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Kinjal asks Dimpy whether she is okay when she becomes dizzy and about to faint. Dimpy affirms. She inquires as to how long Malti Devi will be staying here. Kinjal says he has no idea. Anupama apologizes to Anuj for scratching his wounds rather than filling them and promises to make everything right. Babu ji and Kinjal arrive at Malti Devi’s house. Babu ji inquires, “How are you?” Kinjal invites her to tea. Malti Devi smiles and nods. Kavya asks her to let them know if she has any special needs. Malti Devi says you look after me despite the fact that I am not related to you. Babu ji assures her that Anuj’s rage is understandable. Malti Devi asserts, “I know my son is correct, but I am Kumata.” Kinjal begs her to be patient. Babu ji advises her to be strong and to trust in God. When Baa hears them, he becomes enraged. Kavya approaches Baa and inquires as to why you are upset so early in the morning. Baa says you’re all taking care of Malti Devi, and your babu ji is sympathetic to her plight. Kavya begs her to be sympathetic to her situation. She claims that when someone makes a mistake, their guilt increases rather than decreases. I’ll make her tea, says Baa.

She approaches Malti devi and asks when she is leaving and invites her to tea and breakfast. She says, “Tell me where you’re going so I can get you tickets.” Malti Devi apologizes and promises to leave shortly. When, Baa wonders? Babu ji reminds us that she is our guest. Baa says she’s a nuisance and that I let her in because she’s related to Anupama; otherwise, I wouldn’t have let you in. She reminds him of Malti Devi’s use of Samar and Dimpy to destroy Anupama. She tells Malti Devi that if she had been in her place, she would have died in humiliation, seeing her son’s contempt for her. She says she would have jumped in or lied in front of the railways and phoned the Railway Minister to send some 2-3 trains, but you are very shameless, and she asks her to leave, saying whomever couldn’t become of her kid can’t become of ours.

Pakhi approaches Anupama and informs her that Adhik is changing. Anupama says, “I want to put my trust in you.” Pakhi informs her that they want to have a baby in order to strengthen their relationship. Anupama claims that we don’t think about having a baby because it is automatic. She advises her to consider whether they are both ready, and informs her that a kid is not cement, and she should not expect it to enhance their relationship. She requests that she not burden the child and that she first become a nice husband and wife before becoming a parent. She claims that any woman will desire to be a nani, but it is up to you to make the decision. She believes it’s a great responsibility, and only when you both feel ready should you consider bringing a baby into this world. Pakhi claims she is prepared for the baby. Adhik summons her, and she departs.

Baa calls Anupama and urges her to come straight away. Choti Anu presents Anuj with an artwork. Anuj claims that only you comprehend my anguish.

Babu ji questions Baa about why she called Anupama. Baa blames whoever caused the trouble. I dialed. According to Babu ji, Malti devi made a mistake, and we will feel sorry for her. He claims that in our day and age, individuals repent and do penance. Malti Devi never stated she misses her son, and when she saw him, she started crying, according to Baa. Babu ji claims that everyone makes mistakes and that you, too, have thrown me out of the house. You’re comparing me to her, according to Baa. Babu ji claims that if I made a mistake with Anuj, you did not make a mistake with Anupama. Baa refers to me as her saas. Babu ji says he’ll tell Anupama not to come till she finds a place to stay.

Anupama and Anuj are driving. Anupama claims that Baa asked her not to attend, therefore she gave me the time for Ganapati puja. She says you’ll construct an idol, but we’ll gather the materials. He claims I inquired about 2-3 homes for Malti Devi and paid a deposit. Anupama is taken aback.

Kavya claims she doesn’t know how to deal with Malti Devi, who is crying a lot. Kinjal claims that only Mummy is capable of handling her. Dimpy is about to pass out and collapse again, but Kinjal catches her. Dimpy claims she didn’t eat, which could explain her dizziness. Kavya claims that my stomach is never satisfied. Kinjal claims this is due to your pregnancy. Kavya claims that some odors are unbearable. Kinjal confirms that pregnancy is challenging but unique. Kavya wonders what could be more unique than a baby. Kinjal claims that even a baby can give birth to a mother.

Anuj expresses his displeasure with Anupama for sending Malti Devi to the Shah residence. Anupama asks, “How can I throw her out in the middle of the night?” Anuj claims that it is her problem. Hearing your predicament and Malti Devi’s request, Anupama wonders what I would have done. Anuj expresses a desire to avoid rereading the chapter. He explains that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, and that it is significant for me because you are visiting my home for the first time. Malti Devi, he continues, must depart as soon as Bappa does. Anupama requests a miracle from Bappa.

Precap: During the Ganapati celebration, Samar is ready to fall on the diya stand, but Anupama grabs her and pulls her back. Everyone is taken aback.