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The episode unfolds with Dimpy expressing her worries to Kavya about potential scolding from Baa upon her return. Meanwhile, Baa and Babu ji return home with Vanraj, and a warm reunion takes place. Despite the loving atmosphere, Dimpy is anticipating criticism. In another part of the house, Anupama and Anuj discuss the departure of Baa and Babu ji. Anuj appreciates their time at his place and expresses relief that they left with their son.

In a different storyline, Barkha and Malti Devi discuss their strategy to handle Anuj’s anger. Malti Devi suggests shedding a few tears like Leela to gain sympathy. Back at home, Vanraj apologizes for the sudden departure and expresses gratitude to Anuj and Anupama for taking care of his parents. Anuj assures Vanraj that Baa and Babu ji can stay longer if needed.

Dimpy is consoled by Kavya, who lightens the mood by mentioning the baby’s kicks. The family welcomes Baa and Babu ji, and Vanraj acknowledges their importance in his life. However, Anuj and Anupama request a few more days for their stay, considering Baa’s health. Vanraj agrees reluctantly, promising to cover the expenses.

Anuj privately advises Vanraj not to harbor guilt for the past, citing his own experience with Choti. Anuj reveals that Samar stayed with Vanraj for 22 years, and if he couldn’t understand others’ pain, there’s no need for guilt. He encourages Vanraj to apologize to Baa and Babu ji if he feels remorseful. The family dynamics remain tense, with lingering emotions and unsaid words.

In a separate conversation between Malti Devi and Barkha, they discuss Anupama’s challenging nature. Malti Devi plans to handle the situation with tears and empathy. Meanwhile, Dimpy contemplates societal expectations and the challenges faced by women.

As the family members share their experiences and concerns, Anupama confronts Malti Devi about her political tactics. Anupama asserts that Baa and Babu ji have a rightful place in their daughter’s home, and she won’t let anyone undermine their significance. The episode ends with Anupama reflecting on the fragility of relationships and expressing her desire for a simple life.

The precap hints at Choti expressing her fear of being sent to an orphanage after the baby’s arrival, leading to Anuj and Anupama’s furious reaction against Pakhi’s insensitive comment.