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Everyone gets chocolates from Anuj. Samar claims that my mother cooks delicious desserts. Pakhi claims that buddy, not mummy, made it. Barkha declares that she is finished. Anuj claims it is sugar-free. Toshu claims that jaggery is beneficial to one’s health. Anupama inquires of Babu ji, “How is Malti Devi?” Babu ji asks how she can be with Leela, and you know she says it without thinking, and if I try to stop her, a battle will ensue. According to Anupama, people believe that life is a straight line, but it is a circle that begins and ends in difficulties. Babu ji states that troubles come to those whose hearts are pure. Yes, Anupama says. Baa requests that Vanraj speak with Anuj and make her arrangements. Vanraj claims that today is a celebration and that he must be preparing something. Baa claims that because we have 1000s of festivals, we will never speak to him.

Malti Devi remembers Baa’s harsh remarks and places her palm on her ears. Anupama inquires about Gurumaa’s well-being and expresses concern that she may be afraid of being alone. Kinjal claims she forced her to have it and scribbled everyone’s phone numbers in the diary, which she kept. Anupama claims that you are all suffering as a result of our actions. Kinjal asks, “What if we’re separate?” Anupama serves Malti Devi kheer cooked by Anuj. Kinjal is going to retain it. Anuj inquires if everything is in order. Anupama believes she is not opposed to him, but simply wants an elderly mother to be happy. Pakhi declares that Chotin and she have agreed to play a fun game. Anupama is concerned about Malti Devi. Dimpy receives a phone call and is astonished. Everyone begins to play the game and laughs.

Anupama claims that the games are similar to chat masala in that they enhance the flavors. Baa’s statements and Anuj’s refusal to acknowledge Malti Devi as his mother haunt Malti Devi. Pakhi claims that now it is the turn of the observers. Baa says I can’t play because I ate too many sweets. Anupama motions for Kavya to take a seat. Barkha asks Kavya to sit and encourages her to resume her modeling career after her pregnancy, and warns her not to repeat her mistake. Baa asks what you’re saying and informs you that the mother will be at home, and that once the mother is seen to the infant, everything will be well. She believes the small infant needs his mother more and that she will stay at home because it has been seen what happens to babies who do not have a mother. Baa, says Anupama. According to Barkha, the father would also be held accountable. Baa claims that the father works while the mother cares for the infant. Kinjal claims that parenting is the responsibility of both parents and that Toshu and the family support her in doing so. Yes, says Babu ji. Barkha explains that it is a different matter in Kavya’s case because the baby belongs to someone else. Anupama predicts that the heart will be large, and if it is, they will go to calm the wailing infant on the road. Barkha inquires if they have a huge heart.

Anuj approaches Vanraj and says, “I know you’re still upset with Kavya.” He claims that Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship has never improved, and that Kinjal has refused to forgive him. He claims that despite everything that has occurred, Kavya is still in your home, implying that you both have some sort of relationship that is preventing you from breaking it. He asks him to continue the relationship with the same intensity and warns him that his anger and despair may harm Kavya and the kid. What you will do once the baby is born, he says. He requests that you keep the infant away from you. He claims that when he received a call from the orphanage about Choti, he didn’t see her face and immediately decided to adopt her. He claims that if you love the baby, the baby will be yours. Anuj assures him that Kavya still loves him and the family and encourages him to move on and be a good father to the child. He claims that my actual mother abandoned me, and that I was fortunate to be adopted by my parents, who lavished me with love and care. He encourages him to consider what the baby’s mistake is and that he, too, deserves both parents’ love, and he asks him to think about it and make a decision because it is his life. He claims that if you move a little, everything will be great, and that the baby is not culpable. Anupama approaches and glances at Anuj. Vanraj recalls Kavya and Anuj’s statements. Anupama says she hopes Mr. Shah will make a decision, that he would accept the baby completely, or that he will inform Kavya so that she can prepare for her own conflict. She requests that Bappa make everything right.

Malti Devi claims that I will die and depart since I have no right to be here. She walks out of the home when the driver arrives and says Anuj made this kheer and Anupama delivered it to her. Malti Devi becomes upset and declares, “What I was doing, I shall not abandon hope, my son has made it.” She then recalls Baa’s words and declares, “I will die.”

The Shah family has stated that they will be leaving. Pakhi bestows presents on them. Dimpy says, “I’d like to tell you something.” Baa invites her to do drama tomorrow and informs her that today is festival. Anupama asks her to say something. Dimpy is asked by Samar to explain what happened. Kavya and Anupama ask her to say something. Dimpy claims I’m pregnant. Everyone is content. Anupama embraces Dimpy. Samar embraces Vanraj and Anupama. He claims that I will be Papa. She says I’ll play the role of Dadi.

Samar instructs Anupama to make halwa. She says whatever you want her to say. He claims that all he wants is his mother and that he never wants to be apart from her. After a long period, Pakhi, Toshu, and Samar have a fantastic time. Anupama is praying for them. Samar expresses his joy at seeing the food and mentions how glad he is today. He is injured when the nail pierces his foot.