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A lady is seen having chole bature in Spice and Chutney’s eatery. She says this is paradise, and says she can walk 10000 extra feet, but can’t miss this chole bature. Chef Vikram asks Anupama if she may offer the chole bature to the customer on that table and adds that she is our frequent customer. Anupama says ok. She rushes to her and says Madam…your batura. The lady looks at her and asks if you are new here, and requests her not to call her Maam, but call her Shruti instead. Anupama replies ok and serves it to her. She asks her to eat it with Achaar. Shruti adds you know you are such a great home maker wife and explains that even her mom used to serve like this. Anupama says all mothers feed their children with love. She snaps Anupama’s photo, and tells her that she clicked her photo without asking her, and tells that anytime something affected her heart, and when she feel the warmth, she clicks the image. Anupama says its ok. Shruti looks at her photo and says sometimes we don’t say, but our snapshot says it all. Anupama questions what my photo is saying about me. Shruti says your brightness of eyes is showing that you are optimistic, and I can sense there is some sadness and loneliness in it, but your smile is showing that you are moving on trying to forget the suffering. She asks am I right? Anupama asks her not to feel bad, but don’t shake your foot and don’t watch mobile when having food, since we acquire nourishment when we focus on the food and don’t insult it. She says sorry. Shruti says someone corrected me after a long time. She asks for her name. Anupama is about to say. Shruti gets a call and informs Anupama that she will not pick the call next time while having dinner. Shruti gets another’s call. She gets out and hugs Anuj saying hey gorgeous. She says show stopper. He says it was corny. They sit in the automobile. Anupama stares at them, but don’t identify Anuj.

In the car, Shruti asks Anuj what is he saying? Anuj says Aadhya. Shruti says I have observed she has shared apology on social media. Anuj adds this generation tags their whereabouts likewise and urges her to make her understand that privacy is power. Shruti believes social media is a vital part of our lives and many households are operating because of social media. Anuj says I agree, but everything should have a limit to it. Shruti says Aadhya shall know her limit, I will talk to her after she returns. She asks whether any girls are contacting you and indicates that their breath would have stopped. Anuj says that fool show stopper didn’t turn up, and so I had to walk as the show stopper. He says he had walked on the ramp after college. She tells that you should have followed modeling and tells that you wouldn’t have been angry bird then. She claims she wants to talk about something serious and asks when he will marry her. She said we are staying together since 4 days, you, myself and Aadhya are family. She says you had mentioned that when Aadhya agree then we shall married. She says she only asks me when we will married. He says engagement is happened because to Aadhya and you. He asks what is the hurry? Shruti says I have the right to question when I will become Shruti Anuj Kapadia.

Anupama is working in the kitchen. The boss comes to the kitchen and checks her work. He picks the flower from the burner. Anupama says it is puja flower. He compliments good work and provides her employment of a cleaner. Anupama thanks him. She claims she has no place to stay and asks if I can stay here, and will give you rent somehow. He says you can remain in storeroom here, but don’t steal anything. Anupama says ok. Vikram says he is heading home and asks her to call if needed. He asks her to have food kept there. They all leave. Anupama thinks she will construct her own sky. She checks the food and says it is first proper food. She promises she will make it unique. She adds I was on that side of mirror, but today I am inside and says you have covered the voyage, well done Anupama. She glances at the couples going on the street and signs herself to smile, thinking of Anuj. Dil hai ke Maanta Nahi plays….

Anuj is sitting in his residence and thinking over Shruti’s words. Just after Shruti contacts Anuj and tells him that her luggage is exchanged with someone in spice and chutney restaurant. Anuj asks her to see whose name is on the tag? Shruti says it is not printed well. Anupama opens the bag and claims it is someone else. Anuj glances at the saree and reminisces Anupama. Shruti finds the masala and tells Anuj these Indians. She is ready to glance at the photo frame, when Anuj stops her saying we shall not see anyone’s stuff like this. Shruti shuts the bag. Anupama apologizes to Kanha ji and sees Shruti’s name in the diary. She says her stuff is missing.

Precap: Anupama reveals that yesterday she was hopeless, but today I have work and roof on my head. She misses Choti and worries if she is alright. Anuj asks Choti to be careful and warns the noodles is hot. Choti shouts telling him not to call her by this name and says my name is Aadhya.