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Anuj explains to Anupama that the judge wanted to hear from more eyewitnesses and that the murder weapon, the gun, was very essential in court. He claims that because they were able to show Sonu/Shivansh was not present at the club that day, the judge cleared him of all allegations. Sonu and his father leave the courtroom with their attorney. They are made to wear the garland by Suresh’s security. Suresh and Sonu smile and embrace one another. Get the dhol, says Suresh; my son is now free. Suresh is asked how he is feeling by the reporter. According to Suresh, the honest person has triumphed, and the guy who lied has a blackened face. They go away. Devika warns Anupama just before she collapses and faints, saying that she is not to blame and that even if we had gathered evidence, we still wouldn’t have been able to make it to court in time. Malti Devi dances while reflecting on Barkha’s advice. She believes I must adopt this family as my own. Barkha believes I am aware of your strategy.

Vanraj claims that a parent today failed and was unable to obtain justice for my son. He claims that everyone turned away and stopped showing support for his son. My son hasn’t lost, according to Anupama; our son…Dimpy sits startled. She is urged not to concede defeat by Anupama. Anuj claims that even though we will struggle in the high court and supreme court, Samar will receive justice. Yes, Anupama replies.

Suresh arrives and applauds. Vanraj becomes irate. According to Suresh, if you become furious, you will go to jail. Then, all of your family will cry once more, says Sonu. Vanraj is urged to calm down by Anupama. Anuj claims he wants you to lose your cool. While his security is filming, Suresh informs them that they have come to receive some unique candies and requests that they accept them. To take the pure ghee sweets, he commands Dimpy. Vanraj becomes irate. He is urged to cool down by Anupama. Suresh offers it to Baa and Babu ji and claims it is sugar-free. According to Suresh, you will share our happiness and we shall share your grief. He declares that we have won and that you were going to lose. As Vanraj approaches him, he adds, “I was taking candy.” He assures him in a whisper that one day he’ll visit and give him treats similar to these. He tells him to keep this day in mind and promises to take the case to the Supreme Court. He picks a sweet and consumes it. Everybody applauds.When Anupama arrives, she accepts the treats. Others also take the candy and consume it. Rathore is invited to partake of the advance victory goodies, according to Anuj. Anupama claims that the goddess will appear and wipe out the Mahishasur if their troubles intensify. When Mahishasur wasn’t saved, she asks, how will you?

From there, Suresh and Sonu go.

Adhik and Pakhi are news viewers. Adhik argues that it is fortunate that we withheld our statement since, even if we had, the case would have been lost. When Romil arrives, he declares that if both of you have provided statements, the court will rule in our favor. He claims that you people are a match made in shameless heaven since you lack any sense of shame. Adhik asserts that the court requires evidence. Romil claims that if you had provided a statement, the court would have requested a search of the evidence. Pakhi feels our case was unconvincing. Barkha invites him to go meet his pals and listen to music on his headphones. Adhik states the obvious and claims that this is a family matter. Romil claims, “I’m with them all the way.” He is asked by Pakhi to serve only as Anupama’s puppet. Since I’ve been here, Romil claims, I’ve noticed that when your band plays, you say “Mummy Mummy,” and when something happens, you become conceited. Romil hears Adhik yell. Romil explains to Pakhi that her kid has passed away. He claims that when you went missing as a result of my joke, your mother searched for you frantically. Pakhi begs him not to get involved in her situation.

Anupama assures Babu Ji that he will prevail in the battle. Dimpy begs her not to fight and explains that if this lawsuit continues, we won’t be able to go on. Anupama claims she wants Samar’s case resolved and given justice. Kinjal and Toshu are leaving the family, and Dimpy explains why we should fight. Where, inquires Anupama? Foreign, says Babu ji.

Choti Anu and the other girls take dancing lessons from Malti Devi. When Barkha arrives, she queries if you questioned Anuj. Anuj is my son, according to Malti Devi, therefore I don’t need to inquire. Since Anupama manages this residence, Barkha queries if you questioned Anupama. She claims that bahu dominates these days, but not you. She claims that Anupama has been on Anuj’s mind and in his heart for 27 years, and that Anuj has named all of his properties and the Kapadia empire after Anupama. She claims that it will be one of her children after Anupama. She asks her to instruct the kids before leaving. Anupama queries Kinjal and Toshu. According to Toshu, they will go. Nobody will stop you, according to Anupama.

Sonu is shocked by Anupama when she enters the cafe. She predicts that Ravan Dahan will occur. I don’t think you shot Samar, she continues, trying to get him to admit it. Sonu points a gun at her while claiming that it is the same gun. Anupama promises to take him down.