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Anuj leaves the items in the car and informs Anupama that he forgot to bring the card after payment and goes to fetch it. Anupama calls Babu ji and expresses her concern. Babu ji claims that my daughter is also concerned. Anupama claims that I burdened you and behaved wrong. He claims you are familiar with your Baa. He inquires about Anuj. I don’t know how to let Anupama understand that he has built a stone wall around his heart. She says I’m terrified because if I try harder, his suffering will worsen, and if I don’t try, his pain will worsen. Babu ji informs Anupama that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and that they are visiting Anuj for the first time. He tells her not to be concerned. Anupama hangs up the phone and embraces Anuj. Let’s go home, says Anuj. Barkha claims that she requested Ankush not to go, but he had to attend an important meeting. No issue, adds Anupama, work is crucial. She notices Pakhi and Adhik discussing the decoration with Romil. Choti Anu recalls hearing in her orphanage that Ganapati adores the children. Anuj claims that this is true even in his orphanage. Anupama says that whomever has tiny children at home should be especially blessed by God. Pakhi informs Choti Anu that a little baby may arrive by next year. Barkha inquires if you intend to have a child. Pakhi claims that we are deliberating. Barkha compares you to children and advises them to prioritize marriage and relationships. Pakhi thinks now is the greatest moment because I heard Mummy and you, and I am physically well and capable of handling the kid. She claims that Mummy became a mother twice at this age. Anupama claims that our circumstances, conditions, and so on were different. She claims that Saas used to perform puja if the baby was not born within a year, and she asks them to wait a year. Anuj thinks having a baby is a great responsibility, and that even the baby’s life can be damaged. Choti Anu says we must discuss Bappa or he will become agitated.

Malti Devi apologizes to God, saying that you gave me a son like Anuj, and I abandoned him, and that I made a tremendous mistake. She apologizes and says I don’t deserve forgiveness, but I’m asking for it anyhow. She claims I saw my son as a burden. She begs God to bring her son and declares, “I will not ask anything now.” Baa hears her and informs her that Anuj would have begged to God to send his mother this way. She says you decided to be a mother for your own benefit, and she says she hates hearing this, and she adds if a stranger offers us their kid in a bus or train, we cuddle that baby as well. She adds she will pray that this mother receives her son in the same way as Anuj receives his mother, so that his wounds heal. She claims you abandoned him in the orphanage, and Anupama adopted a daughter from the orphanage. He claims you abandoned your son for your goals, but Anupama abandoned her dreams for someone else’s daughter. Mother shall be such, she adds, and she wants her to learn motherly love from her. She walks away. Malti Devi sobs.

Anuj approaches Anupama and says, “I woke up and came.” Anupama says she had some free time and was thinking about making something, and that when they had less money, she used to sew garments for the kids, but that they now buy readymade things. Anuj says, “I’ll say this is a mother.” He inquires as to whose it is. Anupama introduces himself as Samar and explains that he is my loving son who used to obey me. She recalls Toshu and Pakhi running around their Papa. She claims Samar has taught her everything and that he is her army, despite the fact that everyone refers to him as Mummy Ka Chamcha. She claims that a mother loves all of her children, but her relationship with Samar is unique. Anuj claims that I had a similar attachment with my foster mother. He then claims that Malti Devi is not his mother. Anupama tells him to go to bed.

Bappa is kept in place by Anuj and Anupama, who cover him with a garland. Anupama wishes Gurumaa had been there during the puja. What happened to Anuj? She does not sign anything. Following puja and aarti. She binds message fabric to the girls and makes the guys wear message chunari. In the end, she hugs Samar. They proceed to dance to the tune Deva Shri Ganesha….. Samar is about to slip and fall on the pointed lamp stand when Anupama grabs him and hugs him. She chastises him. Samar assures me that I am alright and that nothing bad can happen to me while my wonderful mother is present. Baa thinks it’s a good thing nothing occurred. They resume their dancing. Anupama prays to God, asking him to bless his Anuj and her children. She requests that he keep his family secure. Samar’s message fabric collapses. Anupama smiles as he removes the evil eye from him.

Precap: Dimpy expresses a desire to say something. Baa says it’s a festival today, so leave it. Let her say, says Anupama. Dimpy claims I’m pregnant. Everyone is content. Samar hugs Anupama and tells her, “I’m going to see my father.” According to Anupama, I shall be Dadi.