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Barkha wonders why everyone wants to be a parent. Pakhi is overjoyed that Samar will soon have a kid. Anuj says we’ll wait for Dimpy’s baby, as well as Kavya’s. Choti Anu is content. Baa informs Dimpy that good news is seldom delivered under fear. Anupama clears their vision and does their aarti. To celebrate, the ladies start dancing. Pakhi informs Adhik that everyone is content. Anupama informs Dimpy that your new life is beginning and that obstacles may arise, but the road will be lovely, and encourages Dimpy to accept the changes. Anupama instructs Samar to prepare for the duty. Samar says it’s a great responsibility, and we need your help. Anupama beams. Nobody is lonely in a blended family, according to Kavya. Anupama predicts that Samar will grow into a frog.

Later, Samar thanks Dimpy and wonders why he didn’t tell him sooner. Dimpy claims she received a test result report there and couldn’t stay without revealing the truth in front of everyone. Samar says you did the right thing and that he is overjoyed with the wonderful news. Dimpy expresses her fear. According to Samar, happy parents raise happy children. He promises that we will have a daughter like you. Dimpy believes the baby will be healthy. Samar predicts that the baby will be well. He claims that he, like Toshu and Vanraj, feels fatherhood and want to live for the sake of the child. Just then, their photo frame collapses.

Anupama is crying with joy as she looks at Samar’s photo. Anuj films her and instructs her to cry with both eyes. Anupama claims she will make a terrible impression. Anuj expresses his understanding that she is overjoyed that her dear son will become a father. She recalls his childhood and recalls him running around me. She expresses her wish that Kavya and Dimpy’s baby will bring auspiciousness to the home and fill babu ji’s home with happiness. She believes Pakhi will inform us of the wonderful news soon. Anuj requests that she also deliver good news. Anupama is taken aback. Anuj beams. Anupama receives a phone call from Baa, who informs her that Malti Devi has gone somewhere.

Anupama and Anuj arrive at Baa’s home. Anupama’s letter is handed over by Baa. Anupama reads the letter in which Malti Devi expresses gratitude to Anupama for reuniting her with her son. She claims that his happiness is in her departure from here, and she refuses to offer her life because her life is her punishment. She claims that everyone has taken good care of her and that she needs to depart; Kanha ji would provide her with a place to stay. She asks her to look for herself and to adore Anuj. She requests that she urge Anuj to forgive his unfortunate mother. The letter comes to an end. According to Anupama, no mother should be separated from her son, and no son should be removed from his mother. She claims that no mother can stomach this. Baa said we let her stay here on your instructions because we don’t know where she went. Anupama blames herself and claims that I should have looked after her. Kinjal claims she was ill when she arrived, but she is now OK. What can we do, according to Samar? Anuj says it’s her habit to depart, but I don’t feel any pain. He leaves. Vanraj follows him. Baa tells her not to be concerned. Samar also has some positive news. Anupama embraces him. Toshu claims Maa is persuaded by Samar.

Babu ji states that while it is sorry that Malti Devi has left, we must also share our joy. Toshu tells Baa about Baa’s mannat to keep Ganapati next year the next day. Baa declares that she wishes to cease this partition and erase the line. Even I agree with Dimpy. Samar adds, “Even me.” Anupama removes a terrible sight. Babu ji claims that your Leela is unique. Baa recognizes her error and promises to erase the line. Kavya asks her baby to wait for their arrival as well. Vanraj claims that while everyone is present, the house cannot be divided. Samar requests halwa from Anupama and expresses his delight. Anupama promises to provide all of your favorite dishes. Samar says I simply need my Mummy and that you and your affection are with me and that we will never be apart. Yes, Anupama says. Pakhi claims he is receiving a lot of attention.Toshu wonders whether we aren’t important because we aren’t wailing babies. Anupama embraces Pakhi, Toshu, Choti, and Samar all at once.

Anupama predicts that my Samar will become a father. They’re on their way to the celebration. Anupama claims she will tie the raksha thread, but Samar instructs her to do so once she returns. Later, his lifeless body is brought in, and Vanraj informs Anupama that Anuj is to blame for Samar’s death.