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Baa informs Babu ji that she has sprayed his feet and asks him to sit for a while. She takes out her phone and says she has a lot of texts. She says she received a call from Jamnagar and answers it. Pakhi watches the video and exclaims, “I knew it.” Dimpy claims that life was difficult without Samar, and that now people will mock and kill him, and that they will not allow him to breathe. She recalls Baa’s taunts and claims she now has a cause to keep me from going out. She says Baa is sick now, and I can’t fight her. Dimpy’s kids said they will post on their social media accounts that the video is a hoax. Dimpy claims that because it has been transformed, no one will listen. Tapish tries to console her, but she knocks him down, saying you are Tapish not only by name, but also by means, and that you have burned my respect, life, profession, and everything. Tapish stands up and walks away. He notices Anupama approaching. Anupama gives him a look. Tapish departs.

Pakhi calls out to Baa. Romil tries to stop her and informs her that Baa is ill. Pakhi claims that Baa will be informed. Baa and others arrive. Pakhi shows them the video and tells them that I instructed them not to keep Dimpy on their heads and asks her to look at her krantikari bahu’s activities. Romil claims the film is a forgery and questions your motives. Pakhi claims that if it was a hoax, it would not have gone viral. Romil claims you’re speaking like an illiterate. Babu ji claims it is a forgery. Malti Devi claims that both are young and that she has witnessed young people falling in love in her Guru kul. Dimpy is taunted by Pakhi, who claims she is pregnant and having an affair. Dimpy, according to Barkha, surprised her. Babu ji has had enough. From there, Baa takes off.

Anupama believes you are correct. Dimpy claims that society will not allow her to exist. She claims they were teasing her while she was having gol gappa and that if she hadn’t been pregnant, she would have died. Anupama has enough and says that when Anuj and I were friends, this society questioned my character, and that I fought with them because I was not wrong. She claims that you must always battle them and that people need a chance to taunt you. She asks if she is afraid of Baa and promises to fight for her. She claims that everyone is rooting for you and that you are correct. She receives a phone call.

Babu ji orders water and medicine for Baa because her blood pressure is rising. Baa takes the pill and tells her that’s why I was preventing her from working outside, and then asks her to look at what’s happened. According to Babu ji, there is no guarantee that if someone waits at home, everything would be OK. Baa says they now have to sit at home and hide our faces. Babu ji believes our Dimpy is correct. People will disturb Dimpy and her baby, says Baa, and I am not anyone’s enemy, which is why he prevents others. Babu ji claims that if I fall down on the road, you would tell me that I must stay at home. Baa adds, “Now look at which medal your bahu and beti have.” Jhanak calls her and asks her not to let her power dwindle. She claims you were with her during her difficult moments, and now she is with her. She tells her, “Don’t think you’re alone; your Jhanak is always with you.” She promises to come meet Anupama and her. Anupama informs Dimpy that her pals are present. She informs Dimpy that people are mistreating her and that she has harmed Titu. She claims you have placed all blame on him and informs her that he has a large social media following and wants her to consider his respect. She claims that even males have respect and that he has worked hard to gain his name and respect. She reminds her that the real fight is about to begin and warns her to brace herself for the taunting of the crowd. She invites her to come home. Baa performs puja and lights the diya. Barkha informs Anupama that she will be ashamed of her family. She claims Vanraj and Toshu had an affair, Pakhi eloped to marry, and Kavya is pregnant by her ex-husband’s child. Dimpy, she claims, is doing the rest of the work. Malti Devi claims that Anupama teaches morality and values to others, but she fails to notice that her own children are rude and have poor values. Barkha claims that Anupama went there when they were here so that no one would question her. Malti Devi claims it’s Anupama’s family, but I’m not sure why my kid has become their slave. They take advantage of Anuj, according to Barkha. Baa hears them and requests that she be allowed to pray in privacy. Malti Devi believes you would have stayed at home. Anuj, according to Baa, has summoned us here with respect. Anuj was pushed, according to Barkha, because you used to contact Anupama there frequently. We made a mistake, according to Baa, and will leave in the morning after alerting Anuj. Malti devi tells her to leave without notifying Anuj and to go deal with her bahus who are cutting their noses. Anuj notices them and summons Malti Devi. Malti Devi becomes tense.

Anupama informs Dimpy of the males bothering her and then showing up at the academy. Titu allegedly beat them when they said rubbish. Anupama believes they created your altered video to exact retribution on you both. They notice people standing on the road watching the video. Dimpy notices the goons who created their video and informs Anupama. The goon inquires as to whether she enjoyed the video. Anupama removes the belt from the shop. The goon informs the other that a rowdy is waking up in the aunty and requests that the video be made. Anupama begins to bash him and knock him down. Anupama also beats the other goon who tries to stop her. She warns Dimpy that if she becomes terrified, they would scare her even more. She tells them not to be scared and to fight beside them, adding, “I will not always be with you; you must fight your own war.” She claims the woman is not weak and requests that the thugs not regard the woman as weak. She claims you’ve fought before and won. Anupama is about to be attacked by the goon. Dimpy triumphs. Anupama beams.

Precap: Anupama discovers America’s leaflet and wonders why her dream is returning back to her. She notices a lady and wonders where she is. The lady claims to have been in America. Anupama claims she couldn’t go again. The lady says she will travel wherever she is intended to go.