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Anupama requests that Malti Devi refrain from crying. She explains, “As a mother, I believe Anuj is correct, and this is a mother’s mistake.” Malti Devi admits that it was her error; I agree that it was not my fault to pursue my ambition, but it was a mistake to abandon my son and never look back; I made a major mistake. She claims I recognized this a long time ago but lacked the confidence to embrace it and didn’t want to put it in front of my son. My ego was so large, she adds, and I was escaping from the mother inside me, but I couldn’t endure it today and realized I’d made the biggest mistake of my life. She begs Anupama to let her stay and promises to try to persuade him. She claims that if he despises her, she will be unable to tolerate. She responds, “I have to convince my son anyway,” and begs Anupama to let her stay. Anupama is taken aback. She considers her options and recalls Malti Devi’s request and Anuj’s choice.

The Shahs return to their residence. She notices Kinjal bringing Baa there and recalls telling Anupama that Malti Devi is identifying Anuj and calling him son because he is wealthy, and she claims she would not have remembered him if he was poor. She claims you turned Anuj’s house into a Dharam shala and says she initially let Anuj’s brother and sister-in-law stay, then Romil, Maya, and says you could even welcome the milkman to stay.

Anupama believes Malti Devi is Anuj’s mother, and she doesn’t know how to ask her to leave. Babu ji says we can’t leave her on the road; she has to stay here till a place for her to stay is found. Vanraj claims that Anuj has stated that he will not stay here if Malti Devi is present. What should I do, according to Anupama? Babu ji begs her to look after Anuj while they look after Malti Devi. Facebook has ended. Baa claims that we had problems at home and that you should have asked us before taking on this obligation. Vanraj claims that if Anuj finds out about this, he will be furious with us. Baa says you did wrong; you are the elder of this house, but others remain. Vanraj claims that Anupama and you both think from the heart rather than the head. Kinjal goes in search of water for Malti Devi. Babu ji claims that whatever I did was for my daughter. Baa claims that if Anuj refused to accept her, Anupama would have asked her to go. Babu ji claims she is ill and elderly; how can we abandon her on the road? Anupama, he claims, will make arrangements for her stay in 2-3 days. Vanraj explains why Anupama aspired to greatness because of her. According to Babu ji, ladies like Anupama keep the world running. Baa requests that Babu ji contact Anupama to make preparations for her stay.

Anupama enters the room. Anuj says I’m devastated; please leave me alone for a while. Anupama invites me to sit here. Anuj requests that she leave him alone today. She rushes outside and requests Kanha ji to give my Anuj strength. Barkha questions Ankush about Anupama’s desire to bring defenseless people here. According to Ankush, we are theoretically in the same category. She claims that you are his brother. Barkha claims that Anuj does not accept her and would do the same thing as Malti Devi did: he will abandon her in an old age home. Ankush claims that we are reacting aggressively, but Anupama is thinking clearly. He claims that if we toss her out and something bad happens to her, Anuj will die from guilt. Barkha asks why you are like Anupama and mentions that Malti came here to buy property. She claims she can do anything and use Anupama as an emotional fool. Anupama, according to Ankush, is not an emotional fool. Malti Devi, according to Barkha, is terrible news. He claims that a mother cannot be bad news. Barkha says she’ll kick us out. Anupama is still standing outdoors. Anuj summons Anupama, who enters. Anuj motions for her to take a seat. Anupama joins him at the table.

Adhik and Pakhi are driving. Pakhi expresses gratitude for the long drive. Adhik thanks you for the second chance and says he was thinking about moving somewhere and starting over. Pakhi claims that we tried, but living with relatives is more enjoyable. Yes, he says. Pakhi says we’ll consider about the baby. He comes to a halt and asks, “Are you serious?” He says our lives have begun, that we have begun to understand each other, and that we will think about the baby later. Pakhi says she wants to say she is mentally prepared for it; we can’t have it right now, but we can talk about it. She claims that our family will be complete.

Anuj claims that his head is breaking. Anupama says, “I didn’t know you’d feel so much pain; I wanted to give you happiness, but instead gave you pain.” Anuj claims that it was not your fault; I was unhappy with Malti devi, which is why I ordered you to go. He questions how an eight-year-old youngster could forgive Malti Devi, who was waiting for his mother. He claims I have no feelings for her, no connection or relationship with her, and that I am not unhappy with her, but rather despise her. He claims that I received an answer to my question today and learned why my parents abandoned me at the orphanage. He claims that whenever there was a knock on the door of the Ashram, he would rush out to see if my parents or mother had arrived to take him. When the youngsters were flying the kite, he adds, “I used to think the kite reaches the sky,” which is why he learned to fly kites and used to put “return my money” on every kite. He claims that boy had no idea his mother was dancing and pursuing her ambitions, and I had no idea I was the stumbling block in her path. He claims that I was unwanted at the time, and that I no longer desire her. He says it doesn’t matter what I decide and that I recognized the mother term isn’t meant for her, which is why I can’t forgive myself. He sobs and embraces her. He claims that I despise her, so why did she come here? Anupama requests that he refrain from crying.

Dimpy is feeling ill. Kinjal inquires as to your well-being. Babu ji invites Malti Devi to tea. Baa becomes enraged. Anuj says that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, and that this day is significant for me since it marks the first time you joined my life and home. He believes that, like Bappa, Malti Devi must depart my life. Anupama is obstinate in his decision-making.