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Anuj and Anupama see Romil riding the scooter recklessly without a helmet. Anuj questions Romil’s sanity, expressing concern about his safety. Dimpy thanks Titu for the costume and compliments it. Titu, in return, talks about his love for cold weather and asks Dimpy about her favorite season. They discuss coffee, and Titu suggests going to the next lane with a mysterious invitation.

Romil returns home, and Anuj confronts him about his reckless scooter ride, questioning his driving license, ownership of the scooter, and lack of a helmet. Romil defends himself, stating that everyone in his college drives similarly. Anuj warns him about potential consequences if his father finds out.

Titu takes Dimpy to another lane where musicians are playing guitar, explaining the concept of jamming. Dimpy enjoys the surprise, and Titu introduces her to his friends. Anupama advises Romil on the importance of safety and wearing a helmet, sharing the pain of losing a young son.

Meanwhile, Titu plays the guitar, and Dimpy and others enjoy the music. Anuj asks Romil about a girl, and Barkha interrupts, advising him to focus on studies. Romil and Anupama discuss the importance of family support. Later, Anuj and Anupama share a lighthearted moment with a toy lizard, and Anupama playfully throws it in fear.

In another scene, Baa taunts Malti Devi about her choice of milk. Tapish apologizes to Dimpy on behalf of his friend and expresses his desire to be her friend. He encourages her to prioritize her happiness over societal judgments. Anuj lies to Pakhi about a fight, while she suspects an affair between Dimpy and Tapish. The episode ends with Baa in shock as Malti Devi taunts her for leaving the young bahus alone at home.