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Devika tells Malti Devi that she’s making him afraid, just like Pakhi made her husband fearful. Pakhi asks if she should put him in danger. Devika tells her to keep her husband close. Pakhi yells “Maasi,” and Devika tells her to be quiet. Malti Devi advises Anupama to understand that men like Rathore can do anything. Anuj feels responsible for Samar’s death and believes it’s his duty to get justice, even if he wasn’t to blame. Malti Devi and Pakhi pressure Anupama to agree. Barkha warns that if they fight the case, they might lose, and Adhik says they’ve almost lost already. Anuj is angry and thanks Anupama for supporting him.

Vanraj wants to go to court for Samar’s hearing, but his family urges him not to go as he might lose control of his anger, jeopardizing the case. Dimpy advises him to stay put and pray for justice.

Ankush criticizes Barkha, Pakhi, and the others for emotionally manipulating Anupama. She arrives and promises Malti Devi to bring back Anuj safely. She’ll ensure nothing happens to him, even if she returns or not. Anupama receives Malti Devi’s blessings, and Ankush says he’ll be there with Anuj.

Suresh tells his lawyer that he wants to win the case and teach the other party a lesson for messing with him and his son.

Vanraj regrets not going to court, and the family praises Anuj’s courage. Anuj, Anupama, and others are on their way to court. Anupama confronts a man but is told he didn’t do anything.

Devika interviews Vinay. Anuj messages Anupama that the case is about to start. Vinay denies any involvement in the murder case and says the accused is Sonu, not him. Devika shows a video, suggesting Vinay was with Sonu that night. Vinay insists he wasn’t there and asks Devika to stop recording. Anupama loses her temper, slaps Vinay, and accuses him of taking money from the other party and being present when Sonu shot her son. Devika takes the video evidence, and Anupama leaves with her. Devika comforts Anupama, saying she’s a mother, and it’s natural for a mother to defend her child. Anupama blames herself, but Devika reassures her. Anupama receives a message from Anuj, saying the case hearing is about to begin, so they have to switch off their phones and head to court.

Devika mentions a call from home, and Anupama wonders what they should say. Anuj and Ankush exit the court after the hearing concludes. Anuj shocks Anupama by apologizing to her.

In the next episode, Anupama tells Babu ji they will fight the case in a high court and won’t accept defeat. Dimpy advises against fighting, as Toshu and Kinjal are going abroad, and the family is falling apart. Anupama asks where they are going, and Babu ji replies, “foreign.”