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Anupama instructs Toshu and Pakhi to request a party from Samar. Samar says I’ll throw a party. Vanraj claims that only guys will go. Toshu predicts that the ladies will become overly emotional about the baby and will bore us. Yes, according to Anuj. Babu ji says we’ll throw a new party. Anuj says we were joking and that we will all go to a party together. Anupama informs them that they would hold their celebration separately. Samar, Toshu, and others announce that they will be having a party together. They say Samar will throw a party for guys and Dimpy will throw a party for men. Kavya claims that we have made a decision. Anuj informs the men that they will hold the party both at the hotel and at home. Anupama says we’ll have a party. She says the gathering is in the evening, but I’ll make your favorite dish for now. Dimpy cleans the kitchen line. Anupama is content. Samar detects an electric current. Pakhi and Toshu inquire as to what transpired. Samar claims to have felt the stream while his hand was moist. Pakhi advises him to be cautious. Samar claims he has become immune to current as she provides more current. They are at odds.

Samar claims that I will not invite you to the celebration. Pakhi takes a selfie with her brothers and becomes sad as she recalls her upbringing. She claims that because we are adults, we take our time to resolve the issue. Samar claims that even small fights become large. Toshu claims they are fighting for greater things. We can’t tolerate the same brother’s fury, Samar argues, and our ego grows. The siblings’ behaviors are the same, but our reactions alter. Pakhi says we’ll shift our priorities, that spouses are different, and that no one can take the place of siblings. They claim we’ll be together forever….Anupama claims that my child’s affection will not offend anyone. Pakhi wonders if Samar will ignore her after the kid is born. Samar tells you that you are my first child and wonders if Toshu has forgotten about you. He says he’ll shoot a photo with his phone while she applies a pink filter on everything. Pakhi claims she does not. She flees with Toshu. Samar attempts to connect the cable to the extension box and once again feels electric current.

Anupama prepares Samar’s favorite dish. Samar performs the song Chand Chupa….and praises Anupama. He is overjoyed to see the dishes and declares himself to be on the seventh cloud. Anupama promises you will always be joyful and protects you from harm’s way. A nail is pierced in his foot while he is lowering the window. He believes that my eyesight is terrible since I am usually cheerful. Anuj enters the kitchen and grabs Anupama. He requests that she say “I love you.” Anupama says, “I adore you.” Anuj reminds her of her pledge and offers to assist her in the kitchen. Anupama requests that he knead the flour. He asks for water and apologizes for yesterday. Anupama flirts with Anuj and tries to kiss him on the cheek when Baa arrives and tells them to be ashamed since they have become dada and dadi. Anuj asks, “Baa, why should we be ashamed? We learned romance from Babu ji and you.” Baa expresses surprise at everything and instructs Anupama to go and tie black thread to Samar and Dimpy to save them from harm’s way. Anupama approaches Samar and informs him that she would tie him a thread. Samar declares that he will knot it himself. Anupama binds him up with thread, and Samar feels tickles and flees. Anupama believes he did the same thing as a child and says she will have Baa or Dimpy tie thread to him when he falls asleep.

Samar is giddy with delight. Samar laughs on the floor, then pauses for a moment. Anupama and others address him as such. He surprises everyone by opening his eyes. Anupama informs Vanraj that Samar is very pleased, and she has never seen him happier. Vanraj claims he was never a father before. Anupama has stated that she will provide meals. Let’s go, says Samar. He feels dizzy and his eyesight becomes blurry for a few moments. He then stands up and thanks everyone, saying he is fortunate to have all of his relatives and parents. He claims that my parents are the best parents in the world, and that my mother is very kind and caring. Maa says, “I love you, Mummy,” and touches and hugs her feet. He claims you are his friend, partner in crime, and even God or more than God. He brushes against her feet once more. Pakhi inquires as to when you become emotional. Samar claims to have considered it.

Anuj embraces Samar. Samar later explains that she tries to tie him with raksha thread. They attend a men’s gathering. Later, Samar’s dead body arrives, and Vanraj yells at Anupama, accusing her of being responsible for Samar’s death.