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Baa spoke on the phone about her grandson getting justice, mentioning guests at home and ending the call. Kavya expressed her belief that Samar might not come back, but at least Shivansh won’t experience the same. Babu ji said they had lost hope, but Anupama made justice possible. A guest praised Anupama and asked about Vanraj’s whereabouts. Vanraj, feeling a mix of happiness for Samar’s justice and sadness for losing his son, expressed his struggle to bear the pain. Dimpy acknowledged Anupama’s role in getting justice for Samar, but Vanraj was still dealing with depression. Toshu suggested seeing another doctor, causing Baa to get upset.

Anuj admired Anupama while she slept, finding her adorable. He removed any negativity in her way and thought about his upcoming responsibilities. Malti Devi, feeling peaceful after reading the newspaper, expressed concern for her son, mentioning Anupama’s risk. Anuj welcomed his day seeing Anupama. Anupama woke up, greeted Anuj, and shared a dream about Samar being happy. Anuj expressed his joy over Samar getting justice and recited poetry to Anupama, giving her a rose.

Anupama, waking up, interacted with her daughter and Anuj. She expressed regret for not understanding the pain of her family earlier and assured her commitment to them. Anuj reassured her that they are together despite any conflicts. They promised never to separate and hugged. Anuj planned a surprise for Anupama and suggested she rest while he took care of things.

Malti Devi prepared Choti for school and confronted Anuj about his care for Anupama. Barkha instigated Malti Devi, hinting at Anupama and Anuj’s deep love. Anuj surprised Anupama with breakfast and received praise from family members. Anupama appreciated the support from Anuj and Devika. Baa intervened in a situation with Dimpy, trying to maintain control.

Anupama received a message from Babu ji to visit home, to which she replied that she would come later.

In the preview: Malti Devi discussed the distinction between her son and Anupama’s husband. Anupama advised Dimpy to live life to the fullest, and Pakhi expressed her feelings of neglect to Adhik, seeking comfort from Malti Devi.