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Anupama requests that Anuj look over the syllabus and explains how the youngsters would learn. Anuj believes that there will be so much competition in the future that they will be unable to develop if they do not study. He inquires as to why you are learning. Anupama asks how I will teach her if I don’t study. Anuj invites her to come and sleep with him because she is sick. Anupama claims that Pakhi has yet to arrive. He claims Pakhi is not a petite girl; she has gone to see a movie with her husband, will spend some time, and then return. He inquires as to why she is concerned, noting that they are not small children. Anupama claims she isn’t little, yet she is my daughter. Anuj thinks you’re unusual because you chastise her when she’s in front of you and worry for her when she’s not. Anupama claims that this is my habit. Anuj declares that he will wait for his wife. Anupama assures me that I am alright.

Pakhi and Adhik arrive. Adhik cautions Pakhi against overreacting. Anupama inquires, “What happened?” Pakhi explains that they went to see a movie and saw another on the way. Stop, says Adhik. Pakhi claims the hero is Tapish and the heroine is Dimpy, and the title of the film is Anu ji Dimpy ka Titu. She claims it demonstrates Dimpy’s low cost and that they were moonwalking in moonlight. She instructs Adhik not to digress.

Dimpy and Tapish were conversing regularly, according to Adhik, and Pakhi misread them. Pakhi inquires if they were doing jagrata there and declares that she is now certain that they are having an affair and that the video was not staged. Everyone comes to hear her. Malti Devi inquires as to what she was saying. Anuj claims that they had a fight on the road. Dimpy is having an affair with Tapish, according to Pakhi. Baa inquires, “What?” Pakhi repeats himself. According to Anuj, this is not the case. Dimpy assured Baa that there is nothing between them. Pakhi claims to have witnessed this with her own eyes and claims that they were romancing. Anupama mentions that she, too, used to hang out with boys in college and wonders whether she was mistaken. Pakhi claims I did not accompany them at night. According to Anupama, individuals go out for work as well. According to Baa, they may have attended a program. Pakhi asks Baa whether she is okay with not taunting Dimpy and siding with her. Adhik urges Pakhi to keep silent and informs her that she has dragged the situation out and made it public. Pakhi wonders what you would have said if I had been dancing with Titu. Dimpy is unmarried, according to Adhik, but you are committed. Pakhi claims to be pregnant with my bhai’s child and claims that widowhood and pregnancy did not deter her from having an affair. Baa is stunned. Pakhi requests that Adhik say anything. Adhik is deafeningly quiet. Baa claims I was preventing her from working. She claims that I came here and she went there. According to Pakhi, there is an English proverb that goes, “When the cat is away, the mice will play.” Anupama denies this and claims Dimpy went to look after Kavya because she was alone. Pakhi says she takes care of Kavya during the day while she is at academy and roams with Tapish at night. Anupama disagrees. Malti Devi claims that when the elders are not at home, all of this occurs, and that she should have told them before leaving them alone. Anupama explains that the seniors are not home guardians and have their own life. She claims she has complete faith in Dimpy. Pakhi says you still trust Dimpy and not me, and Kinju and Dimpy attempt to be in your good graces since everything goes as you like. Anuj cautions Pakhi and declares that enough is enough. He says that anybody speaks to my Anu in this manner is not welcome in my home.

Anupama says she’ll talk to Dimpy tomorrow and begs everyone to go to bed. She begs Baa not to aggravate her condition. Malti Devi believes that person is entrapping Dimpy because she is young, pretty, and alone. She says she’ll test that person to see if he’s right for her, and if he is, she’ll marry him. Baa screams nay and tells Anupama not to think about it. She claims you are untrustworthy and asks her not to go against her. She claims Dimpy is pregnant with Samar’s child, and the kid will play on our yard if Dimpy leaves. Anupama yells enough and declares that Dimpy is our bahu, not an animal connected to the clip. She claims that it is her decision. She expresses her complete trust in Dimpy and states that there is nothing for the time being, and that if such a situation develops in the future, we will see. She invites them to accompany her. Anuj instructs Babu ji and Baa to go rest. Anupama tells Baa to rest. Anupama predicts that one night we will be able to sleep soundly. Anuj inquires of Anupama whether she believes this. Anupama claims that I entirely trust her and that if there was something, she would have been pleased.

Dimpy gets dropped off to Tapish’s house. Dimpy thanks him and says it’s a great treat for him. He says I do it all the time, but this time is different. He claims that all of these things make us joyful. Dimpy thinks you’re really mature. They exchange handshakes. Dimpy says I’m leaving. They turn around to see Vanraj standing on the door and Kavya inside.

Adhik informs Pakhi that if she had concentrated on their relationship, their lives would have been set. Pakhi claims that if you understood our relationship better than Dimpy, our lives would have been better. Dimpy, she claims, got the house partitioned, grabbed mummy’s dancing academy, and everyone is admiring her. She claims that even God thinks about her, which is why she is pregnant and I am not. So you’re envious, according to Adhik. He wonders what’s wrong if she’s having an affair, and what you want is for Dimpy to live her life alone. He says she’s the same age as you, and if you can go out, why can’t Dimpy? He claims you used to extol Titu. She claims I had no idea she was such. Dimpy, she predicts, will elope with Titu one day. Adhik gets disgusted and leaves.

Dimpy enters the house. Vanraj exits and shuts the door. Dimpy informs Kavya that she done nothing wrong but is afraid. Kavya claims that even she is terrified of seeing old Vanraj. Vanraj threatens Tapish and informs him that Dimpy is pregnant with his son and warns him to stay away from her or he will worsen his condition and wish to dance. He enters the house. Dimpy assures Vanraj that she has done nothing wrong. Vanraj instructs her to focus solely on her work. Titu, according to Kavya, is a nice guy. Vanraj explains, “But he’s a guy, and we don’t know what’s going through his head.” He claims that I will not see him around my house and that I do not want to see him on my doorstep. He assures Dimpy that the same thing will not happen again. Dimpy declines.

Malti Devi examines the electricity account and mocks Babu ji for leaving the air conditioner on. Anuj claims he has no trouble paying the bill. Anupama informs Malti Devi that she would not participate in politics. Malti Devi says I’ll do it and see who kicks me out.