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Kavya’s phone is turned off. Anupama phones her again and finds that her phone has been turned off. Kavya considers what Anupama said and decides to go home and call her. Anupama requests that Baa contact neighbors and request that Dimpy and Kavya be stopped outside. Kavya is walking home when she notices a boy playing with a toy gun. Anupama is driving and phones Dimpy, but she does not answer the phone. Kavya enters the gate and pulls the key from her purse. She opens the door and enters. She notices something odd and opens the hall window. Anupama explains why no one answers the phone when it is necessary. Kavya is about to turn on the light when Anupama walks in and tells her not to touch anything since Babu ji has left the gas on. Kavya is taken aback when she hears her. Anupama dashes into the kitchen, closing the stove knob and the gas cylinder. She takes Kavya out and expresses gratitude that nothing has happened. Kavya claims that when she arrived home, she noticed a weird odor but didn’t realize it was gas. Anupama motions for her to sit and brings her water. She assures her that nothing has transpired as a result of Kanha ji.

Kavya informs Anupama that Babu ji has been forgetting things lately, which Baa, I, and all of us have noticed, and that we didn’t realize something serious may happen as a result of this. Anupama believes that God has protected us now and will continue to do so in the future. She promises to ask Anuj to find a good doctor for Babu ji. Kavya expresses how he will feel if he learns that the major accident was caused by him and wants her to inform them that she is OK and that everything is fine. Anupama claims that we will not inform them. She phones Baa and tells him that the gas was turned off here and that everything is good. She inquires as to when Mr. Shah will arrive. Kavya says I’ll call him today. Anupama reports that you are in your eighth month and that the doctor has assigned you a delivery date. She claims that goons are after Dimpy and invites them to her home. Kavya refuses, claiming that Barkha and Malti Devi informed her that you had converted the house into a dharmshala. She claims she does not wish to speak. Anupama agrees, although caution is advised. Kavya wonders how you can think about others so much. Anupama claims that she just thinks about her loved ones. Kavya begs her to consider herself, and you consider everyone but yourself. She asks her to do something for herself, saying, “You have accomplished so much,” and telling her, “You have to achieve your dream, and I have a feeling your US dream will be fulfilled.” Anupama grins and tells me that her dream for the United States is like a butterfly that just flew away after sitting on my palm. She believes she will travel to the United States this time. Kavya gives a clap. Anupama brightens when she sees the plane. Anupama’s song is playing……

Ankush burps, says the food is delicious, and apologizes. Burping, according to Babu ji, will boost the prosperity of the house in our time. Pakhi believes your epoch has passed. This house’s wealth, according to Baa, will never cease with God’s will. Barkha says you’ve come because the house is doing well. Ankush informs Anuj that he is fortunate since his wife also cooks, but other wives only make faces. Barkha wonders if you’re mocking me. Ankush inquires, “Did you make a face?” We’re not referring to you. Baa invites them to chat about Anupama, saying she cooks delicious cuisine. Ankush, Anuj, Romil, and others take their seats. Anupama has had enough. It’s a drum roll, according to Ankush. Barkha wonders why Anupama goes to the kitchen when there are servants at home, and then she offers a lecture about women’s independence. Anupama claims that a woman is not independent if she wears a shirt and pants or modern clothing, but she is independent with her thinking. She claims to be as self-sufficient as the woman who creates theplas with her wish. Baa inquires of Barkha what she does besides eat chips while sitting on the sofa. Anuj remains silent. Barkha inquires, “What are you saying?” Anuj claims that I don’t say anything. He grabs her hand and tells her that he wants to tell her in 4 days and that he loves her. Anupama says, “I have five words for you, my kapadia ji.” She claims that if I had mentioned four words, the surprise aspects would have been ruined. According to Anuj, you are learning.

Choti claims that she does not understand what her teacher teaches her. Anupama says I’ll read to you and teach you. Malti Devi answers, “I know,” and promises to teach her. Romil claims that online studies are now available and that no one has to be concerned. Yes, Anuj says. Anupama says she’ll go to school and look into online group learning. From there, Barkha, Pakhi, and Malti Devi depart. Ankush and Babu ji take a seat on the sofa. Ankush requests that Anuj give him fennel seeds for digestion. He inquires about the cuisine with Babu ji. Anuj brings fennel seeds and requests that Babu ji consume them. Babu ji says we should eat first, then have it. He requests that Leela serve the food until he makes the food call. Anuj, Ankush, and others are taken aback. Baa claims that he had food two minutes ago and promptly forgot about it.

Dimpy and Kavya like playing the magnetic string game of catching toy fish. Dimpy predicts that we will have two girls. Even boys, according to Kavya, are cute yet mischievous. Dimpy claims that no one’s terrible sight shall fall on us and that when the film was revealed, she felt her life had come to an end. Kavya claims that Anupama would handle everything, as she did with the gas leak; otherwise, she doesn’t know what would have happened. Dimpy thinks they’ll be happy, and that’s our new slogan.

Anuj informs Anupama that the situation is dire. Anupama says, “I don’t want to lose Babu ji if he forgets about us.” Anuj assures us that we shall receive his treatment. They go to the ice cream stand and purchase it. They’ve got the ice cream. Anuj is the first to eat it. Anupama chuckles. He then tries to get her ice cream, but it falls to the ground. They both laugh. Anuj confesses to poetry that he has fallen in love with her again. He claims he was considering traveling outside of the nation for a vacation. He says, “After Martin invited us to visit the United States, I thought we’d go to America,” and he asks her to envision show skating. He invites her to come to America. He notices something and exclaims, “What the hell?”

Anuj and Anupama observe Romil riding his bike with a girl. Anuj later asks if it was his bike, if he has a driver’s license, and if he was wearing a helmet. Romil claims the helmet was dangling from the side. Anupama informs him that head protection is essential. She tells Romil that she has lost her little kid and encourages him to consider how his parents will feel if something happens to him.