama claims it improves his lungs. Baa recalls how she sobbed a lot when she witnessed a lady’s son die on TV. When a mother loses her son, Anupama says it hurts. Pakhi requests that she not discuss it. Kavya says she’ll order some food. Anupama wonders why she should order meals. Pakhi advises you must not go to the kitchen to prepare food. Anupama claims that she has already prepared meals for Samar. They claim you’re Anupama, and they say Annapurna Devi ki Jai hai. Anupama tells herself not to worry and that everyone is with Samar and everything will be OK.

Sonu arrives at the table and requests that Vanraj, Anuj, and others move their party elsewhere because it is their assigned table. Anuj claims that Manager assigned it to us and that we have settled here. Sonu claims that Manager was unaware that I would be there today. He specifies that I shall only sit at this table. Anuj suggests moving to a different table. Sonu claims that uncle ji has a mind as well as a face. He waves goodbye. They move to the opposite table. Vanraj says we may have a party at the tea stall as well; nothing changes with the shift of tables. They cheer and enjoy themselves.

The females cheer and drink soft drinks as well. Pakhi inquires as to what Dimpy desires. Dimpy, according to Baa, will want me thrown out. Dimpy answers no, although she is curious about parenthood. Anupama compares becoming a mother as going to a temple and sitting there. Kinjal affirms.

Anuj says he understands how tough it is to become a father and that fatherhood entails more than just paying the kids’ school fees and attending PTM every year. He thinks Toshu is the youngest father here, that Papa is our father, and that Babu Ji is the coolest father. They inquire about his age. Babu ji does not reveal anything. Sonu looks at Anuj and stares at him.

Anupama is concerned about Samar and requests him to let her knot the thread. Vanraj yells and accuses Anuj of being responsible for Samar’s death.