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Aadhya takes out her childhood memories and finds Anupama, Anuj and her photo. She adds Mummy….I used to pray for a mother in the orphanage and Kanha ji made me meet you, Papa, you and me were happy, but you never regarded me as your daughter, I remained adopted daughter for you. She recalls criticizing her and tells that I was last priority for you, I hate you so much as you saved me last in that accident. She says you harmed Papa and me so terribly, although we loved you so much. She adds I had destroyed all your images, just one photo is left with me, so that I don’t forget your face when I grow up, and says I hate you so much and wants to ask you, why you did this. She says you couldn’t bear our happiness and that’s why you came here, and says it is good that you didn’t identify me, else would have called me Choti and caused drama. She says I will not let you come in Papa and my life even if you apologies or plead infront of me. She says I hate you and kept her photo in the box and says I hate you….She cries. Anuj is restless and is standing outside.

Anupama thinks that girl…..I assumed I have some relation with her. Vikram asks Anupama, what happened? Anupama tells that Police is good and listened to my complaint and said that they will search my stuff. Vikram says this City is not awful. Anupama responds sure, I had a negative experience, and informs it would have happened with me at anywhere. She asks why the water is costly here. Vikram replies don’t know, but whereever there is municipal water, it is fit for drinking. She adds there is so much cold here, and tells that she believed she will die. She returns his money and claims she used 10 dollars for bus, and the remaining route she travelled by walk. Vikram wonders why did you walk so much. Anupama reasons with him that she has seen the city, its essence and its soil scent. She said she saw more than 100 Santaclaus on the way.

Vikram explains that her masala chai is a rockstar and that Shruti had came with her friend, and her buddy got lost drinking it. He said as Shruti enjoyed it, our masala tea would be marketed. Anupama asks if Sir/Shruti’s buddy enjoys it. Vikram claims he never saw him smiling and jokes that he got smile name person thrown out. Anupama says you and your jokes and says may be, he likewise hides his pain beneath his wrath. Vikram says may be. Anupama asks who is at his residence. Vikram says he and his mother. Anupama says ok. Vikram says I am hungry and asks if we shall go out and get food. Anupama says there is so much food here. Vikram says he wants to eat Gujrati food. Anupama questions why Gujrati food is not cooked here. Vikram says it is boss’s clear command that Gujrati cuisine would not be made here. Another chef thinks may be his Gujrati girlfriend broke his heart. Anupama says we shall not jest at anyone, as saying broken hearts has tremendous grief.

Ansh plays with Baa and acts as doctor and treating her. Baa behaves and says she will not get injection. Ansh brings balm and applies to her. Baa asks Vanraj if he talked to Kavya. He claims she has reached. Baa asks until when Kavya will keep away from her daughter. Dimpy approaches and asks Ansh to drink milk. He refuses and runs. Vanraj takes glass from her and makes him drink. She gets Titu’s call. Vanraj asks her. She says that is Kavya’s call. Vanraj looks on.

Vikram says last thepla will be mine. The restaurant personnel are having food sitting outside. The staff wonders if it is Indian food. Vikram says yes. He asks Anupama, how did she create such a good dish in less time, while bringing stove outside. Another staff member said it is wonderful. They like the meal. Vikram asks who are you? Anupama says Maa. She feels a mother has to learn everything for her children. She says she has learnt to create good and appetizing food in less time for her children. She adds when she became mother, she learnt to cook food, as being a mother makes us ready for a task. She says I am a cook likewise and had come to work in the restaurant Gujrat on plate, and says they saw my channel and given me job. The staff says your own channel. Vikram sees her channel with other staff members and find that she has one million followers. Vikram desires that her talent shall lead her to heights so that everyone salutes her. Anupama thanks him. Vikram thinks your channel is helpful. Anupama says I get many comments from the mothers stating they want good food for their children and they watch my channel.

Shruti tells Anuj that everytime Aadhya is sad then he creates something special for her, and begs him to try something now. She shows him Joshi ben recipe and says I searched for best Gujrati food, and her channel appeared first. Anuj gets agitated as the cooking video begins.

Precap: Aadhya comes infront of Anupama. Anupama asks whether you are searching someone. Aadhya claims she don’t want to chat to strangers. Anuj phones her and says I will be arriving here in 5 mins. Aadhya says I don’t like this place, I will come there.