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In this episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi approaches Anupama to ask for a significant amount of money for her startup idea. She expresses her desire to open a grooming and makeup studio where she plans to offer various services related to styling and party preparation. Anupama, being practical, asks for a detailed proposal before considering the loan. Anuj intervenes and suggests that Pakhi submit a proposal with a breakdown of the budget, expenses, and business plan. Pakhi reluctantly agrees, and Anupama remains skeptical about providing the funds without a clear plan.

Meanwhile, Kavya and Dimpy plan to visit the hospital for a routine checkup, and Babu ji goes to buy some items for the house. Choti overhears an argument between Anupama and Pakhi and gets scared. Anuj steps in to handle the situation, insisting on a proper proposal before any financial assistance.

Later, at the resort, Abhira and Akshu discover that the evidence against Yuvraj has been destroyed. Anuj and Anupama have a heartfelt conversation, where Anupama expresses her concerns about Pakhi’s unpredictable behavior. Anuj assures her that they will evaluate Pakhi’s proposal before making any decisions.

In another development, Babu ji accidentally leaves the gas on at Anupama’s house. Meanwhile, Kavya and Dimpy have a friendly conversation, and Dimpy insists that they become best friends.

As the episode progresses, Anupama receives a call from Babu ji and learns about the gas leakage at home. She immediately warns Kavya not to go home. The episode ends with Anuj suggesting a trip to the U.S., inviting Anupama to spend Christmas and New Year there. Anupama seems hopeful and excited about the idea.