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Anupama advises thinking about yourself and your daughter. She claims that I was also going to America for myself. She asks if you have to leave right away and says your family needs you right now. Toshu claims he feels smothered on the inside and is frightened to go outside. Anupama claims that crime occurs there as well, and that it is your wish. She informs Kinjal that she didn’t break up with Toshu in order to stay with the family, and she wonders why she is getting ready to go now. She continues, “I’m saying this,” and adds, “I’m sorry that hope isn’t getting you there, but fear is.” She claims you are fleeing the problems. She asks them to reconsider their decision; if they believe they should go, they should go. Baa wonders what Anupama is thinking. Anupama says she has a lot of questions that aren’t on the syllabus. According to Baa, one of his grandsons has left, and another is on his way. Anupama claims that every bird builds their own nest and that they will handle it. Baa wonders how we’ll manage without them. Anupama believes that we must live even if we are unhappy. She claims that it is their desire to hold the other side.

According to Baa, a woman builds her house with a little stone and can’t endure it when it shatters. Anupama believes we must educate ourselves. She inquires if there is anything sweet at home. According to Baa, there is kheer in the fridge. Anupama removes the kheer and places it in the bowl. She gives it to Baa and eats it herself. She informs Baa that she has a single idea about Dimpy. Malti Devi becomes agitated when she recalls Barkha’s statements.

Dimpy is brought to Anupama and Anuj’s house. Malti Devi stands up. Barkha and Pakhi arrive. Anuj claims that while we have lost the lawsuit, we have not given up hope and will continue to fight it. Malti Devi inquires about Dimpy’s dance academy. Dimpy shakes her head. Malti Devi advises you must not abandon the art, even if it means leaving everything. She then claims she didn’t mean it, and that she found a cause to live after Samar left. Barkha believes she dug the land and fell in it. Malti devi offers assistance. Dimpy refuses to accept her assistance, claiming that you don’t understand my anguish. Anuj and Anupama inform us that they have brought Dimpy to stay with us. Pakhi says to stay, but don’t taunt us or make us feel bad. Dimpy claims that he has not come here to taunt anyone and that he will not listen to anything.

Kavya, Baa, and Babu ji notice Vanraj muttering in his sleep and become concerned for him. Baa claims that if we had known he would be in this position, we would not have contested the matter. She claims that Anupama and Anuj will also step back. Babu ji believes they will be alone soon. Pakhi informs Anupama that she did not tell Dimpy anything. Anupama informs her that Dimpy has arrived to stay for a few days and requests permission to do so. Dimpy, she claims, is Samar’s wife and is also pregnant. So, Pakhi, what should I do? She can become a mother, although I cannot. Anupama departs, asking Pakhi not to use her pain as a weapon. Pakhi claims that everyone will now ignore me and go around Dimpy. She claims that if Dimpy behaves badly, she will not leave her. Anuj inquires of Anupama as to what transpired. Anupama reports that Pakhi is acting erratically; she speaks beautifully at times and childishly at others. Malti Devi arrives and informs Anupama that she will handle house, Choti, and Romil. Anupama praises her and says, “I’ll take care of everything; you just take care of Choti.” Anuj requests that she relax. Barkha encourages her to keep trying.

Anuj rubs Anupama’s back. Anupama advises against it since her shoulders are in agony. According to Anuj, you have placed all of the blame on it. She understands Baa’s meaning. Baa’s intransigence is wrecking things, Vanraj’s condition is terrible, Toshu and Kinjal are heading abroad, and Kavya and Dimpy have given up. Anupama questions Anuj about why the truth fight is always so difficult. Anuj claims that they have always done this whenever you are arguing. Anupama responds, “But you were always with me.” Anuj promises that he will always be there for you. She wonders why you love me so much. He promises to love her forever. Anupama embraces him. He claims that Dussehra is approaching. Sonu and his father, according to Anupama, will be punished.

Anupama then performs aarti. Malti Devi believes that if anything happened to Anuj, I will not abandon her. Barkha believes Anupama is insane for making khichdi. Vanraj does aarti with his family as well. Baa asks Toshu and Kinjal where they are going and offers them a place for rent. Toshu informs her that today is Dussehra and requests that she refrain from taunting him. Baa requests that they approach his wealthy mother-in-law to hire a private jet for them. She promises to make Theplas for them when they go. Vanraj also chastises them. Babu ji tells them to relax. Vanraj inquires if Anuj and Anupama have contacted, and they have stated that they would make plans with Devika. Don’t worry, adds Babu ji, they would not do anything bad. Kavya is concerned for them.

Anupama, Anuj, and Devika devise a strategy. Malti Devi mulls about how to hear them. Anupama advises them to reconsider. Anuj claims they will put their lives in danger for his love. Devika says she’ll take it for friendship. Anuj suggests taking Kanha ji’s name.

Precap: Anupama forces Sonu to admit to killing Samar with the same firearm he is carrying in his hand while pointing at her. She promises to have him punished on Dussehra.