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Ansh requests for Nachos. Dimpy asks him to take cereals with fruits and dry fruits. Ansh insists for Nachos. Dimpy asks him to have it silently. Baa asks who are you to scold him and says I am talking to him. She begs him to have oats. Vanraj says I will deliver new video game for you. Ansh agrees. A courier guy comes and says parcel. Dimpy receives it and says Kinjal Bhabhi has sent it. Baa misses Toshu and his family and says they have promised to come, but didn’t come since 5 years. She insists we don’t want gifts, but wants to see them. Vanraj asks what to do if they don’t want to live with us. Baa says she had three grand children, one died, one left the nation and one left the city. She explains Pakhi had left her husband, but why she left us. She says currently she is parenting her daughter alone in Delhi. Vanraj says I told her numerous times to return, but she didn’t want to stay in Ahmedabad. He says when I go to meet her, I will bring her back. He encourages her to keep calm and take care of Ansh.

Anupama feels Vikram Bhai had indicated that Shruti is the regular client here, and thinks she would bring my luggage tomorrow. She adds immediately as I luggage comes, I have to go to embassy for my passport. She adds for now this is your house, and it shall look like home. She cleans the floor and keeps the boxes appropriately. She decorates the storeroom with some party items and finds Ganapati Bappa’s photograph on the book. She thanks Bappa and keeps it in the rack. She writes the diary that she has refuge now. She reminisces Choti and wakes up from sleep. She says Choti is my Kanha and requests God to take care of Choti. Anuj tells Choti that she doesn’t eat meals well, and that’s why gets hungry at night. He names her Choti and claims food is hot. She shouts pleading not to call her by that name and says she is Aadhya. Anuj tells that if he doesn’t love her then wouldn’t have made Chinese for you late at night. He says sorry. He asks if I shall prepare cake or bring it from outside. She says you. Anuj wonders why did you come late?

Aadhya requests him not to become usual Papa and informs that she had shared chronology with him. Anuj said she shall not discuss her personal life facts with anyone and let it be personal. She claims you came to know that I shall be late. Anuj says you would have told me straight, why to tell the world. She says this phenomenon is called being in public view. Anuj says oh. She clicks his photo and says you were upset again, I have a folder of yours in which I have your angry pics. He clicks her photo and says he will write bickering with my daughter Aadhya and adds my folder will be bigger than yours. She maintains she is not arguing. He says he don’t want her to use social media much. She says you only pretend to be cool, but you are same old desi Gujrati Kapadia ji. Anuj recalls Anupama’s final meet with him. She says you are dull, thank heaven Shru is not like you, and says I want to share something with her. He says you can share with me. Aadhya says she understands me well. Anuj says she is more precious to you, than me. She says she is dear to you as well. Anuj splashes water on her for yanking his leg and chases behind her.

Vanraj is about to drop Ansh to school and promises Dimpy that he will talk to his teacher. Dimpy nods her head. Vanraj and Ansh sat in the car. He urges Baa not to have anything in night, as tomorrow is Babu ji and your test. Baa says ok. She sends Dimpy from there and tells Vanraj that she came to know from Babuji that Anupama went to America. Vanraj recalls the past and then asks Baa if she went to dance. Baa says no, to work as cook in the restaurant. Vanraj makes fun of her and says we have nothing to do with her. He goes. Baa believes work is not insignificant for Anupama and she will grow large.

Anuj and Aadhya come to Shruti and whine about each other. Shruti gifts her athletic sneakers. Aadhya adds if she wins in the sports then she will tag her in the photo. Anuj clicks their photo. Aadhya gets a message and goes. Shruti sits to take the selfie and claims that she is beauty, smart and creative. He says how to ask Aadhya not to take selfie, but her best friend shoots 1 lakh images in a day. He compliments her for handling Aadhya and informs that she has gone through so much, saw her parents separation, and then our migration to America from India. He says he has sold all his business in India and come here 5 years back and since then she has been running Aadhya. Shruti says she has that lady’s pic whose luggage switched with hers. Anuj says you take strangers’ photo as well. Shruti adds even our relation is made thanks to the photo. She says I had clicked your photo and that’s how we started. She tries to show Anupama’s photo to Anuj on her laptop, but Anuj becomes distracted as Aadhya calls him and he disappears. Shruti thinks there is something extraordinary in this lady. Anupama puts the diya in the temple and prays to God. Just then the fire alarm starts ringing.

Precap: Anupama keeps the diya outside the restaurant. Aadhya and Shruti arrive there. Shruti tells that she has come to fetch her bags which was switched. She grabs her luggage from Anupama while Aadhya is standing outside and snaps selfie.