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Anupama is strolling down the street, thirsty, and looking at the water bottles in the shop. She notices the lady who has left the water bottle on the public chair. She claims that no book can teach the value of water, which thirst helps a person realize. She praises Kanha ji and says, “Thank you, that woman left a water bottle here.”She is going to go collect the bottle when someone’s ball hits it and it falls down, spilling all the water. Anupama tosses the ball into the garbage can. Kavya informs Vanraj that she received a call from Mahi’s boarding school, that she is ill, and that she is traveling to Ooty to see her. If Mahi is seriously ill, she says…Vanraj says you may stay at any hotel without worrying about money. Kavya claims that my kid desires her father’s love and that she is questioning me and inquiring about her father. She claims I take her out on vacation but do not bring her here. I’ll skip her inquiries till she says so. She expresses a desire to meet her Papa. Vanraj instructs her to go tell her father. He says, “Don’t cry like I’m torturing you.” He claims you came here with a wish, and I have honored that want by allowing you to stay, but not your daughter, and covering all of her bills. He claims that I am your daughter’s guardian, not her father, and that you should not impose a relationship on me. He claims that only my parents and Ansh are important to him. Mahi, Kavya apologizes.

Anupama discovers a damaged slipper. She removes the ribbon from the showcase and ties it around her slipper. She recalls Devika’s words after seeing Police and realizes she does not have a passport or visa. The police officer lady approached Anupama and asked her to present her ID: Anupama tells her that she was robbed the night before and that all of her belongings were stolen. The police officer lady invites her to accompany her to the police station. No, says Anupama. Just then, she discovers that is all a figment of her imagination and a police officer approaching from the other side.

When Dimpy arrives to her room to collect his toy, she invites Ansh to sleep in her room. According to Ansh, I want to sleep with Moti Baa. Dimpy claims you sleep there every day and invites him to sleep with her today. Ansh scolds me and says you don’t love me, but they love me and give me whatever I want. He leaves. Dimpy sobs and glances at Samar’s photo. She wonders why Ansh isn’t like you and expresses her loneliness, saying she doesn’t know why she’s alive since her own son doesn’t need her. She inquires as to whom I am living. Tapish’s phone rings just then. Kavya appears and requests that she pick up the phone and interpret the sign of fate. Dimpy asks if she has finished packing and instructs her to make Mahi talk to her. Kavya inquires as to why you are ignoring Titu’s call. Dimpy claims she doesn’t want to irritate Papa. Vanraj, according to Kavya, does not care about you and just cares about Ansh. She expresses gratitude for having such a friend and asks her not to blame fate if she does not want to converse. Anupama believes I’ve been saved this time and asks God to teach him the path. She notices a man dancing as other men sing. She notices individuals dropping money into the hat.

Anupama folds her hands and keeps her sweater on the floor, remembering how hero used to do the same when he ran out of money. When the art is good, she claims that the entire world is a stage. She begins to dance. People applaud and give her money. The song “Anupama” is playing…. She takes the money and says, “I never thought I’d earn money this way.” She says she has to start living again, and the good news is that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She approaches the dancers and singers and offers them money from her portion, telling them that they encouraged her to dance. The dancer compliments you and inquires if the dance is from India. She nods and continues to praise India. The guy says India is incredible. Yes, Anupama says, and thank you. She believes she will utilize money to obtain water and food, and she believes Anuj was correct in saying that the art never leaves our hands. She expresses gratitude to Kapadia ji.

Anupama is sitting in the restaurant, sipping water. She informs the man that her suitcase was stolen just as she arrived. The man inquires as to why you have come to beg here. Anupama claims she did not come to beg, but to work. He hands her a mop and instructs her to clean the floor, wash the dishes, and complete other chores. Anupama grabs hold of the mop.