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Malti Devi is surprised and upset that Anupama pledged to prioritize their house but went to the Shah house instead with Anuj after work. Barkha informs her that Anuj had a meeting scheduled after office hours, which Ankush is handling. Malti Devi expresses her frustration that Anupama is consistently drawn to the Shah house, while she feels ignored by Anuj and Choti. Babu ji seeks advice from Anupama and Anuj on how to help Vanraj overcome trauma. He feels sorry for troubling them but emphasizes his right to ask for help. Anuj suggests getting Vanraj treated by a good doctor. Babu ji laments that Vanraj has lost both his sons, with Samar passing away and Toshu planning to leave.

Baa arrives with Dimpy and vows to do something about the situation. Romil returns home, greeted by Choti’s request to help with origami. Malti Devi questions Romil about his college attendance, revealing a letter addressed to Ankush that concerns his absence. Romil is taken aback, and Malti Devi warns him against deceiving others. Romil accuses her of trying to control the household and cautions her not to overstep boundaries, asserting that Anupama knows how to guide people.

Later, Baa shares an incident where Dimpy was having street food, leading to an argument. Anupama supports Dimpy’s freedom of choice against societal norms. Baa insists on treating Dimpy as their daughter-in-law, but Anupama believes Dimpy is now part of a middle-class family and knows her boundaries. Anuj and Babu ji support Dimpy, while Baa threatens to kick Dimpy out if she disobeys. Anupama shares her idea of creating an old age home for neglected elders and seeks Anuj’s support. They both agree on the plan and promise never to leave each other.

Kavya confides in Baa about her pregnancy and seeks forgiveness for being an imperfect daughter-in-law. Baa expresses her affection for the unborn baby and acknowledges Kavya’s efforts. Malti Devi feels distant from Anuj, while Anupama and Anuj support Romil’s decision to study with friends. They encourage Romil, and Anupama even offers to cook for them. Anupama consoles Dimpy, urging her to follow her heart and not to be deterred by conservative thinking. Dimpy expresses her grief over Samar’s loss, and Anupama encourages her to live her life to the fullest.

In the upcoming scene, Malti Devi reflects on the importance of earning love alongside respect. Anupama encourages her to be a kind mother-in-law, but Malti Devi implies it depends on the daughter-in-law. Anuj’s affectionate gesture towards Anupama leaves Malti Devi feeling resentful.