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Dimpy informs Pakhi that Barkha aunty advised her that she couldn’t become a mother, but she shouldn’t give up hope because there are other choices. Pakhi tells her not to worry about her and to rejoice because she is about to become a mother. Dimpy says I was concerned about you. Pakhi claims you are the bahu who draws the boundary in the house and has kidnapped my brother. Dimpy claims that even if I had stolen him, I couldn’t retain him. She sobs. Pakhi becomes depressed and begs her to sip some water. Dimpy thanks her and says, “My life is so messed up, I don’t know how I’m going to manage Samar’s dreams, baby,” before standing up. She says family members will pitch in, but I have to look after the infant. Pakhi claims Mummy is always busy and wants her to organize her activities. Dimpy affirms.

Anupama and Devika are on their way out the door when they phone Anuj. Malti Devi claims to have already left. They depart. Anuj arrives, summoning Anupama. Malti Devi claims to be in the room. Romil claims Anupama and Devika left 30 minutes ago. Malti Devi believes they are in the same room. Anuj departs. Devika is expecting Anuj to arrive soon. Anupama arrives at Sonu’s party at the same club and begins making music on the table. Sonu and his companion are taken aback. Sonu inquires as to your purpose for being here. Anupama says she chose the glass bottle and has come to play the truth and dare game. She rolls the bottle and dares him to tell the truth. She claims that speaking the truth requires the courage of a tiger. Anupama provokes Sonu by asking if his father took his gun. Anuj hopes Inspector arrives with his squad. Sonu requests that she stop. Anupama says she would not back down and considers them cowards for concealing the truth. Suresh Rathore, your father, she adds, is a great coward who organizes assaults on people, has a pregnant lady thrown off of a rickshaw, threatens people, but has it done by someone else because he lacks the nerve to handle the gun himself.

She says you had courage, but now you don’t because Papa took your pistol. Sonu is about to draw his rifle. Anupama claims you’re getting angry, that if you had a gun, you’d shoot me, and that you might throw a bomb at my house. She says you have a fearful expression on your face and that you can’t kill someone. She claims you directed your bodyguard or driver to shoot my Samar. She claims that both you and your father are rats. Sonu becomes enraged and pulls a revolver from his pocket. Devika considers her options. Sonu claims to have tiger courage. Anupama taunts him by asking if this is the toy gun and if your father gave you the gun. Sonu admits that he used the same gun to kill Samar and informs her that he will send her to Samar. Anupama inquires, “Why did you shoot my son?” Did he incite your rage, fight with you, or quarrel with you? She inquires, “Why did you murder my son?” Anuj arrives and calls Anupama. Sonu points his rifle at Anuj and says whether this is your ancestor’s disease, that someone gets in front of the other. He claims Samar saved you that day, and you come to save her today. Anuj asks him to put down the pistol. Sonu threatens to shoot them both. He fires at Anuj. Anupama pushes Anuj, and they both collapse. When the inspector arrives, he informs you that you are under arrest. Sonu keeps the gun and claims he did nothing wrong. Inspector takes the gun and claims that they have hidden cameras throughout the club and have filmed everything. Nobody, he claims, can stop him from being imprisoned now. He arrests him and takes him away. Anupama sees Samar and Ravan on fire and declares, “You will get justice.” Devika expresses gratitude to Anuj and the police for arriving at the appropriate moment. Anuj claims that the case will now be heard in the Supreme Court. Devika claims that Sonu’s confession, murder weapon, and witnesses are all present. According to Anupama, the wicked dies during Dussehra.

Malti Devi claims he is not my son, but rather Anupama’s spouse. Anupama hugs Dimpy and asks her to live her life. Pakhi becomes depressed and lashes out at Adhik. Malti devi appears.