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Anuj informs Anupama that this topic and matter would be concluded immediately and that it is over. Anupama says you’ve spoken everything you wanted to say and wants him to listen to her once more. She tells you that you are correct and that you will know if she is incorrect and to what degree she is wrong. She begs him to give her a chance and adds, “Whatever you have felt and bear, you are correct that nobody will understand,” but if the child suffers, the mother will suffer as well, and if the infant is terrified, the mother will be scared as well for her child. She says she is not intervening between you two, that communication is crucial in all relationships, and she urges him to give him an opportunity to say anything. Anuj adds, “You know I can’t refuse your offer.” He instructs Pakhi to bring Choti Anu inside. Pakhi brings her inside. Anuj questions Malti Devi about the storm that forced her to abandon him in the orphanage, even after giving birth to him, and why she abandoned him. Malti Devi folds her hands and declares, “I was not helpless.” What type of women have you created, Thakur ji, says Baa. According to Malti Devi, I was not powerless, but had the stubbornness, hubris, dreams, and crazy to accomplish anything. Vanraj requests that she tell the truth.

According to Malti Devi, my experience is similar to that of any other woman who has dreams but has no way of realizing them. She claims I was born in a humble house but had high aspirations, and I had to work hard to achieve them. She claims that the family isn’t happy since even if their daughter is capable of doing something, it doesn’t matter to them. She claims that her family does not consider their daughter suitable for anything, so rather than allowing her to pursue her aspirations, they married her to a guy who used to work as a clerk in a business and was quite good. She claims he couldn’t grasp my aspirations, didn’t stop me from pursuing them, but also didn’t motivate me to do so. She claims I tried everything I could to destroy my aspirations and ambitions, but I couldn’t. She claims that if a guy pursues his dreams, he is ambitious and passionate, but if a woman does the same, she is wrong, selfish, and a blot on womanhood. She claims that when I became pregnant, everyone was overjoyed except for her. I had a big offer at the moment, and there were two options for me: one was my motherly love, and the other was my dreams. I chose motherly love because I felt I would forget that my dreams were broken because of the joy of my son’s arrival. She claims that following your birth, she received another significant opportunity to perform abroad.

Guru begs her to reconsider her decision, saying, “You have done so much tapasya to become an artiste/dancer, what is big for you motherly love or artiste?” She says, “This time, I chose to be an artist, even though it was a difficult decision and I cried a lot,” adding, “I chose myself and my art over my son.” She claims that I took my ghungroo and you to Mumbai, and that from there I must travel to America. She claims that I left you at the Ashram and went to America. Anuj asks if you want to say anything, or if I should say something. He says you want to pursue your aspirations, and I agree. He says that when my Anu wanted to go to America, I wanted her to go as well, and that he doesn’t understand why your spouse and family didn’t support you. He responds I can only apologize because society did not allow you to pursue your aspirations. He says it’s true that one has to pay a high price to become someone, that you must have done a lot of riyaaz, and that the price was that I had to live my life as an orphan. Who said a working woman couldn’t be a mother? He uses the example of Jhansi ki Rani to demonstrate that working women exist in every industry, have children, and do not abandon them. He claims that even villagers’ children who work in the fields are not abandoned. He says you made this mistake because of the circumstances, but you never had a chance to correct your error and never came to the orphanage to see if your child was alive or dead. He claims that even Maya left her daughter in a similar situation, but she returned after 6 years to make amends, but you did not.

Anupama believes Anuj is correct and that anyone hears would believe you are incorrect. She claims that Anuj always reminds her that a woman will see dreams and that abandoning a child for dreams is bad. Anuj says, “I used to look out the orphanage window and wait for my parents to come,” and asks whether you ever missed me. He claims that even after 40 years, you have not arrived. Malti says she misses him terribly, but she’s not sure how she’ll approach him or what she’ll say to him. She claims she used to miss him a lot but never came back. Anuj agrees, and I don’t have anything to say to you today. He responds that just as you refused to accept me as your son, I will refuse to accept you as my mother now, and he asks her to go. Malti Devi refers to Anuj as a beta. He begs her not to even call him beta by accident. He tells Anu, “You know I will never go against you,” and adds, “If you want to keep your Gurumaa here, you can, but if she stays here, I will not.” He proceeds from there. Malti Devi is on the verge of passing out. Anupama and Adhik restrain her and force her to sit.

Anuj enters the room and asks, “Why have you come here?” Baa mocks Malti Devi, asking where her feelings went when she abandoned her own child. Barkha wonders how mothers can be so self-centered, and what type of mother you are, Maya, Romil’s mother, and you. She believes Anuj was correct when he suggested you could pursue your aspirations while carrying your son. She asks where your love was when your son was yearning in the orphanage and tells you that you would not be forgiven. Anupama requests that she stop. Ankush claims Anuj said whatever he wanted. According to Barkha, it is critical that she listen. A mother, according to Baa, cannot be selfish. Vanraj states that he agrees with Anuj. Kavya approaches Anupama and tells her that the Mother-Son relationship will grind her down. Anupama calls Malti Devi and invites her to her room. Choti Anu approaches Anuj and hugs him. He tears as he hugs her. Choti Anu advises that if you want to cry, you can cry; if you want to cry and vent your wrath, you can do so; I did the same when Maya Maa arrived.

Dimpy is feeling ill. Kinjal inquires as to your well-being. Babu ji invites Malti Devi to tea. When Baa sees Malti Devi in her house, he becomes enraged. Anuj informs Anupama that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, and the day is significant for me because you are visiting my home for the first time. He believes that, like Bappa, Malti Devi must leave my life. Anupama considers her options.