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Samar informs his team at the club that, other from him and Adhik, everyone in the club is a father. Correct, say Hasmukh, Anuj, Vanraj, and Toshu. Samar claims to have a fatherhood university with him and wishes to learn from them. According to Vanraj, parenthood is a difficult task. Leela describes in detail how a youngster bothers the ladies at home. Anupaam believes it’s a special experience that no woman wants to give up and asks Leela if she can go back in time and give up motherhood. Leela declines. Anupama believes that pain and motherhood are inextricably linked; during pregnancy, every mother is concerned about her mother, and once the baby is born, they begin crying when the infant is hurt or has a fever, for example; and when they encounter any woman praying in a religious setting, it is almost always a mother.

Vanraj describes fatherhood as a difficult task. He begins by saying that they must prepare themselves to be strong and then worry when a baby becomes ill, and how they must always safeguard the infant. According to Hasmukh, some dads do not believe in God yet obtain a taweez or protection thread from a temple for their child. Following that, Anuj and Toshu relate their experience. Anupama thinks being a mother is a special feeling, and Dimpy only needs to grasp Samar’s hand to feel it. Kinjal places a crown of motherhood on Dimpy’s head. Vanraj informs Samar that a parent must always be responsible for his child. Samar says he’s prepared for it. Let’s celebrate, adds Toshu, if the fatherhod seminar is through. They are all in agreement. Ladies dance at home to It’s The Time To Disco.. as guys dance in the club.

Sonu and his friends make fun of the uncles’ bad attitude. Anuj becomes enraged, but Vanraj tells him to ignore them. Sonu serves smuggled wine to his friends from outside Gujarat. Samar collides with Sonu and apologizes. Sonu yells at him to lower his voice and go. Samar moves away. Anupama is unsettled. Sonu and his friends begin harassing ladies. When Anuj becomes enraged, Samar subdues him and returns him to the dance floor. They perform a dance while carrying Samar. Leela says they had a good time at the party, but her legs hurt from dancing. Even though Barkha is exhausted, she had a great time. Kavya advises them to keep enjoying the moment. Anupama heads towards the kitchen, saying she would make kheer for everyone. She finds a protective thread on a table and reassures herself that everything is alright, but she wonders why she is still not persuaded.

Samar notices Sonu and his companions putting alcohol in their juice. A friend mocks Samar for becoming a father. Sonu threatens to bash him if he does not go. Anuj intervenes and informs them that if they do not behave, he will cease behaving. Samar is taken from there by him. Ladies, finish your kheer. Dimpy apologizes for her past disrespectful behavior. When Anupama realized her error, she said it was fine. The nok jhok of Leela and Barkha begins. Pakhi expresses a desire to become a mother as well. Leela feels it’s too soon for her because she still acts immaturely and can’t care for the baby. Kinjal believes Leela is correct; Pakhi should first spend quality time with Adhik before considering becoming a mother. Pakhi claims she is prepared for the responsibilities. Anupama believes it is time for Kavya to take her multivitamins. Leela says Kavya drinks it with milk, so she’ll bring some. Anupama walks away after saying she will bring medicine. She phones Samar and inquires about his well-being. Samar agrees and requests that she retain his kheer. She claims she has already done so. He says he’s leaving right now. She requests that he always state that he will return. He agrees and returns to the boys. Anuj becomes enraged as he witnesses Sonu misbehaving with a female.

Anupama is concerned about Samar and urges him to let her knot the thread before he goes to the party. Vanraj yells and accuses Anuj of being responsible for Samar’s death.